Sunday, May 3, 2015

Tomboy Style - The Book and One of My Favorite Blogs

I don't know how often you guys look at my sidebar, but I have a link with my favorite and most inspiring blogs called Birds of a Feather. One of the blogs I've followed for a long time is that of Lizzie Garrett Mettler who writes Tomboy Style. Tomboy Style is totally original and is inspired by images of the chic women past and some present who have a sportif (love that word), sort of a style. Along with the beautiful photos she shares are current companies that make classic sporty goods and also interviews with modern day gals with tomboy chic. It's always fresh and unique.

A smattering of some of what is on her blog...

The kind of women and photos she features...

  Tennis legend Althea Gibson
  Emmylou Harris
 Katherine Hepburn

 War correspondent Marguerite Higgins

Ricky Lauren 

A few weeks back when I was in So Cal I saw her book in Venice and had to get it. 

Wonderful book with so many cool photos.

 You can figure out what type you may be. I'm likely a naturalist, but really want to be an adventuress.. Perhaps you may be a sophisticate, a jock, a rebel, prep or the girl next door? Tons of beautiful photos to see what style you have or hey aspire to!

Last week I discovered One King's Lane featured Lizzie's Los Angeles home she shares with her husband and pup. It's a light and fun and very Californian.

The marble table and chairs are casual, but perfect for dinner parties.

 Wonderful wall color!
A little clip of a palm frond and you've got a British Colonial look.

Love the tiled patio!

For more of Lizzie's lovely home and the curated sale inspired by it at One King's Lane here.

Check out Lizzie's blog and her new book which I grab when I want a style reboot. She's currently working on her new online shop called The Reed where she will sell some of her finds. I already want half the things in the shop!


Photos via Tomboy blog and One King's Lane


  1. Love this post! I wasn't familiar with this blog - will definitely check out! I am crazy about Ricky lauren!

  2. SO< do TELL WHO AM I?What kind of person...........XX

  3. Wow! I'm so glad I saw this because I hadn't seen her blog either and I love everything about Tomboy style. I was definitely a tomboy growing up, but not as chic as this. I just wore Converse every day and played a lot of sports hehe. Great photos and thank you for sharing. I would have bought that book too and it's so cool Lizzie's home decor got featured too. Hope you're doing well Kim!!


  4. Great post and great pics! I usually like the more feminine look but it's really about being who you are and a Katherine Hepburn or Emmylou Harris look just fab in tomboy togs...they also tend to have stronger personalities which I find attractive.

  5. Hi Kim,

    I haven't seen Lizzie's blog before...I'll have to check it out. I did look at her home on One King's Lane and it's so cool. Love her style. I just ordered some sunburst mirrors from OKL, I hope I like them because I know they don't accept returns. :/ If it wasn't for that I would probably buy from them more often!


  6. Love the whole 'sportif' concept, Kim and what a fun blog! I was definitely pretty sporty growing up-lots of water/snow skiing, gymnastics, tennis, horseback riding...of course there was the whole Barbie obsession too. ;) I'm most likely an eclectic mix. Fun post!

  7. What a great post. Fashion and decor all in one. Love her home and the tiled patio.

  8. What a fun post! I commented a few days ago, but apparently didn't hit publish!! Sorry to be late. She's got a ton of style, just in her little finger.I was a tomboy as a child...maybe I still am?

  9. Love that style and that book. I'm sort of in between - what about you. LIke pants best and I can' do frocks with dainty heels, lean towards the bigshoeclonkers otherwise don't feel like me. And of course my face is those high waister out of Africa trou

  10. My fave that should be! I wish my face was a high waister