Saturday, March 29, 2014

California Dreamy - A Los Gatos Home for Sale

Happy Saturday everyone. Just wanted to share a beautiful California home with you all today.

Panaoramic view anyone? Hot tub too. The little lights of Saratoga and Los Gatos twinkle at night.

My talented and lovely friend Barbara is selling her home in one of the most gorgeous spots in Los Gatos, here in the Bay Area. It's one of those homes that takes your breath away when you walk in, with floor to ceiling windows and views straight out to the Santa Cruz Mountains.

I interspersed the photos from the listing with a few of my own.

These a from a lovely evening last year at Barbara's home.

Barb setting a fun girls' dinner alfresco.

She also is a sought after floral designer who works independently.

Amazing sunset she sees every night.

The first time I walked in I remember thinking living here is the California dream!

The home's main floor takes in all the views with open living and a large decks that extend the living space to the outdoors.

Barb works on her computer here in the kitchen and has breakfast with a view!

Trees grow through the decks and you really feel like you are in your own paradise when you are there. Wine and dinner on her deck have been some of the most memorable times ever.

 The sunsets are divine with the clouds creeping over the mountains from the sea. I told her I'd love to have my morning coffee with that view and frankly, I'd have a hard time leaving the house. It's that gorgeous. These pictures are beautiful, but don't even do it justice.

Barb has made this house cozy and charming with her special touches and sense of humor, which made this house a real home, not just a showplace. Though it's quite large it always had a warm feeling to it that I love!

Yes that is a salt-water fish tank built into the wall !
The other side of the fish tank is in the sunny dining room. Love all the windows and French doors.

Barb and her love, Jim are off to new places and adventures. Her three kids are grown and she is ready for a change. I get that. She kindly offered to let me share this beautiful spot of Northern California with you all.

Lots of windows which I love in all the rooms, office and baths too.

If all this wasn't already enough, it's on Hollywood Avenue!!

The realtors did a fun spoof on the street name and hired a Marilyn Monroe to come -red carpet included!

I adore her front porch too. (Behind Marilyn!)

Who says you can't live like the stars?

There is an Open House this weekend ! Schools are the top in California here. The home feel like it's in the mountains, but is a 5-10 minute walk to the quaint town of Los Gatos with it's shops, restaurants and very close (5 minutes), from all the main hiking and biking paths and trails here.

 You get the best of in town living, but feel like you are away from it all... Full house tour is here.

Thanks Barb for letting us see what life is like on Hollywood Avenue!


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Florals for Spring

Happy weekend everyone!

Thanks everyone who followed on Facebook and Twitter and left kind comments about my Blog anniversary. I am grateful to you all and the kind words about this space.

Are you all digging the florals right now? I know I've written about my love of the flower before here  and here, but right now, with Spring in every little corner here in Northern California, I am feeling floral love more than ever.

I've been wearing this J Crew floral 'popover' shirt a lot. Probably too much. It goes with everything and it's comfy and feels fresh. It's a silk/cotton blend and is a lot more blue than it shows online. I think it's on sale and additional now too.

I've been planning a few strategic additions to the ole wardrobe for the warmer months and I am considering the addition of a few more flowery items.

They just make me happy!

Did you know if you Pin and item on Pinterest from another site, it will notify you if that item drops in price? Probably I'm the last to know about this, but it's kind of cool. It's especially nice if you've forgotten all about that piece. Very clever, actually sneaky, marketing

This notification thing happened to me twice this week. Once with a Pottery Barn item and yesterday with this Tory Burch sweater...

Tory sweater HERE 
 It's still a bit pricey for $195, but the print is gorgeous. Might be the one thing to splurge on.

 I'm really trying to buy less, and buy better. I'd rather have perfect pieces that I love than a big closet full of sales and seasonal impulse buys. Makes life simpler too.

I can see this sweater with khaki shorts, distressed jeans or a flowy white skirt, all items I own already.

Summerfield Design

Yesterday I found this beautiful space on Pinterest and I had visions of doing our tiny dining room all in floral paper.

I like that this isn't fussy and the bare woods, glass and white walls give it that California vibe.

Also, I was excited when I found this little lovely from Zara. More affordable and think how many ways this could be worn. It's longer and I could even see it as a beach cover-up.

I have to say blouses are now my go-to items daily. They cover a multitude of sins by skimming over you, not grabbing like a tee or sweater, and you always look more put together. Maybe this is an over 45 thing, but has anyone else rediscovered blouses lately?

But back to flowers, How adorable is this MZ Wallace Tote? It was in my Nordstrom catalog and I'm crazy about this. MZ Wallace totes are super lightweight and perfect for travel as well as your day bag to chuck everything in, like I do.

