Sunday, July 12, 2015

Trina Turk's Desert Home Style

Everyone knows I am a big fan of native San Jose girl and California designer Trina Turk, so I was excited to see her Palm Spring's home featured last week on One King's Lane.

You can see more of the home which was designed to have the feel of a sailing ship on the site. She helped curate the sale of similar home decor items as well.
 Trina and her husband collect these unique macrame animal heads and have 3 in their home.

 I like these opposing couches or sectionals if you will with her Trina pillows.
The wood accents against the white are a nice combo for a desert home.

 The home has an open and uncluttered feel, but has many quirky and cool pieces like this banquette.
Trina also collects vintage sunglasses and costume jewelry. Not surprising as much of her accessories collection has a 1970s feel. 

The One King's Lane piece shares Trina's Palm Spring's favorite spots to eat, shop and more.

Her home decor collection is showcased a bit as well. I just added an Arcata pillow to my home. They also have a boxier version in yellow, on Trina's own site which is pretty.

Trina's new Tales Of the South Pacific collection just came out inspired by Gauguin...

So far this Emi 2 shirt dress is my favorite and you could wear it into fall which I like too.

I kind of love this tennis skirt and jacket. I think this print is part of her 20th Anniversary collection.

It's fun to follow her adventures on Instagram too. She has a life made for all these vibrant clothes!

The past weeks she's been in Capri, Sicily and many cool spots with her husband Mr Turk.

Aren't they cute?

(Trina's summer reading.)

You can follow her here to live vicariously!


photos via OneKingsLane and Trina Turk


  1. So fun! Love her designs! Hey chick, coffee/lunch soon?!

    Dawn Lucy

    1. Hi Dawn love to see you before school starts again. xo

  2. CAPRI..........I just received the IVY's new book with photos of CAPRI.............DIVINE.I was there in 1978.TIme to GO BACK........I adore TRINA's CAFTAN here in the photo.TELL HER TO MAKE MORE!
    Lets chat tomorrow............

    1. I saw that book! Love it. Yes isn't her Caftan cute and I love that she wore it as a top and also a cover-up. Such a great travel piece. Calling you.x

  3. I had no idea Trina was from San Jose. I love her style!

    1. Yes she is! I believe they lived here until middle school or right before. Her sister, who lives up the Peninsula now, said they went to Reed Elementary and her sister went to John Muir for a while too. I went there too, but she was a couple years before me I think. She really did grow up in a mid-century tract home!

  4. I love her house, minimalist with a touch of colors ; lovely clothes too but not available in France !!!

    1. I think that is what I like best about it too. It's fun, but not cluttered with great pieces that have special meaning to her. I didn't know they weren't overseas..Maybe soon? Can you order from the website? Have a good weekend! Kim

  5. Love how her home reflects her personal style and vibe. Thanks for sharing..hope you are having a great summer!