Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Getaways- The Parker Palm Springs

The weekend before last I got away for a birthday and anniversary weekend with my husband to The Parker Palm Springs. I've always wanted to stay there and it did not disappoint! It's a gorgeous place with amazing gardens and the whole resort was decorated by Jonathan Adler, whom I love. Here's a little glimpse into this fabulous and fun spot some call the adult version of Disneyland!

The rooms have a 1970s vibe with hanging chairs and some terrific mid-century modern furniture, like our room above.

The public spaces...Love this green marble bar in the lobby.

This sofa was making me wish I could find something like this. Cool colors and fun pillows..

More lobby..

Love this retro fireplace! At night this is a busy gathering spot with the fire on.

We were upgraded to a villa since the resort wasn't full. It was a beautiful space with a bedroom, living room and a small kitchen and big patio.

We loved these furry rugs for your feet on each side of the bed and the travertine side tables.

 The beds were uber comfy and I want a leopard bench with light celery paint like this..Isn't the Jonathan Adler pillow cute? You can find it here.

More patio. This would also be a good room if you had kids along. We didn't this time. There is also the 2 bed, 2 bath Gene Autry residence on the property if you you need a whole house..Here's a photo below, from the website. Looks pretty fun. Yes he really did live there!

Palm Springs is just an hour flight from San Francisco. It was a fast trip leaving Friday night at 8, we arrived before 9, and the resort was just a ten minute drive away. We explored the place that night..

 There are three pools, a spa, croquet, fire pits, and two restaurants. You needn't ever leave!

 I think my husband was ready to relax!

One of the fire pits by day...

It's a bit of a maze wandering the resort with it's crushed gravel paths and almost tunnel like hedges. To be honest it's a little disorienting if you arrive after dark as we did. It's lovely though and impressive what they can grow here in the desert.

Citrus was everywhere!

There is many relaxing spots to chill out.

The family pool..

Norma's, the casual restaurant here, has the most yummy comfort food ever. They do breakfast, lunch and dinner. This really does have a bit of an old Disney feel doesn't it?

The placemats were giving me flashbacks to my 70's childhood..or The Partridge Family!

These lemon pancakes were fab, but warning the portions are HUGE! We shared.

 Pentanque  (kind of like French bocce) courts are in the center of the resort and reminded me of Luxembourg Garden in Paris.

If it gets too warm the darling Lemonade Stand is adjacent and has all kind of fun twists on lemon drinks especially the alcoholic versions.

 I don't remember what the pink drink was Max had, but mine was a custom made cucumber mint ice thingy with vodka...I think. I wish I had time to try more, but the heat + alcohol was almost too much.

They know it so they have misters all around and shady spots. I'm crazy for the retro scalloped edged umbrellas they had everywhere.

When the heat got too much, we spent some hours at the indoor pool..

PSYC stands for the Palm Springs Yacht Club that was a genius fun idea. The minute you walk through the doors of this spa and cool space you instantly feel chill.  There's a huge pool room that feels like ship with steamer chairs and cool air pumped out continually. We relaxed and cooled enough to go into one of the jacuzzis here. 

We sat outside on the patio and you can feel the cold air out there too. This is really a sanctuary when you are here in the warmer months. We just hit the beginning of what will be the busier season so it was warm 90-100 degrees, but not crowded. A super weekend if you want to get away, relax and not spend too much time traveling!

Of course there is other things to do in Palm Springs. It's a big magnet for those who are into midcentury modern design as there are many homes built here in that style. The Design District is a short drive away from The Parker in downtown Palm Springs and has cool shops and restaurants. Of course I had to visit Trina Turk's flagship store. There was also a Trina boutique in The Parker which was cute with books and swim suits, coverups and a few Adler pieces. This big flagship though had the full Trina clothing collection, but also included a home store and Mr Turk for men.

She has a terrifically curated home store which carried Trina's line, but also things like books, totes, gorgeous glass bowls and even Missoni towels as well.

Like all Trina Turk stores, it was wonderfully designed. I loved the floor which I was told was pool tiles! What a cool idea.

 No one does good crochet coverups like Trina Turk. In the end I bought the chambray dress  with pockets I'll wear a ton. Trina Turk is a must see when you are here in Palm Springs!

We also ate lunch at a fun spot called Trio. Disco music played non-stop. I love a little Donna Summer or Bee Gees with my meals don't you? My husband kept saying he thinks they imported my playlist as everywhere we went some cool retro music was floating through a speaker somewhere. Another reason to love Palm Springs!!

Koffi is a good stop for blended or iced coffees (really it's too hot for anything else) and the wonderful Just Fabulous with cool souvenirs and the best collection of design books I've ever seen is right next door.

These funky windows belong to Wil Stiles which is next to Trina's shop..

