Sunday, February 28, 2016

Oscars Red Carpet Chat 2016

I wasn't so excited about this year's Oscars. First there was all the controversy about not enough diverse nominees and also the good films were few and far between last year. There were some standouts, but nothing I swooned over except Brooklyn. My other top movies were Spotlight, Bridge of Spies and The Big Short. I was glad Spotlight won though.

The show itself was trying hard -almost too hard to fix the diversity issue. Chris Rock did his best. It's a hard thing to fix though. I wonder how much can change by next year? The roles need to be available to have more diverse actors. When you really think about it - how many films are all white actors? Too many. Moviemakers are predominately white and so is the academy.  That has to change before the nominees will. I hope we are going in that direction.

 Also powerful last night though was Lady Gaga's moving performance of, 'Til it Happens to You,'  a song about survivors of rape and was joined on stage by real survivors of sexual assault. Everyone was in tears after. Lady Gaga seems so humble and is massively talented. I like this girl more and more.

The actress awards went to the young ones last night and Best Supporting Actress Alicia Vikander looked lovely in yellow Louis Vuitton.

The Best Actress award went to Brie Larson.

 Not sure I was crazy for her dress or belt. 

It was remarkable how much these two women look alike. They even seemed to have the same hair.

My favorite looks of the night...

Star War's Daisy Ridley in a divine Chanel.

Loved Robin Robert's gown. No idea who made it, but she always has great style.

 Got to add charming Sly Stallone here with his wife Jennifer. I thought he was going to win!

Julianne Moore's Chanel dress was wonderful. This photo can't show how beautiful it is.

 Gaga's white outfit was made by her friend Brandon Maxwell. I loved this. 

Jennifer Jason-Leigh in Marchesa


Charlotte Rampling looked so chic. This dress had a beautiful trim and she had gorgeous red earrings.

 Louise Roe in Christian Siriano.

 Margot Robbie in gold.

Priyanka Chopra in Zubair Murad.

 Saoirse Ronan in Calvin Klien. I just adored her in Brooklyn. That movie deserved more awards.

 Rooney Mara in gorgeous Givenchy.

Both Charlize and J Law were in Dior.

 Jennifer's hair and makeup were perfect.

 Cate Blanchett in an exquisite Armani.

Rachel McAdams in August Getty. Fantastic color.

Pregnant Krissy Teigan in Marchese and Emily Blunt, also expecting in Prada.

 Giuliana Rancic cut a softer look in this lovely dress.

Olivia Munn is fresh in this Stella McCartney frock. Love orange!

Other looks to ponder...

Kerry Washington in Versace. Hair and makeup were beautiful. Just not sure I dig the dress.

Jennifer is newly single and this looks a bit staid. I'd like to see her hair down and something younger and slinkier, no? Damn Ben Affleck.

This Andrew Gn dress wore Amy Poehler I think.  It's a work of art, but a little mumsey.

Even Ralph Lauren can make mistakes and this material made me think of trash bags! Kate Winslet deserved better.

This Valentino worn by Olivia Wilde was unflattering.

Heidi Klum tried to show less skin this year, but not sure what this is. One side says award show the other mother-of-the-bride!

So what did you think of the show and the dresses? Let's chat!


photos via Pinterst 


  1. I'm so glad you did this post this years Oscars was quite disappointing there was no real standout but many dresses I didn't like I love the pop of yellow and while there was debate on the balloon hem it was an ode to ungaro. But I hate halterneck dress is so none of them pass the test I find them on unflattering in 99% of women if I'm being frank Kate Blanchett dress was very pretty albeit not normal Armani. I'm typing this with Siri so hope it makes sense hehe xx

    1. Naomi yes no one standout. I love Ungaro and that hem did remind me of the 80s, but it was different. Too many women looked the same in the strapless and with a bun or ling hair dow- yawn. Halter neck is tricky to wear I agree. xo

