Thursday, November 26, 2015

My Version of Black Friday II

I haven't done one of these style posts in a while, but I did a Black Friday version a year ago and I thought I'd revisit it. Black seems to be making a big comeback and as we decide to consume less, it also makes great sense. Black always looks chic and especially head to toe. I'm also charmed by the black that has been appearing in homes more and more. It looks fresh, chic and is glamorous paired with gold accents. I'm considering painting one of my walls in my dining room a charcoal black or maybe one of our baths...Here is some pics that will actually make you think black can be pretty...

And as for Black Friday I plan not to shop then. I hate the feeding frenzy of Black Friday and love that REI is closed to honor family time for it's employees and customers. I have already bought a few presents there as I want to support the kind of businesses who want to create a better working environment and a happier world. I know some people like shopping then, but how nice to instead take another day to enjoy being with your family and perhaps get outside together? Great idea I think. 

Carey Mulligan

Don't these look good? Coffee Crumble Cookies via Always With Butter blog. There are 50 more great Christmas cookies here at Huffington Post. I love trying a new holiday cookie each year to possibly add to my favorites.

 A darker take on the tree from

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Brooklyn- A Wonderful Escape

Hope you are all having a lovely fall weekend. I just had to share this trailer from the best movie I have seen in a long time. Brooklyn is a beautifully crafted story of a young women's move from Ireland to America to find work and a new life in the early 1950's. Saoirse Ronan is wonderfully cast in this part as is each character in this story.

Based on the book by Irish writer, Colm Toibin, it's about homesickness, family, love, growing up and finding your own life. Besides the terrific acting and story, it's cinematically gorgeous transporting you back to Brooklyn and Ireland in the 50's. I was charmed by the colors, coats and clothes from that era that they perfectly replicated here.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Thoughts on Paris and a San Francisco Overnighter

I almost didn't publish this post. I wrote this last week and was all set to share when the Paris tragedy struck. It's hard to share fun times when so many are suffering. Paris is dear to me and so many others who have had the luck to enjoy it's charms. Somehow, an attack on Paris feels like an attack on us all. I feel so useless to help, but after reading many others posts, I have concluded one thing, that we cannot let these people put terror in our hearts.

 I find Martin Luther King's 'Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that,' quote so comforting in times like this. Hate only begets more hate and it's what these people want. I just hope that out of this sad tragedy an even stronger bond with France, Europe, and the sane people of this world will form. Our love for our fellow man shows so much during these situations and it gives hope. We can and will eventually overcome these terrorists. We have to believe that. There's too many good people on this planet. We will win. It's all we have. In the meantime, I'm keeping all those in Paris in my heart.

So now some fluff..
Last week, I made a quick 24 hour escape up to San Francisco with two dear pals. It was a chance to get together before the holidays and check out some favorite spots in the city. Hitting some of the shops and gazing at the windows is always a treat even if it's a quick trip.

How fabulous is this? Wilkes Bashford is another SF institution. This dress! 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Meeting Tish Jett in Los Gatos.. and Secrets of A Femme D'Un Certain Age!

Last week there was a fun little event in my town of Los Gatos. The pretty home store Bianco hosted French blogger and author, Tish Jett. She was here on her only California stop to sign her book, Forever Chic.

As luck would have it my pals Elizabeth of The Vintage Contessa and Jennifer of A Well Styled Life, informed me this was happening...In my own town! I didn't have a clue. We met up for lunch as well as this was a bit of a trek for the Contessa who resides in Orinda and Jennifer who lives in the East Bay. We didn't know Lisa of Amid Privilege, and Susan of Une Femme D'un Certain Age, were going to be there too. Really fun to meet these lovely bloggers as well! Wish we had a photo of us all.

 The Contessa and Jennifer.