Monday, March 16, 2015

Why I ♥ Trina Turk

There are a lot of choices in this world, especially when it comes to clothes. That's why I appreciate designers like California's Trina Turk. As I try to buy less in this world, I want to buy unique and special as well as good quality. That is the hallmark of a Trina Turk garment- beautiful details you won't find in mass produced clothes, unique colors and fabrics, and above all- superior workmanship. That is why I loved our event on Thursday. It made me proud to partner with such a wonderful company. It didn't hurt that the clothing was beyond gorgeous!

Thursday I spent the day helping customers find and mix many looks with the Spring II Collection at the Burlingame Trina Turk store. We had the best time and many just stopped in to check it out and try a few things on. After four hours in the store I decided that I loved the clothes and much more. Trina Turk comes out with 11 new collections a year, so the Burlingame location is always fresh with new items and their customers love. The clothes tend to move pretty fast here.

Above I am wearing the Patsy dress I chose and it's also in the center window display.
Something about the very cool fabric and the darling ball trim on the bottom made it so whimsical. I just love it!

Planning what I was going to wear with my dress..You can see the neat fabric design.

 It flatters, and my friend and blogger Jennifer of A Well Styled Life looked great in it too...

I love that most of the dresses are lined which makes them feel and look great.

 Elizabeth of The Vintage Contessa came by and also tried on some new things from the collection. Elizabeth looks amazing in vibrant colors.

She knows her unique look and bought these Viva la Vida pants and also got this great Anissa  dress below, which she plans on wearing as a top piece. Love Elizabeth's style! She adds her own special twist to everything with great accessories and pieces like these.

  Jennifer looks terrific in the classics like the chicest black pantsuit which everyone should have for a dressy evening.

Just add champagne!  SO cute. 

Yet she does color well and this Maize maxi dress was very pretty on her too.

With all the activity happening during the event, we had the pleasure of meeting Trina's sweet sister when she stopped by. She's local and we grew up in the same neighborhood and attended the same junior high ... Small world! 

Here she is with two of the terrific ladies, Betsey and Dana, who work at the Burlingame store. The staff at this store have a loyal following. They know the clothes and what looks great together as well as what flatters certain bodies. It's amazing how spot on their suggestions were for some customers.

This cute customer paired this great fringe jacket with a silky strapless top and pencil skirt. Loved this look for it's day to evening functionality! Wonderful too for a wedding and the reception after! Again a cute mod necklace really completed this.

 Maybe it's spring fever, but I am ready for more color and some brights in my wardrobe. I found these cute shorts and top that I didn't notice before. (Confession- I found a ton of things in my four hours as expected.)  I adore the fringe and the wonderful fabric. Those little details are what sets her clothes apart. The back has a deep V, but you can still wear a bra. 

 These kind of shorts are what one used to call 'hot pants' in the 70s when I was a girl and my mom shopped at the very chic Joseph Magnin for such things. Trina Turk reminds me a lot of that store and it's hip vibe, which is still embedded in my brain!

This outfit is perfect with a long gold necklace and some pretty jeweled sandals for a night out.

On the subject of sandals, Trina's shoes were the other thing we discovered Thursday. They are fabulous, comfortable and looked good with so much. These suede wrap sandals, which Jennifer modeled and bought, felt terrific on and were perfect with all the dresses and clothes. Jennifer ended up purchasing the soft metallic gold tone they come in. I love this blue too. Aren't they modern? They have a kitten heel.

I'm also thinking these Catalina flats with rubber sole for running about this summer...Just add pretty bright toe color!

The Bellota sandal though, would dress up jeans and a blouse in a Palm Springs way!

So many floaty and feminine little tops too.

I spent time with the home goods. I'm always torn between home and clothing purchases! The pillows are gorgeous and I am planning to add some to my white couch and brighten up the house for Spring. 

Just a few... There are rugs as well.

How awesome are these ice buckets? I see a poolside bar in my future.

Lovely, lovely things!

I do hope we get to do another event again because I think so many of you Northern Cal gals are just learning about the Burlingame location. The entire Trina Turk clothing collection is there and if you want clothes that are uniquely Californian you need to see it. 

Thanks everyone at Trina Turk for the wonderful afternoon and my beautiful dress.

Hope you get to experience a little Trina soon. It will brighten your day for sure.



  1. What a fun girls day event! I love those turquoise colored sandals and the ice bucket is amazing!

    Xx, Tiffany |

    1. Thanks Tiffany! Wish you could have joined. Maybe next time? I know I love those shoes!!! xo

  2. Those sandals are especially divine. Our summer is so short here that except for shoes, I rarely buy summer investment pieces as there have been some summers that are cool and rainy that I might only get to wear something once or twice. Those colours are cheering me up to see them - we have another storm coming tomorrow and I am seriously wondering why I live where I do today!

    1. Wendy seriously love those blue sandals... I didn't know you have it that cold in the summer too. Well they do have a winter collection and it's pretty. Fun sweaters and they even have some pretty coats in the current collection. Maybe summer coats for Canada? Sending you some virtual sun. We have too much. xxoo Kim

  3. Yes, do another event so I can be there! :D Love the Trina Turk vibe! Looks like a fun day and you look smashing in the dress and that orange short suit!
    Dawn Lucy

    1. Dawn love you to come next time!! You would love a lot of things.. Missed you. xo

  4. I had NO problem finding GOODS to take home and STASH in my closet!I ADORE the colors...........many of her items remind me of PALM SPRINGS in the 70's.Also, adore that your MOTHER shopped at JOSEPH MAGNIN's!Do you remember their boxes???Lovely seeing YOU and JENNIFER.I think we should ALL meet up in our TRINA TURK outfits as the weather warms up!Perhaps, a poolside luncheon ...........HINT HINT!!!!!XOXOX

    1. Okay it's a date.. I need to have that lunch by the pool, but I'll need an ice bucket and some cute pillows too!! Thanks for coming Contessa. Do you remember Joseph Magnin? I remember the mod walls with stripes and cool gals working there with toe Vidal Sasson looking haircuts... Lots of cool clothes and jewelry and cosmetics! Seems long ago now..

    2. I worked there for a short time!!!

  5. Wow it's all so beautiful and the essence of California! How much do I wish I lived there? You and the ladies looked to be having a wonderful time, how much fun was it to hang out with Jennifer and the Contessa? They are both so fabulous.
    This makes me want to plan a trip to Palm Springs and buy a Trina Turk wardrobe to wear during my holiday, just dreamy colours and designs.
    Love love that red shorts suit on you! xo

    1. Dani you need a trip out here! We could have a fun time shopping. xx

  6. Love her clothes. You are very brave to go sleeveless. I've got the dangle going on and feel more comfortable with arm coverage.

    1. There's a lot of cute things with sleeves there too! x

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  8. Kim, you look adorable in your new dress! You look like you are in a magazine photo shoot!!


    1. Kelley Thanks so much! I've got that museum dress on hold too. xo

    2. My friend Jennifer took the photo.. I give her credit. I'm not so great at posing and all that.

  9. It was such a fun day! I had no idea I'd like the clothes so much. I'd just assumed they were for younger women! I bought way too much but I'll be back :). Thanks for hosting this Kim, it was a blast!!

  10. Love the Patsy dress you picked out and Jennifer looks smashing in that jumpsuit! Her clothing line definitely has a happy vibe to it.

    Looks like such a fun day...if I lived closer I would have loved to attend.

    Linda in S.D.