Sunday, January 11, 2015

Golden Globes Red Carpet Recap 2015

What a fun show. Loved Tina and Amy. They were hilarious. The best bit in my opinion was the 'Who would you rather?' with male actors!! Watch this if you missed it. I cannot stop cracking up. They also gave it to Cosby pretty good. The Margaret Cho bit was sort of lame. I was thrilled Boyhood won. I thought it was the best film I saw last year. Fantastic cast too.

 Tina and Amy's dresses were not special. There were a lot of colorful looks tonight, less of the flesh tones of last year, and no one look seemed to dominate. Personally, I liked the ladies who stepped out of the safety circle and did pants or new shapes. 

Some of the best in my opinion....

Emma Stone in Lanvin

So chic.

Katie Holmes in Marchesa

Lorde was chic and young in her pantsuit. So her.

Amy Adams in Gucci. 

Darling Joanna Frogatt looked young, fresh very different from her Downton character.

Maggie Gyllenhaal in Miu Miu. (So pretty on her and it doesn't photograph as well.)

Naomi Watts in Gucci.

Felicity Jones in Dior. Fabulous color and shape.

 Viola Davis was classic and beautiful in Donna Karan.

The lovely 60 year old Rene Russo. 
This is appropriate, perfect, flattering and not a bit matronly. I want to look this good at her age.

Taylor Schilling in Ralph Lauren

Amal Clooney looked elegant with her addition of opera length gloves.

Eddie Redmayne and wife Hannah Bagshawe.
 I love her natural and pretty look and this dress color as well.

The jury is out on...

Sienna Miller in Miu Miu. Cute, but the fit?

Claire Danes in a busy Valentino.

Some dresses absolutely did not work in my opinion...

Tina Fey. Yikes what was this?

With all the dresses out there...Really Amy Poehler? 

 Hard to believe Rosamund Pike's dress is Vera Wang. What the heck happened?
This dress looks like it's barely hanging on.

Not loving Jennifer Aniston's dress and hair.

I just didn't get the appeal of Kiera Knightley's Chanel number.

Usually elegant Kerry Washington did not succeed with this Mary Katranzou. 

What's up with Jennifer Lopez's superhero looking dress? A bit much for this event.

A late addition...

Patricia Arquette! A win for the regular gal.  Her dress may not have been the most flattering, but I just adore how real this woman is. If you haven't seen Boyhood and her performance you should. She was fantastic. Love her!

Okay and how about that Prince? 

He may have been the best dressed of the night. One of the highlights I thought.

 Did you watch and what dresses did you like or love? What did you think of the show? I liked it, but I stressed a bit it might cut into my Downton Abbey time. I need to be fully present when that golden hour happens!

Did I leave anyone good out? Let me know what you really think!


Photos via Vogue, NY Times, Google.


  1. I thought Tina looked horrible! Loved Naomi and Felicity and Julianne! I thought Rosamund has bought into that horrible hollywood "who looks skinniest after having a baby?" Yuck

    1. Wendy what was up with that dress on Tina? I so agree why do they have to mention how skinny someone is after just having a baby? It's awful and puts so much pressure on moms. Instead of enjoying their babies and letting them ease back into a regular body there is that whole 'worked out to death,' award to show off a post-baby body. Hate it!!

  2. I love your miss items. They were not good. I really thought Naomi Watts stood out to me when I saw photos. Great wrap up.

    1. Leigh thanks. Naomi was even more lovely at the awards than in photographs I think.

  3. Fun round up, Kimi! Emma Stone was hands down my favorite. And Jennifer Aniston looked horrible ... well, for her! I'm usually a big fan of her California cool look, but last night felt like a big miss to me. My favorite joke? The list of Amal's accomplishments .. and then then fact the George was getting a lifetime achievement award! ;)
    Dawn Lucy

    1. Dawn, I think she was mine too.Yup Jennifer sis not look like her usual golden California girl self. She should stick with what suits her so well. Maybe she got a high-priced stylist..Hmm.

  4. I haven't watched it yet due to the time difference here but will do so tonight whenthey air it. But looking at the pics I must say that this was not a good year for dresses on the red carpet at all. It was all a bit flat and there was not visual images that stay with me. Even the bombs weren't that bad. For me though - the biggest disappointment was Jennifer only bc if I had her body I would have really played up to it and I feel like she is trying to be safe and America's sweetheart and all - don't hate me bc I am still rocking hot at my age and wore a dress that downplays her figure...But love the recap Kim xx

    1. Naomi, Don't miss the first dialog . It's pretty darn funny. Thanks for your input!! xo

  5. Thanks for the cap, loved it. I would like to add on the list of beauties, Anna Kendrick. She looked like a ballerina, so elegant and the spray tan was noticeably absent unlike so many others. On the flip side was Kate Hudson. A natural beauty she took everything to the extreme. In the end her ears stood out more than anything.

    1. Anna Kendrick was so pretty and I love a girl that doesn't spray tan and all that. I have to add her..Kate Hudson wasn't my favorite though everyone said she looked good, I agree a bit too Barbie for me!! Thanks for your additions!!

  6. I AGREE with YOU 100%!I only saw half of the show but I did hear CLOONEY speak.......(did I spell his name wrong?)I thought his speech was PERFECT and what a GORGEOUS BRIDE he has............XX

    1. Contessa isn't he just adorable? He can do no wrong in my book. Lucky Amal....

  7. Amy Adam's dress and color was so beautiful for her hair and skin tone. JLo? Oye, she is trying way to hard. She should take a step back and try an elegant look. Jennifer Aniston's dress is nice, but rather common .. she needs her stylist to kick it up a notch!


  8. I miss the red carpet shows soooo much living in Switzerland so it was fun to recap your looks and your commentary was perfect. Totally agree about all your 'misses' too especially Amy Poehler (looks like a basic maxi dress) and Claire Danes (looked like an arts & craft project) and the Vera Wang dress on Rosamund Pike was all wrong and looked like it was about to fall off. Like you said nothing stood out too much, but I love color so I think the Gucci and that necklace on Naomi Watts was Old Hollywood and Emma Stone looked great too in the pants suit. Now I need to watch the clip from the show and I'm so glad they made fun of Cosby. Nice post!


  9. Rosamund's dress was really not very nice at all, and I did not care for JLo and that boob pinching get-up she had on, why? Just to show maximum boob?
    I'm with you on all of it, my favourite dress of the night is that teal Dior frock, just exquisite.
    Fun post Kim! xo

  10. I always enjoy your posts on the red carpet outfits, your choices and commmentary. Viola Davis , Rene Russo and Amy Adams were among my favourites too. I also liked Helen Mirren in her red gown. There were certainly some odd dresses which you seem to have noticed too in particular Jennifer Lopez and Rosamund Pike which were unusual to say the least! Happy New Year Kim to you and your family!

  11. Good morning, Kim! I'm so happy to see that you did your recap on the blog. :) I did watch and thought Tina and Amy were hysterical (though they need styling help-but they get a big pass for being so funny!). I agree with your take. I liked some of the fresh, modern silhouettes, especially at the Golden Globes. The Gucci, on Naomi Watts, was a stand out color. I just bought a coat that color and it feels fresh and fun. Of course, my favorite moment was the George Clooney 'alchemy' with Amal. Swoon!
    xx, Heather

  12. Agree completely with your assessments, yikes some of those dresses

  13. Being a European I have completely different taste. The best looks - Dame Helen Mirren, Jane Fonda and Kate Hudson. Those white gloves look like washing dishes gloves...All that money can't buy Audrey Hepburn style.