Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I Am Woman Still Rocks My World- Women's Equality Day!

It's National Women's Equality Day which marks the day the 19th amendment was finally ratified in 1920, giving women the vote. So much suffering was endured by so many women to get us this right. Today, actually more women vote than men do, but we still have a long way to go for equal representation in congress, the senate and the supreme court.  Women hold just 20-25% of elected offices in the United States.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Living Gracefully

Today was a memorial for my 93 year old neighbor Grace who embodied her name in so many ways. The service at Mission Santa Clara was a tribute to a woman who spent much of her life giving of herself. 

She was like another grandma to my kids and I. She knew all the children in our little court and  remembered their birthdays with little cards with checks and a sweet note. On Halloween each neighborhood child got a brand new $2 bill she ordered from the mint! I loved to chat with her when I caught her running out to lunches or meetings for her beloved Catala Club, Art Docents, or Red Hat Society or visiting her dear sister. We liked to deliver her little bouquets from our yard and Christmas cookies and she sent us the kindest note throughout the year. 

What amazed me about Grace like others of her generation, was her positive outlook and gracious way with people. Ladies of her times made an effort to show up, give of their time, make others feel good, and always had a kind word, despite personal struggles and adversity. They put their families and friends before themselves and worked tirelessly to do for others less fortunate. I am inspired by Grace who lived with many illnesses in her later years, yet soldiered on never missing a commitment and nary a complaint. When I think of people I admire most it's these women who lived through wars, depressions, illnesses, and family losses, yet always made the best of things.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Scone Home

It's back to the old grind for those of us with school kids. We are trying to ease back in slowly.   Reentry is always tough, but we have made it to Thursday and I even had the energy to get some fresh strawberry scones out this morning. We have a senior (can hardly believe it) and an 8th grader now. Wish I could slow time though.

 I'm not really a morning person, so I have to work against my natural inclination to make a cappuccino and sit like zombie with the newspaper. I don't like cooking in the morning. After zoning out for a bit, I usually start checking on my guys who always oversleep their alarms and yell they better hop in the shower quick! These scones are good for to grabbing on the way out the door which we already needed a few mornings this first week of classes.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

How To Raise An Adult: The Parenting Book We All Need

I just finished this book and I found a few weeks ago at my favorite bookstore Keplers. I couldn't wait to share it here and it's the perfect timing for it.

 It's back-to-school time and for so many kids and parents it's back to stress, strain and pressure that accompanies life in the overachieving Bay Area and many other parts of the country. Do you want to raise kids that will get into Stanford or kids that are happy? Most of us would say happy, but are we walking the walk? With a college entrance system that is horribly broken, high schoolers jumping in front of trains, and parents who spend their days cultivating perfect people, we need to all take a step back. Thankfully some reason and common sense has entered the fray in the form of this brilliant book:

Friday, August 7, 2015

Gone Camping or Glamping...Pinecrest Lake Resort

I've been away friends...doing the camping thing. Some might call it glamping as I got to sleep on a cot and there was a spot to buy fantastic latte's in the morning. Yay! That said it was still dirty. You should see the laundry, but it was worth the beauty and communing with nature.

Books were read and hammocks were chilled in.