Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Fun, French Stuff and Fluff...

 I have to thank all of you for the kind comments on the last post. I also got some private notes too. You all are wonderful, thoughtful and the nicest readers. I am grateful for all the good wishes for my friend and family and love and wisdom you sent my way.

This week was brightened up considerably yesterday when I attended a French Food Camp I signed up for a few months back. I was glad to have the chance to get away for the day and do something frivolous and fun like this. One of the best parts of having a blog is meeting some extraordinary people I never would otherwise. Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, aka the Contessa and Andrea, The French Basketeer are two such women.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Right Now..

So this post was supposed to be things I'm loving in January. You know what? I have to be real and say I'm hating January. I try to share things that are mostly uplifting here.Today I just can't. One of my best friends is struggling through her last days on this planet. It's unbelievable to me that someone so full of life, love and fun could be taken down so fast by cancer. I hate that word. Hate.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Winter Escape to Napa and the New Senza Hotel

Have that after the holidays blahs? Need a little getaway to look forward to?  It may not have crossed your mind right now, but its's a perfect and slightly quieter time to visit the gorgeous Napa Valley. The weather is mild, mostly sunny and the slower pace during the winter months makes it a sweet  escape for a bit of relaxation, pampering and sun.

I was invited to visit the beautiful new Senza Hotel that opened last fall in Napa. Our Christmas break was an unusual time for us to go to wine country, but it couldn't have been better. I loved it.  This was the scene above on a Friday at Domain Carneros, a super spot to sip bubbly and take in the views, and appreciate being a Californian in winter! It was a quick stop on our way to check out Senza and also visit another favorite, Merryvale Winery in Saint Helena. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Dailey Cycle at Willow Glen's New Dailey Method

If you are like me, the holidays were tough on the old figure. I don't even want to think of all the indulgences -the cocktails, bubbly, cookies, chocolate, cheeses, decadent meals and the list goes on. That plus the craziness of the season and the cold weather meant my workouts were sporadic at best. Let's just say the combo results are not pretty!!

Like everyone else, I plan to begin this year fresh and besides eating well, finding a workout I actually want to do is on my list. Fortunately, near the end of December I got the fun opportunity to try something totally new for me, Dailey Cycle, a combination of spin and core workout. Dailey Cycle is a class at Willow Glen's new The Dailey Method studio which just opened in time for the New Year!

I was able to host a class of some readers, friends, and friends of friends who were interested in trying out this new class. As busy as I was at Christmas, I committed right away because I knew this was something I needed. People have been raving about these new spin and core classes and I didn't know if I would feel the same. Hosting this pushed me out of out of my comfort zone, and a few others who joined us as well. (Not naming anyone!! ;)

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Golden Globes Red Carpet Recap 2015

What a fun show. Loved Tina and Amy. They were hilarious. The best bit in my opinion was the 'Who would you rather?' with male actors!! Watch this if you missed it. I cannot stop cracking up. They also gave it to Cosby pretty good. The Margaret Cho bit was sort of lame. I was thrilled Boyhood won. I thought it was the best film I saw last year. Fantastic cast too.

 Tina and Amy's dresses were not special. There were a lot of colorful looks tonight, less of the flesh tones of last year, and no one look seemed to dominate. Personally, I liked the ladies who stepped out of the safety circle and did pants or new shapes. 

Some of the best in my opinion....

Emma Stone in Lanvin

So chic.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

This Year Change Your Thinking...

I got away the last week to Tahoe and Napa. (My friend took this pic of our feet on a snowy beach.) It was good to be away if only for a short time.

After the craziness of this fast Christmas season, I finally am taking a few minutes to reflect, take a darn breath and think about the coming year...

First, I got myself a datebook.  I still love having a paper one, if only to have a document of the year gone by. I think it's fun to stash pretty notes and keepsakes in it as I go too. I do have a calendar on my phone, but it's comforting to have something to look at on paper of the upcoming month/week.

The house is cleared and my mind is too. After the usual holiday indulgences, I need to start fresh....

One thing I do not do is get into the whole resolution madness. Like a diet, or any new 'plan,' it's just so easy to fail and then go down a negative route. Plus I don't really believe extreme changes to your diet are good for the body.

It's still winter and you should be kind to yourself, change as you go by making healthy habits that become part of your life. Those are easier and slower to implement, but will ultimately stick.

 Instead of dieting, eat more veggies and greens, lessen sugars, and indulgences like breads and cheeses. Try to cook at home. Basically trying to eat cleaner and being more active are all good things though less radical, but easier done and can make you feel better each day of the new year! Smart choices, not radical changes will make you succeed with this.

Go slow, finish the books you didn't have time to, watch the birds, take walks and hikes, daydream, indulge in a few naps by the fire and enjoy this part of winter! Ease yourself into 2015 and take stock, be grateful, look at the big picture, and try to live in the moment.

That is what I hope I can do for the New Year!


 (Disclaimer: this plan may not help you lose 10 pounds in January. ;) Love yourself and be healthy. Quick results aren't as good as long term ones!)