Monday, February 23, 2015

Oscars 2015 Red Carpet Chat

 I'm dedicating this post to my mom today. I'm missing my dear mama this morning very much. We would always go over all the Oscar dresses together the next day. Mom always knew what looked classic and beautiful. I'm thankful for her impeccable taste and all the years we watched together. My dad and I both agreed mom would have loved Jennifer Hudson's simple chic dress the most. 

Jennifer Hudson really was perfection in the is simply elegant Romona Keveza.

This was a different Oscars. Neil Patrick Harris did a fine job, but wasn't particularly funny. It was a more serious show as many of the nominated films gave attention to causes like Alzheimer's, ALS, civil rights and unsung and maligned heroes like Alan Turing. I was hoeing Boyhood would win and was surprised about Birdman. I also loved Wild and The Imitation Game. Wish I saw Selma and a few of the others.. Still hoping too.

 On the red carpet Reese Witherspoon started a little movement to get interviewers to ask some 'real' questions about actor's films and their careers instead of just who they were wearing.

Reese's Instagram she used to start this.

Lena Dunham joined in with this Tweet as did many others. 

 I agree as it's all about promoting designers and I'd much rather know about the person and their journey to this point. Reese's #ASKHERMORE  produced better interviews on the carpet though to be honest they are always phony and a bit gushy to me. I still miss Joan Rivers!!

Highlights of the show were the musical numbers- Gaga's tribute to The Sound of Music, and Common and John Legend's wonderful performance of 'Glory' from Selma. The rest was a little dry.

Here's my own picks for best looks this year....

Naomi Watt's look reminded me of Jean Harlow and was chic and fun.

Rosamund Pike in Givenchy. Her hair was very cool in a modern knot.

 Strapless was the biggest look last night and very flattering on so many....

Laura Dern in Alberta Feretti. She was excellent as Reese Witherspoon's mom in Wild.

Nicole Kidman's in a delicate Louis Vuitton. She needs a few pounds on her.

LOVED Julianne Moore's dress which supposedly took 900 hours of workmanship from the Chanel Haute Couture people.  I still haven't seen the film yet, but she's been nominated five  times and was heading for Susan Lucci territory, but finally won last night for Best Actress.

Chloe Grace Moretz wore Miu Miu as did Kerry Washington...

White was popular, but sadly the amazing detail of some of these gowns get lost in photos. 

The stylish Rene Russo in J. Mendel.

Lupita Nyongo in a pearl Calvin Klein.

 Marion Cotilliard in Dior was another of my top picks.

So was Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji. The color and details of this was beyond lovely as is she. I thought the bit with Neil Patrick Harris was stupid and degrading.

Cate Blanchett did her own thing and was one of the few to wear black. This was by Galliano for Margiela and I liked the unfinished edges- again hard to see the detail in photographs.

Sienna Miller in Oscar de la Renta.  So ladylike, but not sure about this hairdo.

A more intimate view of the night was shared by some from Instagram accounts...

Gwyneth in a pink Ralph & Russo at home before leaving for the awards.
I want her house! I think her decorator is Windsor Smith.

Reese Witherspoon looked terrific in Tom Ford. 
It appears she snapped this from a hotel where she probably got ready as many do.

This woman is my hero! I was thrilled Patricia Arquette won as she was so good in Boyhood as the struggling single mom.  I love that she used her speech to speak out for wage equality for women and equal rights! She also told the red carpet hawks that she didn't get a manicure as she was too busy working on her global charity. Go Patricia! Her dress was made by her childhood pal Rosanna Getty.

Now for the couples...

Adore Steve Carrell and his wife Nancy. He was terrific too and also deserved to win Best Actor.

 Best actor winner Eddie Redmayne and his wife Hannah. Her dress by McQueen was fabulous. He was deserving of the award too.

Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish. He's so funny and she's elegance personified in this.

Newlyweds Ben Cumberbatch and his pretty wife Sophie. 

Faith's Hill's daring new cut is bold and I think she looks great. Tim's not bad either.

A few misses in my opinion...

Jessica Chastian's dress was matronly and looked like something Sophia Loren would wear. Who the heck chose this for her?

I could think of when Lady Gaga came out was dishwashing gloves. I'm not a fan of this dress or the   sleeves either. She did an amazing job on her tribute to Sound of Music and onstage was lovely.

