Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Fun, French Stuff and Fluff...

 I have to thank all of you for the kind comments on the last post. I also got some private notes too. You all are wonderful, thoughtful and the nicest readers. I am grateful for all the good wishes for my friend and family and love and wisdom you sent my way.

This week was brightened up considerably yesterday when I attended a French Food Camp I signed up for a few months back. I was glad to have the chance to get away for the day and do something frivolous and fun like this. One of the best parts of having a blog is meeting some extraordinary people I never would otherwise. Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, aka the Contessa and Andrea, The French Basketeer are two such women.

I'm going to write all about the camp given by Andrea and it's theme 'Food, France and Romance', which is perfect for upcoming Valentine's Day. We learned a lot, ate some seriously delicious food and got oodles of cool tips I really appreciate I'll share with you.  I think I need to use the word oodles more.

The Contessa hosted the camp at her unbelievably gorgeous villa-like home in Orinda. She's a former antique dealer who enjoyed la dolce vita with her Italian husband and two handsome sons in Florence for many years before coming back home to the Bay Area. I knew her house as soon as I pulled into her street! Urns, a dovecote (with doves!), roses, vines and a Dutch door painted citron! So much beauty from the front step and beyond. I had to control my urge Instagram everything. Contessa's style is a mix of Italian and French antiques and all she loves. Words cannot describe it.

Andrea, lives in Laguna Beach and splits time between French and California homes. She gives French cooking classes, special dinner parties and camps, some at her romantic home. She also and sources the most coveted French cooking goodies and sells the prettiest market baskets (some below),you can find in France! I bought two and I will show you next week.

You'll have to wait for my blog for all the deets, but in the meantime you can pop over to Elizabeth's blog, Vintage Hen House and Andrea's blog, The French Basketeer and nose around! I promise you will love them both.

Speaking of estates, can we talk? Like what's up with Downton Abbey? I know I'm not the only one disappointed with this season as a few other friends tell me the same. Enough with the Mr Bates story already and why is Mary getting even more unlikeable? Don't even get me started on Ms. Bunting. Hate her character for some reason. Something good needs to happen fast. It feels like the show just grinds on right now.

The only good thing about Sunday is The Great British Bake Off before Downton. This show is pure joy. I have learned so much just in a few weeks of watching this. I adore Mary and Richard the judges. Aren't they always so polite and British when biting into a crappy pie? "A good try, but maybe a bit soggy." I'm always excited to see what the next week will be. Funny I keep trying to watch the 'Biscuit' episode on my DVR thinking it's a new one when I keep realizing it is the  cookies episode. Duh!

Speaking of good escapes, another show my oldest got me into is Sherlock. I put it off for a while because each episode is so long, but finally agreed and I'm crazy about it! So far four episodes in and I'm loving all the characters. I see why Benedict Cumberbatch has so many girl fans. He and Watson are the hottest thing on screen right now.

This week was brightened when I got home to find roses from California Blooms on my porch. I am going to tell you more about them next week, but if you want roses that are eco-friendly and grown in California (most come from South America), you will like this company. I am enjoying the lovely peach ones that smell like honeysuckle to me and a my favorite, white roses. Valentines is coming and if you like white, a portion goes to ovarian cancer, which is very cool.

Let's talk lipstick like I promised. It's Friday. You should be thinking about going out, dressing up and sometimes all you need is a pretty new color. I have it on good authority that this Tom Ford is the bomb. My former cosmetic colleague with whom worked with me on some very high profile makeup cases still test runs some of these even though she's very busy and important now. ;) Her latest verdict the color Casablanca. She says it flatters everyone. I'm tempted to order one. I have never had a $50 lipstick, but I love everything Tom Ford does. Doesn't it look like the perfect shade?

This week I accidentally found this lovely American woman, Anne Lipscomb and her cute videos about living in Paris and enjoying life there. I thought this video was wonderful on the very different way the French view older women. She has many videos and they are all uplifting and she's soothing to watch...

Parisian Babe Part 1: What's Age Got To Do With It?

Remember to enjoy the little things, be silly, have some laughs and be good to yourself.

Happy Friday!



