Thursday, April 14, 2016

White Jeans for the Transitional Wardrobe

I kind of love this time of year. One day it's cloudy and drizzly, and the next sunny and beautiful. I try to grab a few minutes outside and soak in some vitamin D when it's warm. The next day it's chilly and I'm by the fire with tea and a big sweater knowing the cool days are numbered.

The only wardrobe item that works consistently this time of year is white jeans. They are springlike, yet still warm. They feel fresher than blue jeans right now, which I'm about done with.  Aerin Lauder's  look above is exactly how I want to dress. I love her off-handed style and the addition of the wintery leather jacket here. Another great look is a big sweater in a light beige or a heathered grey tone with white jeans. It's all about adding a winter staple with the jeans to make it transcend the seasons.

White jeans, as a rule, do not look great super tight on most people. With the skinny jean trend still hanging on, it can be difficult to find a pair that flatters. You want your white jeans to fit, but not grab the thighs. The best look can be found with a thicker material jean, so look for pairs without super thin fabric. I prefer mine straight legged and barely clinging to the leg. I often buy them a size up. Full length or right above the ankle is the most flattering.

I like all the ways these white jeans are styled here, mainly with solids like camel, navy and black. White jeans should be a wardrobe staple and classic you can keep in rotation once you find the right pair. The French wear them all year and they can look especially great with flat sandals and a stylish sneaker or even an ankle boot.

My favorite pair I own are these Paige Verdugo white jeans. The fit is slim, but not tight and I bought a size up. They are ankle length, but at 5'4 they are full-length for me. I also love Frame denim which fits like a dream and this white Frame version is classic, not too skinny and is again longer than shown. I'm also eyeing this pair by Goldsign, and these relaxed Kick jeans by Current/Elliott with raw cuffs, which is more trendy, but cute!


Images via Pinterest


  1. Love this post Kim and you're so right about white jeans and how they're perfect this time of year because they're still warm on cool spring days. Also, you're so right about getting a thicker pair because white skinny jeans can be so unflattering if it's not the right thickness. I think it's best to try them on in stores rather than shopping online too. Now I want to wear some white jeans this weekend. :)


    1. Dale, I agree like swimwear it's often best to try on. It can be tough ordering online as the fit is everything with these! I know I've taken out my white jeans and got them all fresh. I own two pairs, but might get another as they get dirty so easily. xo

  2. Kim I love this, white jeans: when they're good they're SO good. One of my best friends has a closet full of white jeans, she wears them with Tory Burch tunics or striped shirts. She always looks fabulous. She has three dogs so she has lots of fresh pairs ready for a quick change. When we go for lunch she wears them with a heeled strappy sandal, and she throws on sneakers for walks and errands.
    Love the images you found too. Hope you're well and the boys too. XOX

    1. Dani, Your friend sounds stylish. Love the striped shirts with a white jean! Thanks so much Dani xxxoo

  3. I love all the looks in this post, Kim! White jeans done right look fabulous!

  4. What a fun post about one of my favorite wardrobe staples! I love white jeans and pretty much wear them March through October- I probably wear them too much. Really enjoyed all of the style ideas and my favorite pair are the Current/Elliott with the fringe bottom. I need one more pair so thanks for doing some research and putting this great list together.....I think I have found a new pair. :-)