Thursday, January 30, 2014

Inspiring Me Now- Blue

 I've been in the winter schlump lately. We have had positively amazing weather here, so I have no excuse. I'm just in a rut. Do you ever get like that? I've been spending a fair amount of time contemplating what to do in the house for spring. Frankly, I'd like to chuck it all and start new. Reality though has prevailed and it looks like that means a few new throw pillows and paint. I need to get busy with a project, which usually pulls me out of these things.

I'm obsessed with this photo I ran across last week of Carolina Herrera Baez at her home! I have also been seeing an onslaught of blue lately in catalogs, stores and Pinterest. It seems the whole world is ready to embrace blue as the color of spring. I think I'm on board with that. Already the mosaic swim suits and blue-patterned dresses are getting me excited for a change of weather and state of mind. Hey a few blue throw pillows might help until our next holiday...

Harper's Bazaar Spring 2014 street style.

House of Music in Porto, Portugal

Got to try this look...

A vintage men's Ralph Lauren jean shirt buttoned up with leggings!

Yes, please! Morocco you know how to do blue and pools...

In fact blue tiles are a huge inspiration this year...


  Love them as a fresh backsplash!

 Both looks from House Beautiful.

 I'm crazy for these Tory Burch swimsuits!

Tory got the blue memo. She has so many blue things to fall in love with right now.

This adorable cover-up too.

Okay if it's just too frigid to even think swim, what about throw pillows? 

I'm loving the navy and indigo with white and wood tones.

Perhaps a trip to Portugal? Did you know how they have darling streetcars?

One of my favorite spreads ever from Bazaar shot in Morocco.

I want the whole look, sandals and bag especially.

My pal May is there now for her 50th with girlfriends and riding camels in the desert!

I can only imagine how cool that must be.

The amazing Mary McDonald in Veranda.

 A beautiful mix of tile, plates, stripes and prints.

 This shade is really so luxe. I wonder if you'd grow tired of a blue kitchen?

This month's House Beautiful was chock full of blue.

 This home (both pics above), designed by Miles Redd was especially fabulous and inspiring!

Indigo is a memoir combining a woman's search for her identity and a research into the origins of Indigo.

I'd love to read this! Has anyone else?

Perfect indigo on this coat!

Lorenzo Castillo - Pinterest. Loving this wallpaper!

Denim and dark blue are also everywhere now.

Paint something boring blue. This desk really makes this room!

Dreaming of a summer dinner with a mismatched mix of blue plates and linens.

Plates can be beautiful wall art too.

Think I'll start collecting...

Ralph Lauren Home

Okay sorry last Tory Burch. Just so perfect this dress.

Charlotte Moss in Veranda. Love her!

Another fabulous melange of blue from Elle Decor.

Digging these shorts with maybe a slouchy navy blazer and cute flats? 

Crazy for this J Crew pair.

Pottery Barn.

I'm going to redo the boy's bath this year and I may do one wall in a similar navy.

 It's just the perfect navy, not too dark. (Okay reality- will dark show the dirt more?)

 Oscar de la Renta Spring 2014

I'm done with my brown rugs. (You know the feeling?)

This pretty navy rug also from Pottery Barn has me wanting to switch and go blue.

I'm also a fan of muted denim-hued blues.

Beautiful collection from Art & Inspiration. Original post here.

Close your eyes and you are there! Fab wardrobe included!

Spring is just a few weeks away. Hang in there pals in the snowy climes!

We can do this!

 (How boring am I right now? I can't stop thinking about the next episode of Downton Abbey. I don't know how we could make it through January without it!! )


photos via Pinterest.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Our Holiday at Home #Latergram

Cannot believe Christmas and the holidays have passed already. Is it me or did the end of last year fly by crazy fast? There were a lot of things on my to-do list that just never happened. Gee kind of like this post..

 I still wanted to show some of the fun here in Northern Cal during winter break...So what the heck! Better late than never! (Okay if your done with holiday posts feel free to click over to something more relevant and exciting. I won't be offended. :)

Though we did not leave for the Christmas break, we did get to squeeze in some lovely walks as the weather has been very mild here, compared to the rest of the country. I love the rough and brambly gray of much of the plants and trees mixed with the buds that are already showing on so many plants. I think it's been too warm actually.

