Saturday, July 25, 2015

Saturday Edition- Cool Books, Swatch Watches, Sales & More

Don't you love how I get my Saturday edition things out on Sunday basically? I don't think this bodes well for me doing specified posts on certain days, which I was thinking of attempting...There's so much I want to share and this summer I've had trouble finding time to sit and write!

 I'll try to share these fun links on the weekends going forward. I said try...The Virgo in me has to have things just so and heck I need to JUST DO IT! That's the new me, or one I aspire to be. Perfection is the enemy of good enough, right? Bear with this post, you may check out before it's over...

My youngest was at Scout Camp for a week so I got a little time to mess around and shop like above with my friend Kim. What do you think of these Karen Millen glasses? A bit big, but I guess that is the thing now, to look a bit like The Fly?

Other cool things..

Cable cars lined up to turn around last week in San Francisco.

If you are considering a trip to San Francisco, the weather has been lovely. As I mentioned in the last post, my pal Jeanne and I got up there to see the Liberty London Pop-In shop at Nordstrom, we also made time for lunch at Neiman-Marcus. It is my very favorite girl's lunch spot on the planet.

Jeanne at The Rotunda where the views are the best in Union Square, the food is delicious, (try the beet salad with grilled salmon- amazing), and let's not forget the popovers as big as your head and the strawberry butter. Try making a reservation or if you cannot, go early or just grab a bar seat! It's also great for  late afternoon cocktails in the cute and cozy bar. I love it.

This particular trip we had a fantastic waiter, Charlie who noticed my red and white Swatch watch  I bought on my New York trip. Charming Charlie, turns out had one on as well. His I believe was vintage and he just so happens to have a collection of over 1,500 Swatches! 

Charlie letting us snap him. Don't you love his purple Swatch with blue accents?

 I was just about to write about the comeback of The Swatch Watch so what a coincidence! I took my son to the big Swatch store on our NYC trip, but ended up buying one for me. I remember how much I loved them in the 80's and I once had a large one with all black and gold hands. I have no idea what happened to it, but Charlie says the vintage ones as well as the special editions are quite valuable and he has some of his in a safety deposit box. He is quite knowledgeable about them and said the works are still made by the best Swiss movement makers.

I am enjoying my sporty red and white Swatch and once I had mine, noticed how many people are  wearing them again. It's the anti-status watch and still fantastically made. What a great idea collecting them. I like the new versions with the works visible on back and there are so many new designs. Looks like right now they are only available at Swatch stores. The closest ones here are at Valley Fair and Stanford if you want to see for yourself. I bought mine at the Times Square location. They also make special editions which are very collectable like this Matterhorn watch..

For the adventurer! More about what's new and this watch on their site.

Speaking of cool accessories, they can really make your outfits look more modern and relevant, no? I think shoes, bags and jewelry, even glasses can all make your look. They don't need to be designer or even high-end. They just need to pop and be something that makes an ordinary outfit special. In fact something a little fun and modern like a Swatch or the funky glasses we had on can give you a more youthful vibe just as big diamonds, expensive watches and heavy logo handbags can age you, to be honest...

This is done so well by the French. The other day I met a  French lady at a quick trip to Marshalls of all places. I went in to get pillows and well I somehow ended up in shoes...Did I mention I have focus issues? Anyhow, I spied a terrific pair of pewter beaded espadrilles that were flat with a bit of a platform. Darling, but slightly flashy. Madame was also checking them out. I was torn between these and a more classic pair. They only had my size not hers, I asked her which she would get...'Absolutely the beaded,' she replied. 'They are super.' :)

I'm going to wear these into fall.

This lady was very stylish for a woman who was probably late 50s. She had slim, distressed jeans, a black silk cargo blouse, leather cord and chain necklaces where she hung red glasses, a terrific two-tone tote and the kinky hair worn long and full. (She looked a bit like Grace Coddington, see below.) Nothing on her was designer, but she looked elegant with just great basics paired with great accessories that made her stand out. That is what most of us aspire to as we age, to look relevant and a little chic.

Grace C

I think they key is have fun with accessories, pick things that make you smile, and pair them with great quality clothing pieces you own and you will always look current and hip! Forget botox, you need cool shoes.

Just saying.

After that, I of course had accessories on my radar the past week. Yes, I bought the shoes and a cool Botkier tote which was a good find there as well. I loved the silver tones of both. I also found my silver J.Crew Cypress slides I had that I bought in May were a good partner to khaki. They all mix nicely with the red watch which I ordinarily wouldn't have chosen. 

This week I had time to check out the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and picked up a couple of things. The clothes were nice, but as I mentioned before, I'm trying to focus on adding things to update what I've got. I've been wanting a long silver necklace and this Y chain necklace sparkles and looks modern. 

On a whim I tried on this Panama and I actually liked it. For the price, it could be the thing for weekend getaways or walks in the fall! (Looking forward to that.)

Both of these are part of the Anniversary Sale which is good to peruse for your fall and winter wardrobe. I usually try to get one or two things. Shoes are always a good investment. I wore my suede booties about 70% of the time last winter, so another pair may be in order. I love the low booties for style, but they are also warm, comfy and easy to get on fast. That is not always the case with tall boots, so I tend to wear them less. The booties are great with everything and give skirts and dresses an edgier look.

The wine color of these might be a shot of color to the autumn wardrobe.

These open toed suede booties from Tom's are a good transition shoe and and also come in black.

I like the longer look of these MTNG booties which are perfect for casual days and nights out.
Also cool and on sale are these Munro two-tone booties which look luxe, these Kork-Ease which have a new look and a higher wedge heel, these Steve Madden's which in cognac have a very California feel and are perfect for fall here, and these Paul Green's,  are seriously lovely and might be worth the splurge.

