Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Stuff about Stuff..Purging and Cleaning Out

This year my life has changed completely. My mom passed away early in the year and everything changed after that. My 98 year grandmother (dad's mom), who was living alone, fell just a few weeks later and had to be transitioned to a place with more care. A lot of this year has been helping dad clean out my grandmother's home filled with almost 100 years of possessions.

Losing my mom, helping grandma and dad, and turning 50 this year, has given me a different perspective on life. I'm seeing more clearly than ever, what really matters and what doesn't and how possesions can take over your life. 

We have spent so many hours, days, weekends cleaning and sorting through my grandma's things. Like most people of her age, she was greatly affected by the depression and learned not to waste a single thing. That translated to a lifetime of being smart with money, but also gave her a vice grip on just about everything she ever owned. Nothing was thrown out due to the fact it might one day be useable. While commendable and green in some part, living like that for 98 years can be close to hoarding.

My favorite hand colored photo of grandma in the 1930s.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Maxima Style -One Cool Queen and Inspiring Human

Like most Americans I have little knowledge of European royalty beyond Britain. However, I have taken note of Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, who has a fantastic sense of style and never fails to inspire with her unique and fun way with clothes and accessories. She is age 44 and only became queen in 2013, when her husband's mother, Queen Beatrix, decided to abdicate the throne to her eldest, Willem-Alexander. Maxima grew up in Argentina and was in finance before she met the King, who she thought was a regular guy when they first dated.


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall Shopping..

I know it's fall, but here in California it's summer still. Seriously, we are in the 90s again this week and it's too much. I have called it quits for the summer clothes and started looking for fall inspired things to wear.  I happened to run past Banana Republic in town and their windows just grabbed me. Burgundys, smoky neutrals and gold accents drew me in and I fell in love with all the autumn looks.

Banana seems to have a lot more modern shapes and styles since the designer from J Crew took over. Love the modern look! That said, some things need trying on as they may run big from their traditional sizes. The overall look is fresh.. Some of the best..

I love these Bridget T-strap shoes with edgy studs on the strap and would wear them with distressed jeans as well as dresses for fall.

This gold envelope clutch is a great size and I can see it becoming long time addition to the wardrobe for dressier evenings as well.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sisters of Los Angeles - Golden State Fun

Happy Tuesday..I'm so excited it's October. Finally we may get some cooler weather and I cannot wait to wear pants and boots without passing out in the afternoon from heat. I feel like this has been a particularly long summer.  I cannot remember the last time I wore socks except for sports! The evenings have been getting cooler and I love that especially.

While I was in Palm Springs I picked up this little gem. I'm crazy for totes because I use them constantly here for shopping, schlepping things to x-country meets, travel and even storage. I try to collect cute ones when I can. Somehow, I am better at remembering to bring them into the grocery store when I have a cool one.

This Golden State is perfect for all us Californians, or wanna-be Californians and is made by Sisters of Los Angeles. I bought this at the Trina Turk boutique in the Parker. So far I cannot find a Bay Area retailer nearby...Just their site. Also totally adorable are the 'Aloha State,' Lone Star State,' Sunshine State' and 'Empire State' versions. I can think of a few girlfriends who might love one of these as a gift, no?