Thursday, November 26, 2015

My Version of Black Friday II

I haven't done one of these style posts in a while, but I did a Black Friday version a year ago and I thought I'd revisit it. Black seems to be making a big comeback and as we decide to consume less, it also makes great sense. Black always looks chic and especially head to toe. I'm also charmed by the black that has been appearing in homes more and more. It looks fresh, chic and is glamorous paired with gold accents. I'm considering painting one of my walls in my dining room a charcoal black or maybe one of our baths...Here is some pics that will actually make you think black can be pretty...

And as for Black Friday I plan not to shop then. I hate the feeding frenzy of Black Friday and love that REI is closed to honor family time for it's employees and customers. I have already bought a few presents there as I want to support the kind of businesses who want to create a better working environment and a happier world. I know some people like shopping then, but how nice to instead take another day to enjoy being with your family and perhaps get outside together? Great idea I think. 

Carey Mulligan

Don't these look good? Coffee Crumble Cookies via Always With Butter blog. There are 50 more great Christmas cookies here at Huffington Post. I love trying a new holiday cookie each year to possibly add to my favorites.

 A darker take on the tree from

This mirror is one I'm considering ordering to go with a charcoal wall. It's on sale now at Neiman's.

Another super look on Kate Moss. Now I'm wondering do I need a grey coat?

Or a black one?


I'm crazy about the graphic black tiles in kitchens and baths popping up all over.

Maybe a long one like Amber Heard's long coat? I love this one at Nordstrom. I'm finding it difficult to find a longer coat style. They are so much more flattering than bulky shorter ones I think and warmer!

Carey Mulligan wears a lot of black and I love her style.

 My most favorite look right now is topping skinny pants or jeans with a man's sweater. I started doing this when I realized my husband's sweaters were still looking gorgeous after years of wear and mine were shreds. They feel great and have a relaxed fit. Now I steal his and also shop in the men's department for small or medium. If your very small J Crew carries men's XS which can be hard to find and this version of a cashmere cable knit is pretty nice.

Enjoy your Black Friday everyone...whatever you do!


Photos via Pinterest or as attributed when possible.


  1. Kim I love this post! Definitely best thing on the internet this morning, I woke up to inboxes clogged with Black Friday deals, even from Canadian retailers, and it wasn't even Thanksgiving here yesterday for pity's sake.
    Really love all of your images and I agree that black has an important place in the wardrobe when we buy fewer things. I was looking at our clothes for the ski season yesterday, we have a couple of items each that get worn over and over and guess what they are black...of course, last for ages and always look sharp. Enjoy your Friday with your family Kim XOX

    1. Dani, It's crazy all the push for shopping today so I pushed back! Not doing it.

      I am just rediscovering some black things that were in the back of the closet and you know they still look great. Skiing clothes absolutely are great in black. It's funny when you see people on the slopes in old colorful ski suits from the 80s. They never wear out so I think people are loathe to throw them out and why should they, but the black pants and jackets never look dated right? Have a good weekend Dani! xo

  2. Chic black bag :)
    Maria V.

    1. Thanks Maria.ARe you speaking of the two oversized clutches because I love those too. Not sure who Carey M's bag is by...

  3. Hi Kim, great post! I have been thinking of black a lot too and was already planning on doing a post similar to this but focused just on clothes. Re black/charcoal on walls, just make sure you do it in a room with a lot of light, my mother painted one of her bathrooms (without a window) a very dark forest green and it made the room look so tiny and dim that she eventually switched to a different color.

    I love the pic showing the black leather jacket with a red bag and red, white and blue scarf!

    Hope all is well with you and your family. Thanks for a stylish post the day after Thanksgiving! I put up pictures of the Tiffany & Co. holiday windows, swing by if you get a chance. Oh, and I'm not shopping today either (Black Friday). I'm doing laundry instead! xx

    1. HI Jill! You should do the black post. I'd love to see what you pick you have such a good eye. I know what you mean about the dark walls. I once painted a powder room Ralph Lauren's violin brown or something. Was terrible. The kids were small and refused to go to the bathroom in there! Lol. Anyhow, this would be in a brighter spot with white walls.

      I love that black leather jacket with the red bag too. The jacket has a cute blazer look and red is my favorite accent now. I have my eye on a red knit hat from J Crew which I think will be fun with black and dark olive for winter.

      I'm going to visit your blog and see the pretty windows without the crowds! Have a good weekend Jill! xo

  4. Hi KIm, I love black and would even like to paint my inside doors black. This color adds so much drama and sophistication to a home. In the winter I wear black plus all of the shades of gray almost exclusively! A pop of red here and there in accessories.

    I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and can relax this weekend!

    The Arts by Karena
    The India Hicks Holiday Collection

    1. Karena, I painted my front door black at my last house and it looked so good. It made the house stand out a bit more and wreaths and things looked great too. When I got to my current home the door was a deep blue so I left it, but I miss having a black door! I also think interior doors look great in black and French doors as well.

      I bet you look chic in all black and grey in winter. Love that and just a little red.
      Have a good weekend too! xx

  5. I'm not planning to give up black anytime soon! The shopping frenzy is insane. I won't be participating either. The mass commercialism really makes me feel ill. Have a calm, relazing day!

  6. Kim,

    Love this! I am soooo not into Black Friday. It was bad enough when we were kids, but when it started bleeding over into Thanksgiving, that's when I realized it had really gone too far. And like you, I try to support the businesses that refuse to be open on Thanksgiving (Nordstrom is one!) Anyway, not shopping today - just hanging out and doing pizza and movie night with the fam.

    Love the Neimans mirror! I've thought about ordering it too. Let me know if you get it and if you like it!


  7. Paint the Dining room and the bathroom!
    Then I'm coming down to INSPECT!
    It will be Stunning!
    Loved what Rei did and I too will shop there MORE.TJMaxx and HomeGoods followed their lead I heard!!!
    As for Men's sweaters on us That's s YES!!

  8. Hello my friend, hope you are well!
    Loving that black coat and can see it on you. We took to the hills on Black Friday, se nice to get away from shops, i loathe that word Thanksgetting, ghastly.
    After new year, let's meet up for glass of champers!

  9. I like black, too! And after seeing the home examples, I'm thinking about how I could pull it off...

  10. Loving all the black inspiration here, Kim! I adore charcoal with gold so I say "yes" to that mirror. This is such an easy but sophisticated way of dressing. I would never go out shopping on Black Friday but since I do own an online boutique I did offer my readers a special discount. Isn't it interesting to think that many businesses don't even make it into the 'black' until the day after Thanksgiving?
    Love the tip on wearing your husbands sweaters--so chic!
    xx, Heather