Friday, August 26, 2016

Why Humboldt Should Be Your Next Roadtrip

The past week we took a small four day road trip up to Northern California. We are in Northern California you say? Well, I mean the very north, Northern California, Humboldt County.

This area of amazing natural beauty, often referred to as being behind the 'Redwood Curtain,' is a 6-7 hour drive north of the Bay Area and yet remote enough that most Californians have never been. 

Long ago in the era of the family road trip, the 'redwoods' were something one did with the family, preferably in a station wagon and most likely in the 1970's. Now the luxury of time and long family road trips seem almost a bygone era. People want to get to their destination via plane and fast. To all those who have never done a real road trip of multiple days, this is your spot! Do you want to see ancient redwood forests, fern canyons and foggy beaches with a few VW buses thrown in? Humboldt has all this and more!

Flights can be expensive costing as much as a trip to Hawaii and prior rail services that connected here have been sadly been retired. Car is the way to go and it's a pretty drive.

Leaving from the Bay Area, stop in one of the cutest town on the way up, Ukiah for a lunch.

Our favorite bakery Schats in quaint downtown Ukiah.

This Dutch bakery has at least 40 sandwiches on the menu and makes fantastic bread and sweets. I think The Verdict is the most popular sandwich on their amazing Sheepherder bread. (Did I mention they are across from the courthouse?)  Afterward pop into the wonderful Mendocino Book Company around the corner with it's expansive selection of books, cards and all kinds of lovely things I just can't find elsewhere.

Friday, August 12, 2016

I Heart Salzburg

Hi friends if you are following along here's the second installment of our trip to Europe. The first is Our Two Days in Munich.

After two jam packed days in the wonderland that is Munich, we hopped a train and in under two hours were in Salzburg. With just 12 days in Europe we debated which cities to visit. We knew we wanted to see some of Austria and thought perhaps we'd do Vienna, but Salzburg was a little smaller and the fact they had a 'Sound of Music' bike tour made us choose it as our Austrian stop.

My boys chilling on the train.

The trains in Europe are wonderful and there is usually no need to get tickets in advance or go first class. It's easy to get seats together unless you're traveling during a holiday time. After checking the schedule online, we bought the tickets in the Munich station and walked on the train ten minutes later. I so enjoyed seeing the small towns and villages and the countryside of course. We bought cappuccinos and read our books when we weren't fascinated with the view.

When we arrived at the station, we grabbed a cab at the taxi line and took a short drive into the Altstadt or Old Town of Salzburg where our charming hotel was located. The city is divided by the Salzach River with the Medival and Baroque building of Old Town on the left and the 19th century Neustadt or New Town on the Right bank.