Monday, March 23, 2015

Teal Tones & Spring Inspiration

Hello! Hope you all had a happy weekend. We have apparently moved in summer here in California and spring just got bypassed. I had a very exciting last week (coming next), so I spent some down time this weekend working on my home. I noticed I've gotten this thing where I keep adding teal or yellow pieces and they look quite good together. Bright and cheering you know?

Succulents cannot be beat for houseplants. They pretty much grow themselves.

I have had browns and neutrals in my family room so added a few pillows... 

Seemed to do the job of brightening things for spring (or SUMMER as it seems.)

I moved them from the living room below, where there are pops of teal, and neutrals.

Also a few cellos hanging around.. My son!

I love this heart pillow I got a while back. This yellow leopard I found a TJ Maxx.

The floral one has been in my closet of rotating pillows for a while..
(You know what I mean some of you? I love changing pillows out.)

Just got my C Home. Do you subscribe? The C Home comes out a few times a year and is a big inspiration for California home decor. That is Diane Keaton on the cover and her beautiful home is in this issue too.

This month had the Russian Hill Penthouse of Susan Swartz! What pretty hues and can't beat her view!

A glimpse at the gorgeous colors in this month's fashion section. C Magazine is wonderful and now my favorite. It's got design, travel and just a lot of good stuff. I don't hardly buy magazines anymore, but it's a treat when this arrives.

Is it just me or is teal in so many other lovely things right now?

 Teal and yellow also figure in these Liberty Edition Vans!  They would be perfect with shorts and jeans and I cannot resist a floral, especially a Liberty one. Being a California girl, I'll always love Vans.

Then yesterday, I got an email that these Caspian Ceramics got marked down at Pottery Barn! I want to add one to the colors here at home. I bought a similar one there last year in a cream color and it looks great in the kitchen too with flowers. More teal!

Lastly I love this J. Crew shirttail blouse, a shell almost, I bought in Sherwood green. This deep teal hue looks pretty with so much and I think this color flatters many people. It's nice for summer and a layering piece right now with a light sweater like I have here. Yes I still wear them over the shoulder on occasion too...

So have you found teal or any other color this year to be compelling? This happens to me every season.

Back tomorrow with more beauty news! Have a good week.



  1. Kim,

    Love your post today...your home is so cozy and uncluttered, sunny and bright too!

    I did pick up an issue of C Magazine not too long ago, want to subscribe badly & the only thing keeping me from doing so is that I already get 6 magazines! (2 are free gifts from my sis) Do you know if C Home is available only by subscription?

    Linda in S.D.

    1. Linda I saw it at the newsstand at my grocery so you can get it without subscribing! I know what you mean about a lot of magazines. I only get a few now.

      You are very kind. Hope it's bright and sunny in S.D. today!

    2. Kim, stopped by Barnes & Noble today while running errands and I came home with not only C Home, but the March issue of C Magazine. :/ I had better hide them from my husband or he will think I've gone mad!

      It's warming up here is So. Cal, preparing for a big heat wave later in the week. Ugh.

    3. I am so glad you found them!! Yes we are supposed to get hot weather later in the week too! 90's! It's crazy!! Have fun with the magazines. Warning you will love these! xo

  2. Teal seems like the perfect California colour, especially when combined with yellow... sea and sun!
    Your house is looking absolutely gorgeous, you have great style. You yourself are looking glowing and beautiful, I'll be reading any beauty post you publish with lots of interest. ;)

    1. Dani that is true- sun and sea! I hadn't thought of that! Hope you are having a good week and staying cozy up North! xo

  3. Love this Kim! I am all about blues this spring, especially navy and sapphire blue. All of my purchases thus far, save my cream theory cardigan, are variations of that theme. It is everywhere in the house. I have always loved teal, though to be honest, I still associate it with the eighties, when I first discovered it with a vengeance! It makes me think of Sonny Crockett!

    1. Wendy, Love navy also..Too funny now I am having Miami Vice flashbacks!! I hadn't gone there, but now that you mention I did have a few things in teal like -gasp-Dolphin shorts and an OP T shirt.. Maybe those were California only things.. xo

  4. I've never heard of that magazine but you know I am going to love it.
    Oh yes, I tend to get notions after certain colours too, bizarrely for me, at the moment it is pink - I can't stop buying pink roses.

    1. Tabitha you of all people should have had a subscription! You are more California lover than anyone else I know! Pink roses are so lovely. Just got some a while back and agree they are so cheering! xx

  5. YES, BANDINAGE would LOVE C Magazine!!
    I love the CELLO!!!!!!!!

    1. We have cellos all over this house!! I don't mind them, except for tripping over them... I agree about C!! xoxo