Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Discovering Ben's Garden and Pretty Trays

Hello! Today I want to share with you guys a sweet little company that has recently gotten on my radar and I am now obsessed with. It's called Ben's Garden and they specialize in beautiful glass decoupage trays that are beyond lovely and wonderful catchalls.

Ben's Garden contacted me a few weeks back and as soon as I saw the word garden I was sucked in. I wanted to know more. Ben Busko began making decoupage trays at just 8 years old inspired by his garden. By time Ben was 11, (can you believe it?) his Ben's Garden brand notecards were selling at Smith Hawkins and The New York Botanical Garden Shop. He ran his business out of his parents' carriage house and then later completed the Master Gardener program at Cornell. Read this timeline about his childhood business- it's charming!!

via Ben's Garden
Today Ben has a huge online business of his trays, paperweights, notes and much more.  He also has two beautiful retail stores in Oyster Bay and Huntington, New York with two more opening this spring in Brooklyn and New York's West Village. The retail stores sell unique plants, vintage furnishings, antique garden ornaments as well as his whole collection. That is so my kind of store and when I'm in New York this summer I'm making a point to check one out. 

Ben's Garden asked me to choose a tray I'd love and style in in my house. How wonderful is that? Honestly it was tough to choose since I adore botanicals as well as little quotes and sayings. Well after much deliberation I chose this pretty yellow rose tray. I thought it would look nice with the turquoise and yellow accents in my house. That was also my dear mom's favorite flower so it reminds me of her every time I look at it.

So where to enjoy it? At the top photo I have it on my blue desk and it's fun there for my phone and little things.

 In our library it was cute next to our collection of bird and botanical books, but ultimately it ended up on our entry bureau where I leave my keys, sunglasses and shopping tote. There I can see it everyday and friends who pop in can too. By the way my lovely basket is from my friend Andrea, The French Basketeer and you can find them here.

Speaking of moms, Ben's Garden has so many pretty trays for mothers so it's a lovely Mother's Day idea. I'd love to collect these. I think they not only add beauty to your home, but are useful little catchalls whether it's bedside, in a library or in an entry they make a pretty statement and are chic!

Look how cute Ben's Garden wraps things...

I love a pretty package...and ribbon!

Some of my favorites in Ben's collection right now you may want to check out....

Especially love this one...SO true!

Pop over to look at the full shop. There's a huge collection of glass trays, French paperweights, and more with maps, inspiring quotes and also beautiful botanical prints. Ben's also makes custom decoupage so you can create your own with a photo or even a baby announcement or wedding invitation which would make wonderful keepsakes!

Ben's products are carried online and also at 800 independent boutiques across the U.S. as well as at Nordstrom



Images NorthernCalStyle and also via Ben's Garden.


  1. Kim, you had me at garden, too! I love that tray - great choice! I will definitely look for that store next time I am in NYC! Will have to see if they ship to Canada!

    1. Wendy thanks! I am sure they do ship. You are lucky to be so close to NY!

  2. Well, in my opinion you picked the right color!I like it there with that FRENCH BASKETEER basket on top of the books!A perfect VESSEL for the car keys!
    Love his whole story................I NEED to go to NEW YORK!!!!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth...I know love my French Basketeer basket and will add that link to her great site! Isn't his story sweet? xx

  3. Wow beautiful trays. What a wonderful Mother's Day idea. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Aimee! Such an amazing collection. I spent hours on the website and probably haven't seen them all! xo

  4. I love these especially the one you chose!!