  2. Can't believe you put a post together of this size so fast. You must've been working on it during the Oscar telecast ha ha! I thought Chris Rock did a pretty good job but I'm with you, going on (and on and on) about the diversity issue got old after awhile. The Academy is a unique institution and will be slow to change because of the way it is structured. I think it's outrageous to think an actor or actress should be nominated from now on because of the color of their skin. Plenty of great actors never won an Oscar in their lifetimes--Montgomery Clift, Richard Burton, Lauren Bacall, and Marilyn Monroe immediately come to mind! It will be interesting to see what happens in the future with the Academy. x

    1. Jill yes worked away. I know what you are saying. We want people nominated for their work and I am sure that is what people of color want too. So when they promise next year will be more diverse-how can they? Will they then say 50% have to be of color? The fact is there will be people left out each year who should have been nominated- black, white and other colors. I always am sad people are left out every year, but that is awards. The best solution will be have more people working in film and television of color hopefully.

  3. I was very underwhelmed watching the Oscars last night, I saw so few frocks I actually liked. Kate Winslet's dress was truly terrible. Julianne Moore won I thought for absolutely best dress of the night. Cate Blanchett, I usually love everything she wears but not that dress, the colour and the poofy flowers, It didn't look like her style at all.
    Very happy Spotlight won best picture though, excellent film!
    Thanks Kim this was a fun post XO

    1. Dani, I agree totally and I do think Julianne Moore's was gorgeous. It had to be seen on camera. Nothing black photographs well! Yes what happened with Kate?? Yikes. Well glad Spotlight won too. Thanks for giving The Frock Philosophy take Dani! xx

  4. Love all your pics except that Charlotte Rampling number. To me it looked more like a dish towel. I was glad to read your pics. I changed the channel because I was so bored. I agree Chris Rock did his best to make light of the diversity issue but it was discussed so much that it killed it for me.

    1. Cindy I guess I like the pockets and the Chanel line of Charlotte's dress. Now that you say dish towel I see it a different way! I agree the show was pretty dull, not funny and even the Girl Scout Cookie thing was irritating. The show had some poor taste jokes too which were offensive to Asians so what about diversity? It was a mess I thought.

  5. I totally agree that Julianne Moore's dress looked much better on the red carpet than in photos. Heidi Klum was a disaster. And so glad I'm not the only one who didn't like Kerry Washington's dress!

    Always fun to read your round up, Dear.

    Dawn Lucy

    1. Dawn agree! Kerry Washington always seems to be so chic, but this was not so great. Did you have a favorite?

  6. IT was OVERDONE the DIVERSITY issue. it went on too long........heck the PRESIDENT of the ACADEMY IS BLACK!CHRIS was FUNNY.............have to admit.I thought the best dress was CATE and ALICIA came in second. I did not care for LADY GAGA in the pant ensemble as it made her LOOK BIG!I have not seen any of these films so who am I to judge..............but that MAD MAX winning SO MUCH made me sick.REALLY, is that what entertainment is all about..............?

    1. Yep I pretty much thought it was overdone too and it wasn't effective that way. Lady Gaga looked good on the show, but agree the pantsuit just didn't photograph well and looked big. I was also shocked Mad Max won so much! What about the beautiful Brooklyn? Now that's a film you Contessa would love. xo

  7. Hi Kim,

    I pretty much agree with the comments here about Chris Rock. If he wanted to spend a couple minutes in the beginning talking about this issue, fine. But it ended up overshadowing the whole program. Honestly, I think Jada Pinkett Smith was just annoyed that Will didn't get nominated so she turned it into a race thing. I could be wrong though. And hmmm...they had a black person hosting the Oscars.

    As far as dresses go, I loved Charlize and Saoirse, but Robin Roberts knocked it out of the park. She has an amazing figure!


  8. Kim,

    I just did my Oscar post today, before I read yours! You will have to go read mine now and see how we differ in our opinions of dresses, haha! (though we both loved Lady Gaga and Cate!) I was very disappointed in the show in general, it was boring! And as I mentioned in my post, there were no stars. Where was everyone? I felt like it was missing some major star wattage!! And the dresses were as "meh" as the show. Not a great year, except that I did think it was a strong movie year. Spotlight was my favorite movie of the year and was glad it won! I also loved The Big Short, The Revenant, Brooklyn, Carol, and The Martian. Never saw Mad Max so can't really comment on that!!


  9. Oh, and Heidi Klum looks ridiculous!