It's a riot of color, prints and amusing clothes. If you need to find your inner Rat Pack vibe this is the place! Check out the hats and retro wooden racquets.

This whole Design District on North Palm Canyon Drive has unique shops and restaurants.

 There are more great spots nearby like Palm Desert, La Quinta resort, hiking spots and even an aerial tram (sadly closed for annual repair when we were there.) Palm Springs is quite mountainous and beautiful and I hope to see more of that part of it next time I visit.  I'd love to go back this winter as it's so quick to get to and totally relaxing and different from the Bay Area!


 photos all NorthernCal Style       This was not a sponsored stay and all opinions are my own.


  1. Love the style of this place Kim, it looks like you had an amazing time. What a treat!
    Loving the Trina Turk picks, her line seems to epitomize Palm Springs style?

    1. Hi Dani! Trina's line really seems made with Palm Springs in mind. I think you would love this hotel if you get down this way! xo

  2. Replies
    1. Gosh my photos don't show how lovely it really is!

  3. This was like a walk down memory lane, Kim. I used to get out to Palm Springs often on the weekends when I lived near LA. Now I'm putting it at the top of my list of California trips. So pleased to see that the Parker is very much like it was when Scott and I stayed there 4 years ago. The chilled pool area is just brilliant for hot summer days. Love the Trina Turk on you--as always. Super fun post!
    xx, Heather
    PS-Our lifestyle linkup is live again this Friday--hope you can join us! :)

    1. Heather I can see you appreciating the design and uniqueness of this place! I hope you and Scott get to go again soon. I am planning to try to go back when the tennis tournament is on in spring or maybe in winter.. Just a lot to do and so fast to get there. xooo

  4. Palm Springs has been on my list of places to visit forever. The Parker sounds like a great place to stay! Sounds like you had a nice time celebrating your birthday & anniversary!

    1. Thanks so much Andrea. It's one of a kind and you should plan a trip. I think fall and spring would be a little cooler too!

  5. Happy Birthday and Anniversary Kim! I have a friend that lives in Palm Springs and I love it there. The tram is pretty cool and a few years ago they got a new tram car and as it goes up it turns 360 degrees. Nice hiking behind the restaurant and bar up there too. Your hair looks so cute!!


    1. Kelley thank you! We were bummed the tram was closed for it's once a year maintenance so we didn't get to go up there.. Hopefully another time. I was wondering how the hiking was.. Thanks about my hair..Still trying to get the hang of fixing it short. Easier though! xo

  6. Oh my heavens Kim! What a fabulous post my dear! Having been to the Parker … I am in true awe of your fantastic capture of the property … and all the work that goes into such a quality post my dear! Sending hugs and huge kudos your way!!


    1. Tamara thank you. You inspired me on your last post about it there! Funny how long these posts take isn't it? xoxo

  7. We were in LA QUINTA.........the weekend before YOU!

    1. La Quinta is a gorgeous place and I ran out of time to go there. I have stayed there before at someone home and loved it and the view of the mountains!! Too bad we couldn't have met down there!

  8. What a fabulous looking spot! I feel like Dean Martin should be sitting at the bar having drinks with Sammy Davis! You go to some of the omst fun spots Kim!
    Have a great weekend!
    XX Jen

    1. Jen this is a fun place. I can see all those Rat Packers at some of the cool spots that luckily have been preserved and saved. I'm into architecture and there is so much to see here!

  9. We haven't been to Palms Springs in ages...mid century is not my thing but I would love to check the Parker out. I will have what you had by the way minty, vodka...sounds perfect!!

    1. Cindy that was a yummy drink.. The Lemonade Stand is terrific there! I hope you check it out even for dinner or drinks if you get down there.

  10. PS--and what a perfect way to celebrate your "Fab" birthday and wedding anniversary!!! Cheers to you both! xx

  11. I absolutely love this post. Such a neat hotel. Love it. I can't wait to go to California again. And I want to raid your closet. Can I have your hand me downs?

    1. Leigh you are sweet. I think we are the same size, so I may have a few dresses for you..;)
      You would dig this spot and the kiddos would love it too which is nice. Many families there when I went!

  12. Sorry I'm a little late commenting here. My ex husband and I went to Palm Springs a lot when we were dating and newly married. About 30 years ago! My last visit was for my daughter's basketball tournament one summer when she was in high school. Not exactly a fun trip to be perfectly honest. My daughter was being a typical teenage girl, I got little sleep and we had to stick to the tournament schedule. I couldn't wait to come home!

    The Parker looks like such a cool place to stay. I'll have to go back for a visit to Palm Springs some day. It's not a long drive from San Diego!


    1. Linda thank you for reading and leaving comments! You are so sweet... I can imagine being there for a sports tournament.. Not exactly as fun and probably hot!! You have to return in better circumstances when it's not too hot and you can lay by a pool with a cool drink! xo