Friday, April 24, 2015

'Eating Rome' a Fantastic Trip Through the Eternal City

Life has been crazy busy, more than I can even share in one post, but this week I had to make time for a book I promised I would review. I began this lovely book on vacation and finished this week. It was a wonderful escape, engrossing and transporting which I really need right now.

The book is Eating Rome by Elizabeth Minchilli, and it's a memoir/cookbook/guidebook to Rome. I knew of Elizabeth through her beautiful blog so I immediately accepted the offer to read and share this book. I have been to Italy and Rome was undeniably my favorite. Something about walking among the ruins, the vespas, fountains and beautiful Italians- the whole mix is so glamorous and magical. Given a chance to relive it just a little sounded fun and it was!

 Elizabeth, an American, grew up much like myself in the 60s and 70s, but in Saint Louis. She came home from camp in 1972, to find her parents planning to move the family to Italy. Thus began a unique adventure and a lifelong passion for Italy. After her family moved back home to states, she later did graduate studies in Florence and eventually fell in love with an Italian and moved to Rome where she lives today. There she and raised two daughters, and began her blog of Italian life and food.

 Her style of writing is so enjoyable. I loved Elizabeth's personal stories of food and experiences that guide you through the chapters. In this book you'll learn how to order coffee like a Roman, and yes there is a proper way to! We also learn how Italians eat cookies for breakfast, pasta everyday and full fat everything and yet are not overweight.

I especially loved the chapter on artichokes! Being a Californian I didn't know there were so many ways to enjoy them. Friend and breaded artichokes are on my list of things to try next.

You learn a lot of food and Italian life here too like Roman children are introduced to mini versions of regular adult foods and are not given the mushy bland things American babies get. Italians also consider vegetables one of the main parts of the meal and meats are used a a flavoring much of the time, and not a course in itself. That said they also eat offals which are internal meats, in sandwiches and other foods.

The recipes are sprinkled throughout the book, but with detailed instructions for making this simple food taste fabulous. There are tips on stocking a pantry, shopping for pasta-fresh vs. dried, and many wonderful cooking tips and secrets shared here. Let me just say this is not a book to read while hungry. I found myself craving everything and so far have made two of the pasta dishes which I will now add to my regular repertoire...

My photo here and below.
For a lunch I made the Italian version of buttered noodles, pasta con burro, which every Roman child grows up eating. The secret to making a rich sauce is adding in the reserved pasta water and unsalted butter. It was the best buttered noodles I have ever had.

This week I made my family cacao e pepe, or a Roman version of mac n' cheese with pecorino cheese. A huge hit and I added arugula and tomatoes which made it seem a little bit healthier, though no less delicious. 

At the end of each chapter is a guide to Rome's best, from coffee spots to bakeries, trattorias and even the rooftop cafes! The photos are gorgeous and had me planning and dreaming about another trip to Italy as well as trying to recreate that simple elegance here at home.
 A few of the gorgeous photos in the book.

I have never read any of my cookbooks cover to cover, but this I did. If you have a love of Italy, good food and want to take in a little more la dolce vita, you will love Elizabeth's book. Check out her blog too for inspiration and restaurant recommendation, and general loveliness! Elizabeth also conducts day tours as well as a week in Rome trips, which are found on the blog.


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photos via Eating Rome and also Northerncalstyle


  1. Thanks Kim! I am off to order this book right now!

  2. Thanks for the great review Kim. I am planning to purchas this book!

  3. This book looks incredible!! I need to order the goof AND check out her blog. Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. This cookbook looks fabulous! Right up my alley! I must check out her blog as well!

  5. This looks like A terrific book Kim! You had me at buttered noodles. Is there anything more decadent than that? I love the photography in this book too. I think I have to own this one! Thanks for the great review. Happy weekend!

  6. From that first image I knew this post was purely delicious, Kim! I adore Rome, just like you do. I love a book that blends the images, culture and tastes of a place. This book looks like perfection! I just took a peek at Elizabeth's blog and now I'm starving. ;) I am so excited to have you join us for the Lifestyle LinkUp today and this is a perfect post to add to the collection. I hope you join Jen and I again next month. Hoping things are calming down a bit for you girlfriend.
    Happy weekend!

  7. Kim what a great review, I have to read this book! Now I want to visit Rome. :)

  8. I love memoirs like this and I have been looking for a good one about Italy. Since visiting Italy last summer (way too briefly), I have a new, avid interest in their style and culture. In fact, I am doing an Italian themed dinner party tonight. I am definitely going to check this book out. Thank you!!

  9. Hi Kim,
    I am always looking for a good book, and this sounds wonderful, I will put it on my mother's day list! I'm glad you popped over to my blog, and that I have found yours. You have a new follower! xx Nancy

  10. Whats with the BIG PHOTOS here in the comment section?!!Almost afraid to POST my comment!
    I use to follow HER Blog for a long time.But have since moved on.She also has a house in Umbria for rent!Maybe a bunch of bloggers should rent it!!??The two pasta dishes you made are VERY ROMAN.I live with a ROMAN!!!NO need for ITALIAN cookbooks here.........I have my own built in who cooks from time to time!I love reading cookbooks from cover to cover too!XO

  11. OH good they are normal size now...........forget what I said earlier!

  12. Wow this is quite the book. I've always wanted to visit Rome, so I suppose getting this cookbook would be a good start! Thanks for the recommendation, I need some new recipes for summer ;)

    Xx, Tiffany |

  13. You really have the touch with that pasta - looks yummy ! Don't tempt me, I'm trying to stay away from carbs and i'm not doing well....