Monday, July 11, 2016

Wimbledon Chat 2016 and Fashions from The Royal Box

It's that time again tennis loving friends, grab your Pimm's Cup and let's chat about all things Wimbledon.

 I was thrilled to bits to see Andy Murray win and wow was he in top form. He so deserved it. Murray made virtually no mistakes in the final and there was almost nothing he couldn't return against the powerful Raonic, including a 146 mile and hour serve.

Andy is one of the most under-rated players and does not depend on his serve, but likes to hack away out there. He is so humble and normal you can't help but root for him. I'd like to see him get to world number one some day and it looks as if he's really on track to get there.

I think we may be on the cusp of a major shakeup in the hierarchy of tennis. Federer may be on his last years or so to win another after dominating for so long. I'm not sure if that's the case with Serena, who seems still so strong. Hers is a game that is overwhelmingly powered by her serve, strength and stamina.

Yet, Serena had yet to win a Grand Slam tournament this year after winning last years's Wimbledon. This was her 22nd Grand Slam win. Women however, have shown they can hang in for longer time than most men in tennis as in the case of Navratilova (with nine Wimbledon wins), Steffi Graff, Chris Evert and others.

I love seeing the finesse of those who are still playing the net and mixing it up. Roger certainly has been playing the net more this year and it worked for him after a tough year with knee surgery and a few other health issues. However Milos Raonic beat Federer in a match that might have gone either way. Raonic is clearly one to watch and looks so strong and fresh with a great net game and is not a serve monster like so many players are now.

Sam Querrey was a delight to watch in his surprising win over Djokovic. It was great to see this 6'6 Californian moving up. I look forward to seeing more of him and more of the players on the lower ranks.

It must be amazing to have your sibling also be a champion. 

 Serena and sister Venus won the ladies' doubles title and I was glad to see Venus herself do so well this year. She almost made it to the finals, but might have been tired as she was playing doubles and mixed doubles as well and still battles an auto-immune disorder that tires her. Still with all that, Venus rocks as one of only three women who have ever gotten to the women's semi-finals over age of 35, the other being Martina Navratilova and Billie Jean King.

Lest she be overshadowed by her little sister, remember Venus was instrumental in getting women equal pay here at Wimbledon. What many don't know is that is was slightly raised, but not to the same level as the men's. Then in 2007, Venus wrote an op-ed piece in The London Times saying that there really is a glass ceiling and Wimbledon was perpetuating it. That prompted Tony Blair to agree and call for changes. Soon, Wimbledon folded and the history of unequal pay between men and women players was over. Venus deserves so much more respect than she gets. She's an asset to the whole game of tennis and an exceptionally gracious lady.

I was excited to see the Angie Kerber and Serena match up. I've seen the German Kerber play and she's got an amazing game. I'm sure we will be seeing more and more of her.

The Cinderella story this year was that of Englishman Marcus Willis.  This guy was ranked number 772 in the world and by luck got into the tournament by a player's rank getting changed and someone pulling out. Marcus, who only made 220 pounds in tennis earnings last year, came out swinging and did well enough that he ended up playing Federer! 

Marcus had a reputation of eating Snickers and other crud and was in poor shape, but lost pounds, trained hard and gave the Swiss champ a serious run for his money. Read more about him in this article! What really makes sports so magical is that dreams can come true even for the most unlikely of us sometimes. I loved this.

There were some terrific matches and it was one of the more interesting and entertaining years of tennis at Wimbledon.

You know I couldn't end this without some fashions from the Royal Box and around the tournament! Wimbledon is getting to be a more popular with celebs it seems.  Kate, The Duchess and her sister Pippa, are avid tennis fans.

Loved this dress on Kate.I think it was McQueen. Will looks pretty nice too.

This pretty yellow number was apparently recycled from their trip to Sydney, but is perfect for tennis and perfect with the addition of the white bag.

Pippa looked cute as she always does. 

Prints and florals seem a popular choice at the tournament and they probably look fresher after one sits so long, show less creases and are more forgiving.

I adore florals and thought Kim Murray's choices were my favorites.

One day she had new baby girl Sophia, born in February in tow.

It doesn't hurt she has great hair and seems to look good in anything.

 The white bag she's carried for the past few years is by Aspinal, a British brand and is a tech tote with a charger and can hold an iPad as well. Cute and functional. I could only find it at Selfridges in two-tone leather here, but Aspinal has a lot of smart as well as cute bags.

I think I need a few more floral dresses and a white tote! 

 Beyonce was in Serena' box Saturday, but I wasn't sure about her blouse.

Rosamund Pike's dress was cute and almost tennis themed with the addition of the white flat.

I thought Chiwetel Ejiofor looked dapper in his suit and vest. His girlfriend's pink was pretty too.

Benedict Cumberbatch and wife Sophie Hunter also looked sharp.

Gosh those British men in their bespoke suits! They really make the other guys look a bit sloppy.

Well Andy's looking very American here I guess. Cool Muhammad Ali shirt though!

Any other Wimbledon fanatics out there? What were your favorite moments of this year's tournament? 

Someday I'm going to go and I don't care if I'm watching from the hill. I'm thoroughly charmed by this wonderful tradition that the Brits have kept unique with manners, things like strawberries and cream and mandatory tennis whites. It's one of the things they do best- tradition and it's like traveling to another time and a bit of an escape.



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  1. I love your tennis round-ups! Both the matches and the fashion. Tennis is such a great sport. I recorded the Wimbledon matches and am quite behind on watching (I kept up with the French Open, but got busy), so I don't have much to add. Did you read Tennis Magazine's article about Murray and equal pay for women in tournaments? Apparently this is resolved in the major tournaments but not in all the others. So glad Murray won - people I know don't like him that much but I always have.

  2. And I agree about Serena, she seemed to need a break this spring but came back strong. I love Venus too and I'm glad she did well.

  3. So glad you did this post! Don't have cable so I followed along by Wimbledon radio online (it's true, ha). I kept away from the news so I would not know who won each final and then got to see them as though they were live! I was happy for Serena to get to 22, but also that she won her first Grand Slam in a year! Honestly, I think that was the best ladies' final I have ever seen. I am a bit obsessed with the necklace Angelique was wearing--it seemed like a daisy. Do you know anything about it? I was beyond thrilled to see Andy win, which proves his last Wimbledon win was no fluke, he has stayed the course all these years. I would LOVE to see him become world number 1. Re Sam Q, I was a bit shocked to hear this guy is 28, isn't that kind of old in men's tennis to peak? I will be curious to see what he can do in NY. Re fashion, loved Kate's McQueen dress, they are in a tizzy over at the Duchess Kate blog, saying she shouldn't be wearing skulls, blah blah blah. I was so glad she was wearing something that wasn't blue. My son and I are going to the US Open in September. I am beyond excited. We have tickets for the evening season, it is so fun to go then, I think the fans are a little rowdier at night! xx

  4. WELL, YOU gave me an EDUCATION!SOUNDS like it has been a BALL to watch............
    I think I mentioned here the last few years my SON played tennis and he hit with FEDERER once!
    Not knowing WHO he was......then saw him on TV and said MOM I hit with that guy!I say NO you did not!He says YES I DID......he has a name like FERRARI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XX

  5. Fab post Kim!! You are I seem to be on the same page when it comes to our favourites at Wimbledon this year (really didn't like Beyoncé's blouse ;-)