It's still warm! We are loving it, but feeling bit guilty about it.

 Chilling with the neighbors' cat in my yard.

We Californians are probably all going to hell! (Hope not!)

Love this old ivy wall surrounding an historic house I pass on my walk.

 I did get out for a day with my favorite guy.  My husband patiently shopped with me and we shared a lunch outside on of my favorite days of our break. He and I did quite a few walks and little dinner dates and coffee runs. One of the perks of staying home was more downtime together for all of us.

We also drove to Half Moon Bay to walk the beach a little and grab clam chowder and lobster rolls at Sam's Chowder House.

It was an amazingly gorgeous day for December. 

The boys built the Lonely Mountain from the Hobbit.

We saw that and the Mr Banks movie on  our break. I loved Mr Banks!! Highly recommend that one.

Also got to stop at my favorite nursery and get a few ivy plants to perk up the house.

The other highlight of the holiday break was getting up to San Francisco for a night with the kids. We were a bit hampered by Griffin twisting his ankle right before we left. : [  It wasn't ideal, as San Francisco is such a walking city and a tough one at that with all the hills. His crutches were exhausting and so we couldn't cover much.

We walked to Macy's to see the pets up for adoption in the windows. The boys love that.

Also so many gorgeous holiday windows!


I loved Gumps! Their windows were chic and original..

Our motley crew.

And cute!

Inside the mechanical toys and Santa's from all over the world charmed us. We were all fascinated!

Gumps is a must do on a shopping trip here! Unique and fab items from all over.

Loved the windows at Ghurka...

How about those Cartier panthers?

We got to another of our favorite spots, Fiona's Sweet Shoppe.

Griffin and I first discovered this tiny treasure on our summer trip to SF. They specialize in Scottish and U.K. candies. They have things that you've never heard of or tasted and they do samples. Don't miss Fiona's which is on Sutter Street. My favorites are the brown sugar cubes that have black licorice in them!

Picked up a darling modern Christmas tray and more at Crate & Barrel. Always love everything there.

C&B is wonderful spot to find fresh ideas. I always want to re-do my home after a visit.

Neiman Marcus's huge tree reflected from the windows.

Dinner was just Max and I as the kids preferred to stay in the room and watch their own movie. Griffin couldn't really walk anywhere far. We got them a room service pizza and they were thrilled.

We stayed at my favorite, The Hotel Monaco, and they give kids a complimentary movie card, which was so nice. We also got some passes to, "Raid the Bar," which was credit for your honor bar, so the boys got sodas and goodies from it. 

It's those little things that make The Hotel Monaco and Kimpton Hotels worth choosing. This was all on out own dollar and it was nice that so many perks come along with an overnight stay.

Griffin and I chilled out in the animal print robes a bit too. Fun!

Dinner in the downstairs bar was delicious and fun and it was nice being in the hotel while the guys were upstairs.

Things were going okay until the next morning when our neighbors texted to tell us our Guinea Pig had his head caught in his wire ball. :(

Can you believe it? That's our sweet neighbor Abby, who rescued him.

Luckily one of her brothers got our wire cutters and pried him out. We were so thankful to them! The pig was unharmed...However at that point we threw in the towel and came home. 

Still it was lovely to be in San Francisco during Christmas even if it was 18 hours!

We did New Years at the home of my friend Aimee and her brood who are like family to us. They also enjoy lots of crazy nutty teens and make it fun for them as well with obnoxious hats and exploding items! I don't think my kids would enjoy New Years if we weren't there.

We had time to spend with my 96 year old grandma Jody too. The boys helped her grocery shop. It was a perfect day except in my excitement I locked us all out of the car with my grandmother's groceries and ice cream inside!  That was fun. Didn't bother my grandma at all of course! She rolls with the punches and that's why she has probably lived so long!

We spent a fair amount of time just chilling like my neighbor cat does here in my yard...Is that cat yoga or what??

And now we are off...Another year and all that. January is flying by too fast.

 Here's to 2014!

If you're still reading, happy weekend!


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