Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall Shopping..

I know it's fall, but here in California it's summer still. Seriously, we are in the 90s again this week and it's too much. I have called it quits for the summer clothes and started looking for fall inspired things to wear.  I happened to run past Banana Republic in town and their windows just grabbed me. Burgundys, smoky neutrals and gold accents drew me in and I fell in love with all the autumn looks.

Banana seems to have a lot more modern shapes and styles since the designer from J Crew took over. Love the modern look! That said, some things need trying on as they may run big from their traditional sizes. The overall look is fresh.. Some of the best..

I love these Bridget T-strap shoes with edgy studs on the strap and would wear them with distressed jeans as well as dresses for fall.

This gold envelope clutch is a great size and I can see it becoming long time addition to the wardrobe for dressier evenings as well.

BR has a great variation of jean styles in store now with nice washes. I bought a pair of cropped flares, something I didn't have. ( I swear I had a pair of cropped flares about 15 years ago and just donated them last year! Who knew they would be in again..)  They are the perfect relaxed jean with chunky sweaters.

The ragged edge makes them darling with ballet flats, sneakers or even pumps. 


These Aiden D'Orsay flats are also nice. I'm loving Burgundy tones right now and I think this particular one is so pretty in the suede. The J Crew version is chic too and I can vouch for their quality as I have the Crew ones from last year in a tan and still wear them tons. The D'Orsay style is brilliant as it feels dressier like a heel, but it's a flat.

Banana has a beautiful color story with these burgandys, soft pinks, grey and taupes.
This Ashbury unstructured tote was another beauty. 

I bought a few things from the burgundy family. My favorite purchase was beautifully made and lined Banana Republic swing tank. I think it will be dressy with skinny pants and heels and also transition to casual if layered with a long T and jeans for cooler autumn days.

I couldn't resist getting this longer Banana Republic textured tank in a wine tone too. I have it on here with the Banana flared crop jeans and my own Sam Edelman booties that I have worn to bits. One of the best wardrobe pieces for fall and winter is boots in this taupe sueded tone. Banana has it's own version and it's pretty cute with a bit higher heel.

I bought one more item for fall..

 It's the softest brushed jersey top in a dark cherry.

I cannot wait to wear this one. Cool weather now please!

Banana Republic seems to have sales on the full-price merchandise running quite frequently, usually on weekends and beginning on Fridays. I happened to hit the sale on the past holiday weekend so prices were almost 40% off regular and 50% off clearance items.

I'm trying to add pops of color, like these burgundy pieces to the wardrobe to update it for fall and keep any new purchasing to things I don't already have. I hoping these 3 shirts and the jeans are enough with my other closet stalwarts to get through most of fall and winter or until I cooler weather happens, if ever! 

Have you added any new items for fall to your wardrobe? Do you have a strategy for seasonal shopping? Mine is usually clean the closet out first, donate, or resell, then shop. I find it helps me stay on track and add things I really need and less impulse items!! Always an issue. I'd like to to visit resale places like Crossroads Trading more often to find more unique pieces and wear more vintage! Jewelry included. It's better for the earth too...



  1. Love those tops! 90! Has it rained at all lately? We are getting cold here - definitely sweater weather! I love those shoes!

    1. Wendy a smattering of rain. I heard you will be getting 30s this weekend!

  2. Such great items! I'm in love with those leopard t-strap flats and the burgundy swing tank! I've felt so uninspired lately and I know it's the hot weather. Bleh. And hey dear, I have a little bday present for you! Let's do coffee soon. Oh and link up today if you want! This is the perfect post!

    Dawn Lucy

    1. Thanks Dawn! Love to see you and will pop over to the link-up! xo

  3. I'm also sooo over the heat...

    You got great items! I want to add some burgundy to my wardrobe, too. And I love the T-strap shoes! I usually wear flats, and they are so much more interesting than regular flats...

    1. Andrea I agree! I'm loving more fun shoes right now! Let's hope we get some cool weather this weekend...

  4. I'm so ready for fall. I've had to buy a few things this season because nothing fits anymore :(. Burgundy is a huge favorite for me too. I'll pop over to see what BR has for me. Love your picks Kim.
    Happy weekend my friend. We will make lunch work soon!!

    1. Thanks Jennifer. I miss you and hope we can meet up.

  5. Hi Kim, I just purchased a few items from Banana in the last week...I was not aware that the designer from J Crew took over. Good to know!

    Loving your choices, especially the textured tunic. I might have to look into that...did you find it true to size? Some of their clothes run big on me! I tried on the D'Orsay flats in the camo but sadly they were not that comfortable on my toes. One of my favorite purchases was the pearl chain layer necklace. So fun!


    1. Linda, I love the textured tunic. great fit, not too tight, just loose enough to hang nicely over jeans, etc. It's true to size I think. Darn about the D'Orsays! I also had problems with my J Crew ones. Now I love them, but it took a bit to get used to them. I agree though they have to feel good on the toes, not cramped.. Just can't bear that! I'll check out that layer necklace! Thanks for the tip! xo Kim

  6. Loving all these finds! Especially the leopard flats! I might have to go check them out:)