Monday, February 2, 2015

California Blooms- Boutique Roses Grown in California!

Writing a blog you get offers to do collaborations all the time. Mostly I decline because anything here I have to truly believe in and it has to be the right fit. Once in a while though, something really ticks all the boxes for myself and for the blog. California Blooms is one of those companies. Not only am I glad to share about them, but I'm excited too!

California Blooms is a grower of boutique roses on the Central Coast of California. The roses are grown in an eco-friendly environment using hydroponics and methods passed down a family for seven generations. By growing in small amounts, this family has developed some of the finest roses available and also the longest lasting.

Most roses in the market today come from South America. I love that California Blooms are grown in California and by green growing methods; two things that I like to promote on this blog.  They offered to send me roses to see for myself how long they last and their quality.

Roses ordered are hand cut, watered overnight, and actually delivered within 24 hours to your door!

Monday morning last week I found these on my doorstep..

Love when that happens!

I put them in tall vases with water then cut both into shorter bouquets.

The peach roses have the most delicate shade and smell like honeysuckle to me. These look very much like an heirloom rose with their shape and romantic vibe. They are full and lush.

 However, unlike many heirloom roses, these pretties haven't lost a petal in one week!

These are gorgeous roses, still like new after 7 days.

I also received a bouquet of my favorite white roses. I'm in love with these! 
Just walking by, there's a soft whiff of rose.
I also added a few sprigs of ivy from my yard in the bouquet.

Today, a week later, they look even more beautiful. They opened up, are tall with no drooping at all or murky water.  In fact I haven't even changed the water! I don't think I've ever enjoyed roses so long. Some customers have said their bouquets last 3 weeks.

White roses are a favorite of many women and California Blooms is making a donation for every bouquet they sell of 18 white roses to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, a cause dear to their family as well as mine.

California Blooms has so many lovely varieties of roses starting with 12 stem ($49.00), 18 stem ($59.00) or 24 stem ($69.00) bouquets.  For an additional $9.00, a classic vase will be added.  

If you are planning on sending a special bouquet for Valentines or just because, I hope you consider using California Blooms. The company is Burlingame based, the roses are grown in California and the methods using hydroponics make for exquisite and enduring roses you won't find anywhere else. They are a California family running a small business and I love supporting that as well! I've gotten to know them and they are lovely people with a great customer service record along with a terrific product.

Right now, just for readers of Northern California Style, they will give a 15% discount if you use code NCS-15 at checkout. I think you'll be impressed by the California Bloom's selection. Not only do they have some unique and modern colors like lavender, green and orange, but also the classics and pretty mixed bouquets as well. 

Even those last minute people can order by Friday, February 13 by 1:00 p.m. PST for delivery anywhere in the United States for Valentine's Day!


My roses were provided by California Blooms, but all opinions are my own as usual on this blog!


  1. Hi Kim, These are absolutely gorgeous and of course I adore the color. The roses look stunning in your home:) Happy Tuesday! xxleslie

  2. Well, your husband HAS NO EXCUSE NOW!!!
    Hope HE reads YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!

    1. Elizabeth right??? He needs them on speed dial or locked into the phone! x

  3. You are so lucky with these flowers! There's but many choices here easily bought. But these look fab and funny enough I just bought yellow roses but not as nice as yours.

    1. Naomi I was lucky to get to experience these California roses. I had no idea most weren't grown here! Love yellow too!

  4. What gorgeous roses! I love them, but don't usually have good luck with longevity. Might have to give these a try!

    1. Lana, Mine still haven't drooped or lost a petal and I'm now almost 10 days into my bouquets!!

  5. Beautiful roses! I love that they are grown in California as that is becoming more and more important to me!

    1. Kelley, I agree and love that! I had no idea most roses you can buy are coming all the way from South America!! No wonder these do last so long and I just love that they don't contain chemicals and are grown responsibly when I have the in my home!!

  6. Those white roses look so perfect that they almost look unreal! White ones have always been a favourite of mine too. It's so much better to buy locally grown flowers both to support the growers and also they tend to last longer. We always have flowers in our home - tulips this week! Have a great weekend.

  7. These are wonderful! I adore the peach ones!

  8. These roses are simply gorgeous, Kim! I caught your pics over on FB and it's fun to read the story. What a cool concept from this company. I adore white roses, too. My husband brought some home for me a week ago Thursday and they are still going strong. Maybe they are California roses? Love this rosey post!
    Have a lovely weekend, girlfriend.
    xx, Heather