Thursday, January 21, 2016

Winter Skin Rescues and Other Gems

Just getting back from skiing and some very cold temperatures has made me think it's that time again to share some of my current beauty favorites- winter edition! Skiing is so fun, but with the dry cold air, helmets, scarves and goggles- yikes, who really looks good? Well some gals manage it yet I am always looking a bit more Bridget Jones than Lindsay Vonn.

Geez what's a woman to do about that? I've got a few goodies that I took with me on this trip and that I recommend for the cold and terribly dry weather we've been having this year. It really makes for scary skin and hair, especially for sensitive people like me who have rosacea. One day in the snow and wind makes my face fuchsia and then it cracks and peels.

This time I decided to take some preventative measures and it really helped and I have a few rescues if you do get red and chapped.

Here's my latest favorites to survive skiing and extremely cold temps...

First and foremost, have a gator  or scarf you can pull up over your face, like I do above or face mask. It really helps along with goggles on those very windy days.

I start with a great sunscreen that works for sensitive and break out prone people. Elta MD 46 is from my dermo and  and I cannot live without it. I wear it everyday all year and wear and extra heavy coat on ski days. I've written about it before. It feels wonderful and makes your skin look good, so good I can get away with just this and powder sometimes.

Another one of my favorites is called Le Weekend from Chanel. I was given a sample this Christmas when I bought Chanel fragrance and it's pretty darn great. You are directed to use it morning and night on the weekend to super hydrate the skin and give it a break from serums and other cremes. I was skeptical as I cannot use anything heavy, but it worked wonderful and helped make my face look well hydrated and not so much like a dried apple doll. I used this exclusively when it's cold and dry and take a break from retinoids and everything.

I'm also in love with a wonderful cleanser my friend Kim turned me onto Sanitas Milk and Honey Cleanser. I found it at Pharmaca in our town, but you can also get it at the Dermostore and Whole Foods. This cleanser feels and smells so luxe and it really leaves my skin soft as a baby, and removes makeup well too. Perfect for winter.

Weleda Baby Calendula Face Cream is my face rescue when I come back and I'm looking super wind burnt and red. When my face cannot tolerate anything else and feels on fire, I can pat this all over and it soothes as well as heals. I miraculously wake up less red and looking somewhat normal. This was developed for the gentlest baby skin and feels like it. I used this on my boys when they were small and their faces were dry in summer too. My youngest still loves it.

I don't really like to wear much makeup when skiing as it just looks silly, but I do like a little mascara on my non-existent lashes. Problem is my eyes water when I'm skiing and I basically end up with nothing on.  I was given a sample of Chanel Nourishing Mascara Base right before this trip and wow what a difference. Through it all my mascara stayed on and looked good - even at the very end of the day it was as fresh looking as the morning. I am now a convert to wearing a base as it makes putting mascara on a lot quicker. This particular one can be used as a mask at night for the lashes too. It's supposed to help strengthen and soften and I see a difference. I am using Chanel's Le Volume Mascara with it and love it.

Another fluke discovery I have to share is a Canadian creme called Hand Chemistry. I found it at CVS and I thought I'd give it a shot. I will try anything as my hands are like Tales From the Crypt! I was just hoping it would help my painfully dry hands, but it's exceeded all expectations. It has patented mushroom and copper peptide ingredients and they have worked miracles. My hands look lighter, smoother and feel soft. It may be tricky to find as it's a Canadian thing so I've linked to the Amazon seller for it here if you have trouble.

One thing I often forget when traveling to dry, cold climates is my hair. It's fine and skiing makes it bind into a rat's nest in back -which is really attractive.  Right before I left I grabbed a small travel bottle of Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Conditioner and used it the second night I was there. My crazy hair looked smooth and did not get scary though I had a helmet and scarf and wind to deal with. This is a heavy conditioner so I recommend occasional use unless you have heavy thick hair or as a once a week treatment. I never had such good hair day on the slopes though.

Not so much a beauty product, but an essential for cold...My husband brought me Falke Cashmere Blend Bedsocks from Neiman's this Christmas. What a treat as I wouldn't normally splurge for such, but now I am now spoiled for regular socks. These are cute and the perfect length to sleep in (hence the name) and also to wear under Uggs and such. They are soft, but have enough wool in them to hold the sock from slipping off to the bottom of the foot or your bed, as full cashmere would. They are made in Germany and a find. Your tootsies will be cozy.

Hope this helps you all survive some of the extreme temps this winter. I hear more is to come.  Any other winter essentials you love or tips are welcomed so share below if you can, especially those of you in cold climes.

Stay warm!


Jacket above is my new Helle Hansen soft shell parka. Love it for skiing and the rain we have been having.

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  1. I'm going to look fir that hand cream! I used to be cold, but thank to menopause, I can be hot in Almaty anything now! The socks would be the end of me! 😂

    1. Wendy I was wondering if the hand creme is something everyone already knows about there.. Funny about the socks. I know some nights they would be too hot for bed for me.

  2. I love Weleda everything. YOu know what i rediscovered is a hot water bottle and it truly works and see how people used to survive in this country. and ear muffs and gloves...x

    1. Naomi me too. The Skin Food is something that also works miracles on hands. You know I forget about the hot water bottle. Seems like our grandma's era, but I bet it works. I wear gloves all over and the ones with the magnetic finger so you can text or answer the phone a such a great idea. Ear muffs are another thing I could use. When I walk here I get pain in the ear if it's too cold. Thankfully, the helmet worked wonders for keeping them warm skiing. xx

  3. So happy to see you join the link up! Beauty posts are always welcome, Dear! We all have our skin issues, but yours always looks amazing. Mine has been oily and I'm breaking out like a teenager. Menopause hormones? IDK!

    Dawn Lucy

  4. Your trip looked gorgeous. As do you my friend. I also love Weleda. They're products are so creamy and luxurious. I'll have a peek for this Canadian one, you have me intrigued. Have a fabulous weekend!

  5. That first pick is super cute of you, Kim! I love it! I always appreciate hearing about new finds-especially for dry winter skin. You have some had some excellent suggestions. Glad to hear they kept you feeling comfy even in the harsh cold weather. Lucky you, your husband was very thoughtful with the luxe socks!
    Happy Monday!
    xx, Heather

  6. As the lucky person who has had lunch with you, you have the most translucent skin ever!.
    I also use that oil and love it. My hair is like a horse tail though, so dry. I treat it badly with Brazilian straightening treatment so it laps up the oil.
    Love your Jacket!! Have been thinking about actioning a new outfit, I'm due one, and I've heard that brand is great
    XX Jody

  7. Hi Kim, you look great! I love all of the wintry weather tips
    Planning to try several of the products you recommend!(my eyelashes are almost non-existent!)!

    The Arts by Karena