Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Dailey Cycle at Willow Glen's New Dailey Method

If you are like me, the holidays were tough on the old figure. I don't even want to think of all the indulgences -the cocktails, bubbly, cookies, chocolate, cheeses, decadent meals and the list goes on. That plus the craziness of the season and the cold weather meant my workouts were sporadic at best. Let's just say the combo results are not pretty!!

Like everyone else, I plan to begin this year fresh and besides eating well, finding a workout I actually want to do is on my list. Fortunately, near the end of December I got the fun opportunity to try something totally new for me, Dailey Cycle, a combination of spin and core workout. Dailey Cycle is a class at Willow Glen's new The Dailey Method studio which just opened in time for the New Year!

I was able to host a class of some readers, friends, and friends of friends who were interested in trying out this new class. As busy as I was at Christmas, I committed right away because I knew this was something I needed. People have been raving about these new spin and core classes and I didn't know if I would feel the same. Hosting this pushed me out of out of my comfort zone, and a few others who joined us as well. (Not naming anyone!! ;)

The Dailey Method's 4,500 square foot studio in San Jose's charming Willow Glen neighborhood is beautiful, bright and made me excited to be there. Erin Wetzel is the owner and also a life-long athlete who leads many of the classes herself. Erin's enthusiasm is contagious!

The irrepressible Erin and my friend Kirsten Cunningham, another teacher and inspiration.
Erin led the cycle class I hosted and they kindly gave me a bike in the front of the room. Yikes! I had done spin a very long time ago, (so long I do not recall, ) so I was nervous even though I regularly play tennis. Tennis is light on the cardio though, unless you are doing singles a lot. That's not me.

Getting clipped in before class.
The Dailey Cycle class starts with you clipping into your bike pedals with shoes provided by the studio. Then, with some loud and energizing music the class, or ride, begins. Erin lead us through the somewhat difficult first few songs. Different from traditional spin, you ride much of the class standing on your pedals and simultaneously doing some push ups with the flat bar that takes the place of a bikes' handle bars. That was probably the toughest part for me because it takes some coordination, but like anything you likely get better with time. One part I enjoyed a lot was cycling while sitting and lifting small arm weights provided. After that it was back to a fast cycle and then a slower, powering ride. All the change ups are accompanied by songs that are fun and motivating.

One of my very fit pals, Leasa with me. Thankfully this pic was 'before.' 

To be completely honest, it was probably the hardest 45 minute workout I have ever done. I sweated so much I could wring my ponytail out! However, after getting through, my first thought was, I want to do it again. Crazy right? I think I was just amazed I could do such an intense workout. Usually, I don't push myself that hard, EVER! Since it was my first time, I didn't fully do everything and so I want to see if I could get good enough to do more.

 The other benefit was the good feeling that remained most of day. Rather than exhausted, and a little shaky at first, I felt energized all day long. I think that is why so many are hooked on these classes. Another great benefit- this class is not just cardio, but also works the core and arms as well as your legs. I don't even know how much calories it burns, but some extremely fit whipper snapper said her Fit Bit read she burned 400 calories or something insane like that.

So if you are up for a challenge in the New Year, or even just looking for a new workout, I highly recommend trying their unique cycle class. If a spin class isn't your thing, The Dailey Method has many other classes offered in their pretty new space. The Dailey Method differs from many other fitness programs in that it focuses on alignment, posture, balance, strengthening core, and flexibility -all things they incorporate into all their workouts.

To learn more about The Dailey Method workouts read here. They also have a Dailey Method Willow Glen Facebook page where you can stay current on the latest classes, promotions, and other fun events. Right now there is a super introductory offer of $100 for for one month of unlimited classes for new customers. That's a nice way to find out what classes are a good fit for you and which ones you will enjoy doing in the New Year!

How many of you already have tried or done a spin class or some new version of it? What fitness classes do you love and enjoy? I think it's essential is to just find something you look forward to and will make it a regular part of your day!


My cute DM bag I got for hosting. Love it!

photos northerncalstyle and also courtesy of Dailey Method.


  1. Spinning is the best, I've been doing it for 16 years now, but alas I don't think I've gotten that much fitter, I still find it so hard every time. They really do it better over there though, the music, the studios, the energy of the teachers.

    1. Tabitha I can tell you spin by your tiny figure. I do think it's an amazing workout and the music definitely makes it more fun!

  2. I've never tried a spin class but understand if positioned behind a stud, the class goes faster:) good for you. I've been a total sloth so far this year. Three weeks of that nasty bug. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

    1. Jennifer, hope you are on the mend and feeling better! xo

  3. Wish I could've joined in on this experiment! I haven't done a spin class in years, but I remember it was a tough workout. Good for you! And yeah, we're all feeling … less than bikini ready right now (not that I've EVER been bikini ready!).
    Dawn Lucy

    1. Dawn, you will have to join me next time...Ugh yes, so with you on the bikini ready thing... Though in my case that's probably a tankini!!xo

  4. Hello Kim-This looks like a fantastic class! I only wish I lived closer to you, I would have loved to have joined you. Scott and I actually own that yellow spin bike in the photo, but it's more for him on rainy days when he can't get out on the roads. For me, energetic music is always a good motivator. How cool to find a class that suits your interest level so well. Here's to the new year and all the good stuff that comes with it!
    Happy Friday, girlfriend!
    xx, Heather

    1. Heather, I wish you were closer and could have done this too. How nice you guys have a bike of your own. Yes music makes a big difference. Happy Friday Heather! xo

  5. GO GIRL GO...................any movement is GOOD for the BOD!SEE you next THURSDAY............lets skip the movement THAT DAY!