Saturday, July 30, 2016

Five Favorites From the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Another lifetime ago, I worked at Nordstrom. It began as a college job and was lucrative enough that I kept it a few years after graduating. Nordstrom was a wonderful company to begin working for and I have only good memories of how well I was paid and the Nordstrom family who believed in treating customers and employees very well. As a young person their values really stuck with me. We worked hard, but they also believed in excellent compensation and more holidays than any other retailer had. 

Back in those days one of the most exciting times was when the Anniversary Sale came. It was the brainchild of the Nordstroms to counteract what used to be the very dead mid-summer. They asked their best vendors to come up with special pre-fall items priced lower just for a few weeks, exclusively for them. They eventually did the same with the beauty companies. It worked wonderfully as people came from all over to get to this once a year exclusive sale. I remember customers even flying in from Texas just for the sale! The sale has been copied by many other retailers, but still no one does it like Nordys. I eventually moved on to a job in advertising, but never forgot what I learned working for the Nordstroms (yes we did get to meet the family and often), and I also never miss a chance to check out the Anniversary Sale either.

My past week was crazy as we had college orientation for my oldest, but I got over to Nordstrom at Stanford (my favorite location) today and did some investigative shopping just for you all! There's so much to choose from, but I thought I'd share a few things that might be a good addition to the wardrobe, and not so trendy. The thing is, this sale is a good place to get a nicer item you might not normally spring for. In the past I've bought a Burberry trench, good boots and many nice bags as well as stocked up on my favorite bras and beauty items.

Some of the goodies I saw today...
Love this big ALLSAINTS tote. It's very lightweight and has the prettiest leather and can be worn snapped closed or open. For me this is a great everyday bag as I like to carry purchases and bottles of water along with my usual stuff. I also like the size of the strap which will easily fit on a shoulder when winter comes and we are wearing coats and bulkier items. Some of the hobos just don't have enough clearance for a coat and that makes me nuts.
There are a zillion cute booties and shoes at this sale. I was looking for something I'd wear a lot and would be new to my closet. I immediately liked these Reyanne shoes by Sam Edelman with their studs on the heel. A good selection of colors, but I love this berry color as a nice pop with fall neutrals and jeans. I have so many black and taupe winter shoes and sometimes it's nice to have a little color. Best thing about these shoes are they are very comfortable! They feel well made. I test drove them!

Who doesn't need another pair of black leggings especially nice ones? I love the quality of Zella, Nordstrom's house brand leggings and also their tennis skirts. Their 'Live-in Leggings' are full-length, high-waisted and great for working out, or just running about with a long sweater. These don't creep down and feel secure and comfy. A good buy you'll be glad to have in the closet come cooler weather. The cropped ones with a sheer back calf are also cute.

This Current/Elliott Military Jacket is a good transitional piece into fall and is a stylish closet staple you can wear for many years. Love the quality of this brand and the details on this jacket as well as the color. I can see it with a cream sweater as well as a burgundy scarf or black jeans.

Lastly,  I love these Kendra Scott Elle Earrings! I have these and the stones ( a bit more neutral in real life, less peachy), seem to pick up any color you wear them with. They aren't too big, but add a little sparkle to a day or night look. I have the gold, but they are also in silver and a cool gunmetal. The Kendra Scott long tassel necklaces are my favorites and my go to daytime accessory. Those were not on the sale, but are a nice wardrobe addition.

Have you found any great pieces at this sale you want to share? I know many friends stock up on jeans for fall and always boots as well as the terrific beauty buys. All these pieces go back to full price on August 8th!



  1. I have NEVER SHOPPED the ANNIVERSARY SALE!I just was TURNED OFF By FALL being offered in the middle of SUMMER...............NEVER felt the NEED to have it SO SOON as the SALES come soon enough.I think I AM THE ONLY ONE who hasNOT SHOPPED this SALE!As you know I even WORKED for the COMPANY as well.............I have fond memories of working there TOO!XX

    1. Elizabeth I had forgotten you worked there which one? I worked at Stanford (Palo Alto) and Oakridge, which was a beautiful store that no longer exists. They took out the marble floors and turned it into a Sears! can you imagine? What a sad day that was... xo

  2. So many bloggers have been writing about the anniversary sale, but yours was the best post by far! I love that you gave the history of the sale, and shared what you got from working for Nordstrom. My very first pair of shoes came from Nordstrom, a loooong time ago. Back in the day, they gave you a stuffed Nordy doll when you got your first pair of shoes. I don't think they do that anymore, but maybe they give a balloon now?
    Anyways, it is a great sale and just wanted to share that i loved your story!

    1. Jessica, Thanks so much for the nice note! I love the story of the doll! I had never heard that they did that. Maybe it was before I worked there, but it so sounds like them. I know they still give balloons. I always took my boys there to get shoes when they were small as they made sure they were going to not be too tight and last at least a season! Plus they liked the balloons and lunch with grandma who usually went along...
      I love the little memories of things like that. Nordstrom is so good at those little details.

  3. Love that tan handbag!! I will buy anything tan! I have a Kendra necklace and they are a good price and you end up wearing them loads. have you're having a lovely summer!

  4. Kim, I bought some booties and those exact same Kendra Scott earrings! :) I love her jewelry, I have another pair of earrings and a necklace. The tassel necklace is next on my list! Isn't it gorgeous?

    Years ago in my 20's my girlfriend and I used to call in sick every year just to go to the Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale. One year the receptionist at my work knew I was playing hooky and when I came back to work the next day the first thing she said was "I saw you on the news last night at the Nordstrom sale". I was sure I was going to be busted...luckily she was just kidding.


  5. So many stylish pieces, Kim! I always love your selections. I'm sorry to hear that our blogger get together in Salinas was postponed (poor Mary Ann) but I do hope to see you again soon! Now that I'm retired I have some blissful freedom to my schedule. Thanks for this great post. It's so interesting to hear of your history with the Nordstrom's brand and family. I'm carrying similar pieces in my boutique so I tend to 'shop at home' first but I do love seeing your stylish choices. Hope to catch up soon, girlfriend!
    xx, Heather