Monday, July 20, 2015

The Liberty Pop-In at Nordstrom San Francisco

It's been a crazy summer, but I made time last week to get to San Francisco to report on the Liberty Pop-In at Nordstrom in San Francisco.  My friend Jeanne and I appreciate all things British and especially Liberty, so we couldn't miss this special event.

Liberty of London, for those unfamiliar, is the most fabulous London department store. It's shaped like a wooden sailing ship and is the purveyor of all things beautiful and British. What makes it unique is their Liberty Art Fabrics line which is available in clothing, bags, home goods, scarves, china and much more. Liberty has had a huge revival lately and some of their iconic florals have been in Nike, J.Crew, and even the Vans shoes collections. This collaboration with Nordstrom is their latest.

These photos are from my trip two years ago to London. I could not go to London without a trip to  Liberty. I always get a tote bag and have even bought sheets which were wonderful. More recently I added blouses and a blazer made from Liberty prints at J.Crew and they are some of my favorite items I own.

Another thing that makes Liberty so special is their unique half-timbered building which was once part of a sailing ship. It's a must see and has something for everyone from little household things, travel goodies, china, scarves, handbags and even a floral shop. The store is 140 years old and began as a importer and eventually began creating their own line of fabrics. Those fabrics now comprise an amazing archive of 43,000 prints to which new ones are constantly being added.

The Nordstrom blog has some great little posts and interviews with Liberty and how they stay relevant while still maintaining their one of a kind department store. I loved the video links too so check them out if you are a Liberty lover!

This little clip was particularly fascinating about how Liberty's team creates new textile designs each season. It truly is sometimes found flowers, branches and leaves! This shows how they evolve into a print. This makes me wish I went into textile design. What a wonderfully creative place to work!

This is the first time the same Liberty goods that are sold in their store are available stateside. 

Jeanne and I in front of the boutique....Don't you love the floor?
(Feeling like we should have worn florals!)

From the curated collection at Nordstrom these are our favorites..

How fantastic is this robe? They actually refer to it as a kimono.

The robes and pajamas felt amazing and are made of a proprietary cotton from Africa that only Liberty uses. It feels like silk and is cooling to the skin- perfect for sleep!

 Ballet flats by London Sole. I'd love the blue with distressed jeans for fall.

Jeanne ended up with this pair trimmed with a cherry blossom silk floral.
How pretty is the back detail? I'd wear this with white jeans.
So cute on her.

The teapots and china were beautiful too. 

Gardener goodies

There were tea towels, napkins and aprons to give your kitchen life a little flair.
This tea towel is one of my favorite prints, Strawberry Thief I think. Navy and pink are perfect!

There were also serving trays, plates and little dishes in a plastic versions of The Flowers of Liberty, which are perfect for outdoor entertaining, or small children!

Candles, sachets and sleep masks filled with dreamy lavender would make sweet gifts.

The birdhouses were very popular! Wouldn't this be a charming housewarming idea?

Desk accessories were tempting...I wanted these pencils for my blue desk and I know a few young girls who would love them for their fall backpacks!

It's a lucky child that gets a Liberty tent! As a kid I would have given my...Well, let's just say you would be one step closer to 'glamping' with this! I already have a celestial baby blue sleeping bag..
Seriously though, wouldn't this be awesome in a play room as well as in the great outdoors?

These bracelets had charms with ribbons made of Liberty fabrics.

The watches were fun and I loved this navy print!

This watch was to be tied on! Super cute.

 These hair clip fabric flowers would looks chic on a lapel like my jean blazer. Can't you just see it as the perfect little compliment to a sundress and tucked in to a knot in your hair?

I really loved these wrap bracelets with bee charms too.

After much deliberation, I took home pretty pitcher I knew I'd enjoy with fresh flowers in my kitchen.

Isn't it lovely? I will treasure it.

I also bought a floral hair clip as I am loving teals and turquoise colors right now.

The collection is also online, click on over to see the Pop-In boutique.

When you buy something you get to take home this darling tote. The Flowers of Liberty in the Union Jack design are unique to this collaboration I believe!

Remember if you are up in San Francisco, the Pop-In at Nordstrom San Francisco Centre runs until August 2...
Tomorrow I'll share some of the other spots to hit on a summer day in the city!

May the florals be with you!! ;)


photos NorthernCalStyle except Liberty building courtesy of Nordstrom.


  1. Had no idea Liberty pop in was at Nordstrom. What fun hope to make it there...

    1. It was a treat to see the real Liberty goods! I hope you get to make it there!

  2. I love that floor so much and am surprised more people here don't do it! There's something so calming and reassuring about Liberty! X

    1. Naomi I wish I could order the floor!! The ultimate floral room!

  3. Thanks for posting about Liberty !! I love this fabric, wonderful photos !

  4. Love! Love! Liberty and can feel your excitement at having them Stateside.
    My Godmother was a buyer for Liberty's so as I kid I grew up in Liberty prints (as she didn't have children) which I then rebelled against as a teenager, but am now back in love with ;-) I LOVE that watch you showcased. I am off to check it out in the London store. Lovely (and pretty) post xx

    1. Vanessa, I bet you had some cute outfits as a child! You'll have to see if you have photos. Aren't the watches lovely? Hope you are well and enjoying summer! I need to pop over and see what is happening in Luxuria world! xo

  5. WONDERFUL...........Love the info of the SHOP!Do you think the windows were from the ship as well......I DO!
    Summer is skipping by..................I have been a busy bee.TOO BUSY.............XO

  6. What a fun excursion! I love the kimono/robe...too bad it's lingerie because I already have a kimono type robe. I'm looking at the eye mask, been meaning to buy one but this one is so cool with the lavender tucked inside.

    Cute pitcher that you picked out!! BTW I purchased that Caspian Pitcher from Pottery Barn that you had talked about a few months back. It was deeply discounted by the time I got around to ordering it. :)


  7. What great happy patterns. I need those pencils and the watch. So fun. I see why you made a point to shop it. The summer is racing past. Let's have lunch!