Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sisters of Los Angeles - Golden State Fun

Happy Tuesday..I'm so excited it's October. Finally we may get some cooler weather and I cannot wait to wear pants and boots without passing out in the afternoon from heat. I feel like this has been a particularly long summer.  I cannot remember the last time I wore socks except for sports! The evenings have been getting cooler and I love that especially.

While I was in Palm Springs I picked up this little gem. I'm crazy for totes because I use them constantly here for shopping, schlepping things to x-country meets, travel and even storage. I try to collect cute ones when I can. Somehow, I am better at remembering to bring them into the grocery store when I have a cool one.

This Golden State is perfect for all us Californians, or wanna-be Californians and is made by Sisters of Los Angeles. I bought this at the Trina Turk boutique in the Parker. So far I cannot find a Bay Area retailer nearby...Just their site. Also totally adorable are the 'Aloha State,' Lone Star State,' Sunshine State' and 'Empire State' versions. I can think of a few girlfriends who might love one of these as a gift, no?

I think it's genius marketing on their part. They also carry makeup totes, sweatshirts, glasses and much more. This beach towel and glasses are there favorites of mine. Sisters carries merchandise with many California city themes  and other towns in the U.S. Link to their fun site here. If I find a local retailer, I'll share when I can.

Keep that California state of mind!



  1. I love these!! My totes could use a pick me up and these are certainly cheery. Yes! Loving this weather too.

  2. How great Kim! I love a really nice shopping tote and this is perfect for Californians!!

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    Artist Lee Bowers

  3. I love the green one but unfortunately it's not available in France.
    Have a great day.