  1. Simply loving everything here, dear Kim. Despite dealing with real life and times you have shared some bits of pure lovely. Just like you....I love your genuiness...always. What a fabulous event with the ladies, the lipstick, the reminder to get out and enjoy life. I'm off for date night with my hubby but want you to know how much I enjoyed this heartfelt post. life....
    xx, Heather

    1. Heather, Thanks. I needed to have some fun with this post. I hope you had fun on your date night!! xo

  2. This may be one of my favorite posts of yours Kim!! It was an amazing Friday and I'm so glad I shared it with you. You deserve a $50 lipstick. Go out and treat yourself:)
    As for Downton Abbey...yes what's up with the plot?
    I'm enjoying the show that comes after it. Grantchester! Check it out. It's upbeat, if you can consider a murder mystery that way. Plus the fellow is cute to look at...never a bad thing in my book.
    Sending hugs my friend.
    Much love,

    1. Jennifer, Thank you!! You may be giving me the green light here for this lipstick...Hmm. You know what? I just had a friend who sent me a note about Grantchester too. The priest is a hottie! (That just sounds wrong!) Lol. xo

    2. I agree with the lipstick! It's Tom Ford and we are unanimous-you deserve a splurgy lipstick. ;) xx

    LOVE the LIPSTICK color...............tell me were you in the cosmetic industry??
    And the video was a TREAT!Looks like she is from SAN FRANCISCO!I like what YSL had to say about PASSION..................thats my WORD for SURE!!!!!
    THANK YOU for making the was a FUN FILLED DAY of FOOD and BASKETS and BEAUTIES!!!!!

    1. Elizabeth, Thank you for this day. It was a day of food, baskets, and beauties. Adore you all!! Your home is so lovely! Still cannot stop talking and thinking about it. Also LOVED Andrea and the food.

      I was in the cosmetics for about 10 years, with Lauder, Lancome, Borghese, and Nordstrom where I did some fun events and things with it. Still have great memories and friends from those times. I learned much and did freelance makeup after for a bit. Then I went into advertising before I had the BOYZ!! Miss those times, but wouldn't change a thing. Sure met some very interesting characters too! xxoo

    2. NORDSTROM'S???
      ME TOO...........
      ERA 1986.............

    3. I thought so! Well, we likely crossed paths, but I think I would have remembered you Elizabeth! Were you ever in the Palo Alto store? That was the last one I worked at...before that they had a lovely store in South San Jose- Almaden that they closed.. Wonderful place to work.

  4. Please advise on $50 lipstick. I spend $37 (cdn) on Chanel and wasn't wowed, so have been gunshy since, my latest find is one dani passed on - Drew barrymore's cosmetics. What a fun time and such beautiful friends!

    1. Wendy, So far a friend has told me it has lasted from a noon application to almost 9 p.m. without reapplying!! That seems pretty good. The case is supposed to be lovely and I believe that Nubile, Indian Rose and First Time shades look pretty also...I'll check out Drew's line!

  5. Happy you found some silly fun this week, Kimi! Still thinking of you, Girl ...
    Dawn Lucy

  6. Hi Kim,

    I was nodding off a little during Downton last night...guess that says something doesn't it?

    My husband and I were all over The Great British Bake Off last night while we were cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. I felt like baking a cake after that but it will probably have to wait until Valentine's Day!

    Glad to hear that you enjoyed your day at the French Fun Camp. Sounds like you really needed that.

    Linda in S.D.

    1. Linda, I know I did the same last week!! I have to say the bad about the British Baking Show is I'm terribly craving any and all sweets after watching it!! Thanks so much for your note. The camp was much needed and a good escape! :)

  7. Love this post Kim! I like how you touch on all kinds of subjects. I agree about Downton Abbey, but I can't help but tune in so that I can check out the clothes...oh my the clothes! You will have to let us know how the lipstick turns out. I am an admitted lipstick junkie although I only wear it about two days out of the month. I just can't help buying them, I will send you a photo of my partial collection for a laugh. My current favorites are YSL and Dior. I might spring for the Tom Ford if you like it because I have no self control lol.


    1. Kelley, I am a die-hard Downton fan and I'll keep watching no matter what. I love the clothes too! I have to see your lipsticks so send photos. I have always wanted YSL!Both Dior and YSL seem to have the loveliest colors! I cannot couch for Tom Ford yet, but I think I'm going to have one in my future so I'll let you know....! xx