I like to get one good tote for the Spring/Summer season. Usually I'm quite rough on warm season bags as they go on travels, trips to the beach, pool, and park. They often need replacing by the next year. (I won't even mention that particular people around here felt a Jamba Juice could be carried in my tote last Summer!)

Even the inside is the print! LOVE.

No Jamba Juices will enter if I own this!

MZ at Nordstrom

  Lastly, I realized this week I have almost no cute skirts in my closet! I don't know how that is possible, but I need to fix that quick.

 Next week, Adrienne, from The Rich Life on a Budget and Jill from Everything Just So are having their How I Wear My for skirts, and I would love to find a floral one to wear.

I love the skirt Reese Witherspoon has on here.

She lets the skirt be the star with her simple accessories.

Reese's skirt by J Crew.

 If you don't know about How I Wear My, it is a spot for readers and bloggers to send in photos of how they wore or styled a particular item. It changes monthly. Very fun, so check it out and maybe even participate! Entries are due by March 31.

Just also wanted to add these darling floral pants worn by my friend Andrea, of A Della Dress's, daughter. Her name is Helene Yorke and she's one of the stars in a Broadway production of a Woody Allen's, 'Bullets Over Broadway' play right now. I can only imagine!! They interviewed her for and in her photo shoot she wore these pretty Tory Burch pants.

I love the juxtaposition of flowers with tough motorcycle jacket. Very modern!
Thanks for sharing with me Andrea. Wish I could see this show. Looks like it's getting some great reviews too. If you are in New York, and get a chance, check this show out.

Lastly, in flower chat, this is the scene here in California right now.

If you haven't seem my Instagram, I've been spotting California poppies all over the place this week.

I love how they give even the most cruddy little curb charm. . .

Clearly, these are volunteers, or seeds that blow about and find a home.

Also these trees in my neighborhood are this pretty pink for about 2 weeks.

I'm trying to take in all the beauty while it's here.

Our Wisteria has already started to drop blossoms!

 I'm hoping we get another week or so of this!

It was hard to get a photo of the whole thing.

Honestly, it's hard to drive the car in the garage right now.

(Don't look at our cracked driveway that is being lifted by the Giant Sequoia to the right.)

Are you enjoying Spring's little gifts? :)

Hope you all find a little flower today, wherever you are!


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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Vans, Birkenstocks and The Flat Shoes of Spring

What's the story with shoes this Spring?  Everyone has suddenly decided comfort is king.


Have you seen all the tennies (does anyone else say that? ), Vans and Van wanna-bes about?


Then I read in Bazaar yesterday they declared wedge sandals out and you should 'store' them. What? I happen to like my wedges. ( Humph) They say it is the season of the flat sandal.

Remember these Adidas Shower Sandals?

Via LeCatch
Apparently, the shoes of cute swimmers are back and you'll see a lot of different takes on them

 Fashion Police this week they said they loved the flat and low sandals with everything.

Nordstrom Catalog

That's Not My Age wrote about the comfy sandal thing here.

Then there's the whole Birkenstock revival going on.

I just love this look.
Both Images via Pinterest

I tried this pair on at the Nordstrom Rack the other day...

This look wasn't the same on me, but they did feel comfy. They are a lot more affordable there.

Maybe a more fashiony pair is more me. I like the cream and black versions.


I did get these..

They are Steve Madden and were $22 on the clearance section. Very comfortable and I like the zip in back- no fussing with a buckle. I'm lazy that way. Who can't resist another pair of nude sandals? They  have a very low wedge and are more flattering than you think...I am hoping to wear these with  distressed skinny Current Elliot jeans and a flesh toned silk blouse. Are they too disco with all the studs?

As far as Vans, I still have memories of going to downtown Los Gatos with my high school bestie,  Monica to Alex's Surf Shop, with wadded up babysitting dollars to buy white Vans around 1983.  Monica got a custom pink and blue version with checkerboard rubber trim. Hers were way more flash. Story of my life. I'm a sucker for the classics I guess even then.

Somehow, the all-white Vans still hold some charm for me as I got a little thrill opening the J. Crew Catalog and seeing this..


I swear I had the exact pair and washed them with Tide in my mother's machine. I wore them with dolphin shorts and a long sleeve Dr Zoggs T.  ( Vaurnet glasses with a leash too of course!)

So can you still go back if it's been 30 years?

I'm thinking I might get a pair for Summer escapades. (God know those are to the exciting grocery.)

On the been there, done that note, what about these Wayfarers? I also had those back in the day and just bought these. My 12 year old told me under no circumstances should I be wearing these and aviators are better for moms. Who made him Tim Gunn?

What do you think?


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