Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Maxima Style -One Cool Queen and Inspiring Human

Like most Americans I have little knowledge of European royalty beyond Britain. However, I have taken note of Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, who has a fantastic sense of style and never fails to inspire with her unique and fun way with clothes and accessories. She is age 44 and only became queen in 2013, when her husband's mother, Queen Beatrix, decided to abdicate the throne to her eldest, Willem-Alexander. Maxima grew up in Argentina and was in finance before she met the King, who she thought was a regular guy when they first dated.


Things have turned out well and they now have three young girls and are terrific ambassadors for their small and happy country. The royal family is known as the House of Orange and Maxima takes any opportunity to wear orange and other bright colors she can. I love how she wears big earrings, statement necklaces, gloves, wonderful bags and hats of all kinds including turbans, giant feathers, flowers and even a butterfly clip if it floats her boat! Maxima always mixes colors beautifully and adds quirky accessories that make her outfits. She obviously loves clothes and it shows. 

Full Queen garb. Love her tiara and evening gown.

She's not just a pretty face either. As if being queen wasn't enough, she's the Secretary Generals Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance at the U.N.

She works on micro-loans and such for those who need it most in some of the poorest countries. Wonderful she finds the time to do this with all her other duties as queen. She is also an open supporter of gay rights and was one of the first royals to ever attend an LGBT conference, which she did in 2008.

 I love her casual style too.

She's a very modern queen and an inspiring person. Netherlands is fortunate to have her.

I think I'll dig out some of my big earrings and try to have more fun with clothes as she does. 

Have you been to the Netherlands? I was there two summers ago and fell in love with Amsterdam. I would like to go back and travel out to see more of the country. I wrote about my trip on this I Heart Amsterdam post. Read it if you want to know more about this charming nation and their cool culture of bikes and flowers.

Now quick everyone, find your big earrings... They are in again this fall!


photos via Pinterest


  1. Wow-Never even heard of her!! Makes me want to look good and try some new fashion! Love her smile! (and I have been trying to get that hair color all my life- She looks like a natural!! Thanks Kim Kathryn

    1. Kathryn,
      I love her natural style too. She just seems like someone who is fun and you would want to be friends with!!

  2. Love her style too Kim, especially when she wears all that colour. She's amazing, a big family and work for the UN too as well as all of the events she must attend. She accessorizes like no-one's business, you're right!
    Thanks for the inspiring posts with great pictures, okay I'll go find some statement earrings ;)

    1. Dani I love the colors especially on her! Okay I may do a post on vintage earrings which are in this season... xo

  3. I love her! And I love that you did a post on her style!


  4. Kim she is so stylish and has such panache! Love all of these images and would love to have her wardrobe along with all of her accessories!! Thanks for sharing!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Halloween Artistry!

  5. Hi Kim--What a fun and ROYAL post! I've been swamped with work but am so happy to be stopping by to say 'hello' and catch this style. I am aware of the Queen and her story but these images simply pop. I love her aesthetic of mixing up the neutrals with bold pops of color (orange of course). I also love that citron green--I have an MK dress that same shade. I'm so happy to have recently added a number of statement piece earrings (from Paris and beyond) to my Stylemindchic Boutique--just in time for bold statements of the season. Such a fabulous post, Kim!
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    xx, Heather

  6. I LOVE her style and I love that she looks like she hasn't had work done. She looks fabulous and dresses her age with a fun twist!!

  7. I haven't heard of Queen Maxima which is funny considering I am half Dutch. She is very stylish, I especially like the photo of her in the white dress and big hat!

    My mom always wanted to visit the Netherlands but sadly she never did in her lifetime. I hope to some day!


  8. SHE IS LOVELY........has different LOOKS in these photos........sometimes she looks YOUNG other times my AGE!The CLOTHES ARE OUTSTANDING!Especially that TURBAN!I did not know she was from ARGENTINA!!THATS A COUNTRY I KNOW I WOULD LOVE!How do you follow her?I get ROYALITY MAGAZINE..........should I pass on to YOU?!!!

  9. She makes perfect sense as Queen of the Netherlands because she certainly has that remarkable individuality and flair that I always see on the streets in Amsterdam (favorite city in the world).