Thursday, March 17, 2016

Anthropologie's Pretty Spring Dresses Midi to Maxis

Yesterday I had a chance to grab dinner with a dear friend at San Jose's Santana Row and afterwards we wandered over to Anthropologie to see what was new. Sometimes you just love everything a store is carrying at a moment and this was one of them. Anthropologie has always been strong in it's romantic looking clothes and the spring dress selection is especially fetching. I'm not the biggest maxi wearer, but I know a lot of my girlfriends like the ease of them and I'm starting to as well. You can relax and feel pretty in these, no perfect legs or tan needed.

Here are some of the best maxis and midis from Anthro's site.

This Botanique Maxi is just lovely.

 I like the flowy look of this Soho Maxi and the print.

The sweater top gives a casual feel to this Sandstone Maxi by Moth.

This pink Sakura Maxi is a little pricier, but so pretty for a special event.

So is this silk gown by Tracey Reese. I love silk and there is something about silk dresses that makes them supremely flattering. They feel amazing and drape perfectly. This color is gorgeous too.

 I also included some midi dresses which are getting more popular for everyday. I'd add a cool block heeled suede sandals and a chunky pendant necklace as shown here.

 I'm trying to wear more dresses. I just have to get out of my jean habit. As a Californian, it's practically our uniform, but these dresses make getting dressed easy and you look so much more polished.
I love the Grazia dress! 

 This Rainforest Dress is another silk beauty with a pretty print and longer back.

The Deryn Midi has the nicest silhouette and looks easy for travel. I'd layer a long sleeve sweater or jacket over it for cooler days.

This is Olea Swing dress, another by Tracey Reese, is also silk, adorable and would look good on so many women. I wish I had this for my Hawaii getaway. 

(By the way I'm still working on the second part of that post..It's coming!)

Lastly, I had to add this Camelia Swing Dress with pockets. Love pockets! It's not really a midi, but so fun.

On another note, I just discovered this book, Bright Lights Paris. It's a super little read with a guide to each unique neighborhood of Paris- how the women dress in that area, where they shop, eat, and what they do for entertainment. It's one of the best Paris guides I've seen in a while combining travel and some style and food as well.

On the topic of Paris...

Today Heather of StyleMindChic is planning a Paris trip and has links to some fabulous Paris vacation rentals on her blog. If you are planning a trip, there's some beautiful places to consider or at least dream about! 

Mary Ann of Classic Casual Home just returned from Paris, and is sharing her favorite home stores on her blog right now. She once lived there and has a great collection of shops to seek out.



  1. Anthropologie is such a pretty store! I love visiting it!

    And the above dresses are beautiful! I'm also trying to wear more dresses - great options!

  2. I really like maxi dresses and i have a few to wear when i go away. but there isn't really much need for them here unfortunately! It's funny how Paris is only a train ride away but maybe bc of that I don't feel the need to go. But I will pop over to Heather's now! xx

    1. Naomi I guess they might be better for a holiday than London, though I did see some gals sporting them in the summer there. They do seem more of a California item. xo

  3. I just wish my legs weren't so white for dresses!!! Need to break out the self tanner. Anyway, thanks so much for linking to my Paris shopping post. You know what? I was surprised to see a small Anthropologie clothing section at the Printemps department store...American style in Paris.

    1. Mary Ann, I have the same issue, even after self-tanner! That's interesting they had Anthro in Printemps. Love that store and the Soldes (sales!) in June when I have been there. I got an Miu Miu handbag there for a song.

  4. Happy Friday, Kim! How sweet of you to link to my post on the Parisian Apartments. It's so much fun to explore Paris-even virtually. This book sounds like a fantastic read. I'll definitely be putting this on my list for pre-reading before Paris. Love the frocks you've chosen here. That Tracy Reese--such style!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Kim!

  5. Pretty picks and you know I LOVE a maxi!

    Thanks so much for sharing with Fun Fashion Friday & have a great weekend!

    Dawn Lucy

  6. So many pretty things in this post Kim! First of all, your Anthro picks are super. I was just reading an article about how their brand is struggling with women's dresses, or was last quarter, but it looks like they've picked up their socks pronto and have put out a selection of gorgeous offerings. They've always been known for lots of romantic dresses in interesting prints, but these are gorgeous.
    Know what you mean about relying on denim as uniform, I was in a rut wearing my ski clothes too often so I'm back to wearing dresses every day, I feel much better.
    These dresses and California just seem to go together!
    Ahhh, Paris, we haven't been since 2012, way too long. I'll look up this book because it sounds like just the travel book I want to read right now.
    Thanks for the links too, can't wait to check them out, have a great weekend Doll XOX

    1. Dani, I do think they have changed it up this season, Great selection right now! I could see wearing the ski outfit, especially in Canada. When I got back this season from the snow I lived in my leggings and ski sweater too! I'm dreaming of a Paris trip myself. xoxo

  7. Well, I nearly fell of my chair when i got the ANTHRO catalog two weeks ago!I ORDERED the last SWING with pockets in the pink that you pictured here as I LOVED the STYLE!I have to say I was VERY disappointed as it is made of RAYON and once you wash that one or two times it will look like RAYON!SO, I took it back.............NOW If they would make it in a better fabric say LINEN I would have ALL colors as that is MY STYLE!!!!!!
    PARIS.................OH PARIS..........YES It is time to visit AGAIN!

    1. Contessa too bad about the swing dress. I see now the online reviews were the mixed. Hate rayon for the washing. Things never seem to come out the same again! Someone needs to make that style in a proper fabric like linen or silk or maybe a quality cotton linen blend. Thanks for filling us in on that dress. xo

  8. Yesterday when I was in Carmel Plaza, there were two lovely young women both at different times poising in some of the spring dresses from Anthro. A couple of which you have on your site - trust me, in person they're even more beautiful. I was in a tad bit of hurry, but after reading your blog today, I'm going back today! Thanks for showing off these creations - Spring is here for sure (even in Carmel with our summer fog)! MMR

    1. Margaret, Love shopping in Carmel Plaza Anthro! They seem to have so much there! I'm glad to hear they are as beautiful in person. Enjoy the weather. Seems spring is here today! Thanks for reading too.

  9. I have admired that first one! If I were younger I would snap that one up in a flaxh!!

  10. I LOVE this post Kim (and Santana Row) and the dresses and tops you picked are perfect for Spring. One of my faves is the sweater top, it would look so cute with jeans too.