All of these are on the sale now and the prices go up August 3.

I had time to meet with a long time friend this week. Dawn is an English teacher and a local gal who has a lovely fashion focused blog, Fashion Should Be Fun. She turned up in the cutest vintage floral top. Such a cool find that I vow to get to thrift stores more to add unique pieces to my closet like Dawn. Visit her blog for more clothing inspiration.

Besides a little shopping, hanging with my boys, and being with family, I've tried to carve out more reading time this summer. I added a little link to my sidebar of my current reads. I just finished the interesting and thought provoking Men Explain Things to Me by Rebecca Solnit,  a wonderful writer. 

This book has been on my list and it's a collection of essays, but also I would venture to say the feminist book of our times. It's eye-opening and I highly recommend it to all my women friends. Our world is changing, but the treatment of women in our world is still a battle and I care deeply about this. Rebecca is a historian and writes on diverse subjects. Her bio says she is, 'From kindergarten to graduate school, a product of the California school system which is now being decimated.' Love her.

If you are like me and not only read to further educate yourself, but also to escape, then Grace Coddington's memoir, Grace fits the latter category and is an enjoyable trip through her life. This reminded me so much of my mom who was her same age. It's meandering, but entertaining, beginning with her Catholic school upbringing in a seaside town in the U.K. to modeling in the 60's, to becoming a fashion editor in London in the 70's, and finally becoming the director of American Vogue. If you like fashion, Vogue and beautiful photography it's a nice summer read, not to mention a beautiful book.

Next on my nightstand is Tulip Fever. I haven't begun. It's a historical romance set in 1630's Amsterdam. I'll do anything to relive Girl With a Pearl Earring, so I hope it's good. Anyone read this?

After that I've got Seating Arrangements....

Anyone have any great books they recommend? I'm trying to get keep that summer feeling with lots of lazy book reading, a camping trip I'm planning, and I'm actually attempting to make ice cream today for the first time.

I've had one of those Cuisinart ice cream makers for ages, a gift from my dear mother-in-law and I hate to admit, I never got around to reading instructions...Anyone else like that? I'm challenging myself this weekend and using some apricots I've had frozen from my dad's backyard. Why not? I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone as part of turning 50 this year. Wish me luck... 

Happy weekend everyone!! (If you are still reading after all that!)



  1. What a fun post! I feel like I just had a coffee chat with you, Dear. And thanks a million for the shout out. You know I thrifted in the 90's but then got out of the habit and the only reason I started again was inspiration from other bloggers. It's like a treasure hunt! Anyway, I'd love a Rotunda date soon! And I had no idea Swatches were coming back. What a bad fashionista I am! ;)

    Dawn Lucy

    1. Dawn I need to know where you thrifted...Forgot to ask. I do love Crossroads Trading Company. Have a good weekend! x

  2. Still reading gorgeous! I love your posts. It just like sitting and having a visit :). Fun espadrilles! I perused the sale very quickly but see you've found some goodies I missed!
    No books to recommend, but I like the look of yours.
    Xoxo Jennifer

    1. Jennifer I did the same and went back later. I have to say I'm not one to get out in the frenzy of the first days of a big sale. I rather like to mull it over, but of course some of the good things are gone by then! xo

  3. Hi Kim.....two fun reads are The Husbands Secret and Big Little Lies both by Liane Moriarty. Also, would love the name of the polish you are wearing. Great summer color!

    1. HI Brenda, Thanks for the recommendations. I have heard good things about The Husband's Secret too. My polish is Essie's Ladylike and I've worn it all summer as it's kind of pink, but has a little grey to it which I love. Have a good weekend!

  4. Hi Kim,

    I had a red swatch watch in the 80's...I didn't know they were making a comeback!

    Love the Steve Madden espadrilles...I just purchased a pair of Banana Republic slip on sneakers in an animal print, why go basic when you can have a fun pair?

    Your encounter with the French woman made me think of the book "Lessons from Madame Chic" by Jennifer Scott. I picked it up at the library awhile back and it was very good. The author was an exchange student in Paris years ago for 6 months. She talks about everything she observed and learned from the French lifestyle about fashion, (a very basic wardrobe) grooming, food & housekeeping. I ended up purchasing her second book "At Home with Madame Chic" because I liked the first one so much.

    I can totally relate to the "focus" issues! My husband says I have acquired ADD!

    Have a great week!


  5. Hi Linda! I saw those BR cute! I loved Jennifer Scott and her book! I've read it twice and I should get the Madame Chic At Home too. I also read a great book called Entre Nous years ago before all this French mania begun and it's a good one in the same vein.
    What is it and women feeling they have ADD? I think we just multi-task so much it makes us crazy..Men do not have the same skill! Lol. Have a good week too! xo

  6. Did you know Jennifer has a blog "The Daily Connoisseur"? Not that you need another blog to read. ;)


  7. Those glasses on your friend are so funny! They remind me of a vintage California road trip poster of some sort!

    Xo, Tiffany |

  8. You've been busy. As it turns out I was at the Rotunda at NM on Saturday w/ two friends for a bday lunch and shopping. The bday girl did damage in the shoe dept. and I ordered a bag at Vince. Our other friend bought some very mod boots at Fleuvog. The weather was perfection. I'm going to check out some of your books-I've read a lot, but nothing terribly noteworthy.

  9. Hi Kim! I LOVE your new Swatch! I have several swatches including one that I still have from the 80's. I have had to replace the bands a couple of times, but the watch keeps ticking away!