This looked too old for Emma Stone and her hair was funky.

Cute Felicity Jones looked bridal. Maybe it was the color?

 I really want hear what you all think about the show and the dresses.
Tell me your favorites and what you thought of the show.


Images via Pinterest, NYtimes,Washington Post


  1. I always look forward to your Oscars fashion post, Kim. So sorry that you're missing mom. It gets easier, but I honestly think of my mom and dad and miss them every single day still. Love & hugs,
    Dawn Lucy

  2. Love this Kim! My vote was for Julianned - loved it!

    The ceremony itself was DISMAL. I am of the opinion now that the Oscars are becoming increasingly irrelevant as any magic they might have has been overtaken by the ORGY of awards shows between the Globes and the Oscars. It's too much, and by the time we get to the Oscars, who cares? And this from a woman for whom the Oscars is the equivalent of a high holiday.... sigh....

    1. Yes I loved her too Wendy. I thought it was the most bring ceremony ever except for those two musical numbers. You are so right there is too many award shows now and by time Oscars happen they aren't so special anymore..

  3. Kim dear, I'm so happy to see your annual review here. I'm sorry to hear it brings up feelings of missing your mom, it's so understandable. Your mom certainly passed on her level of style and taste to you. One of her many gifts! As for the fashion, always love your take on the show. Naomi Watts was one of my favorites, with that modern look, and slightly undone hair. I thought the pearl Calvin Klein on Lupita was stunning. Looking back at your list, there were some pretty gowns here. Unfortunately Gaga seemed to wear red dish-washing gloves, but her voice excuses it all. Scott and I will be seeing her and Tony Bennett in concert in May-looking forward to that. Thinking of you today my dear friend, Hugs....
    xx, Heather

    1. Heather, Thanks for the kind words..and hugs. You are so lucky to see Gaga and Tony! Cannot wait to hear about that. xo

  4. Kim I'm very sorry you are missing your Mom so much today, what a fun tradition you had with her, talking about the best looks etc. She sounds like such an amazing Mom. Big hug my friend.
    I agree with Wendy the Oscars was dismal this year, so boring. Even the red carpet wasn't fun at all and I agree Joan Rivers was missed.
    I did appreciate the heartfelt speeches and causes highlighted but it's too bad that there weren't any funny bits in between.
    MrBP said "is she the dishwasher" when he saw Lady Gaga (saying what everyone was thinking) but boy can she sing.
    Julianne Moore's dress was my favourite! Stunning and it really suited her.
    I hope you have a good week. xo

    1. I think it was a boring show too...Thank you dear Dani about mom. xo

  5. The Best was JULIE ANDREWS walking on stage!What an elegant lady...............xo

  6. I am so happy you did this and I thank you but also your mum that you did your annual Oscar dress round up. I think your mum might be right about the best dress. Good color cut and fit.

    Dresses were neither here nor there. No huge wows or dreadful ones. Lady gaga was being a bit ironic which doesn't suit fashion unfortunately! The staes are so beholden to the dresses they can't think straight. It's like they want to make a list even if it's worst dressed for the publicity...I missed Joan rivers bc she would make any dress funny and while I don't watch the oscars due to time difference I always watched fashion police. Have a good week darl xx

    1. Naomi, I agree they want publicity and to not look good, which should be the goal! I miss Joan tons. Fashion Police I watch too,but sometimes they even bug me- liking everything! xx

  7. I have to tell you Kim this was the best Oscar Wrap Up I have read, because I agree with you on nearly every note. Does that mean that neither of us get it?!! Ha..Nicole Kidman needs to put on some pounds...she is so lovely but she is starting to look like she should be showing up in the bread line...

  8. It was so fun to see the clothes, but the show bored me to tears. I'm so sorry about your Mom. I have to admit I only agree with a few of yiru choices. I guess that's what makes the fashion industry so diverse. Although I adore Jullianne Moore, I thought her dress looked shapeless and heavy. But poor Jessica...shoot her stylist!! Simply dreadful. Nicole's dress was just OK but the belt looked out of place. I miss Joan Rivers too!!
    Enjoy your week my friend!
    xx Jennifer

    1. Jennifer, I think the Julianne dress was heavy too, so perhaps didn't fit as well. xo

  9. I always agree with's like you are reading my mind!

  10. I always love your awards post. I agree about Jennifer Hudson. Again, thinking of you this month.