Tuesday, September 13, 2016

My Wednesday Obsession - Your Jewelry as Decor

Any little thing I have been obsessing on and want to share with you, I plan on sharing each Wednesday now!

This week it's using your jewelry as decor, particularly with cool finds like this brass hand. These little object are whimsical, charming and hail from the 1970's. I think I first noticed sculptural hands as holders in the Elements of Style book. I love how Erin Gates styled her jewelry and dressing tables for herself and clients so beautifully in it. The closet and bedroom photos are my favorite from this book.

About a year ago, I spied a brass hand at an estate sale for around $12. This one was a 70's original with a bit of patina around the edges which made me love it even more. I love when I actually find something that's been on my radar.

Right now I'm throwing all my bracelets on it for a pretty look.  Here on my dresser it holds my costume and more colorful pieces.

Earlier in the year I had necklaces and a ring on it.
I like to change it up depending on what I'm wearing a lot of and the season.

Funny enough I had Erin's book next to it. I was obsessing that it earlier this year.

Here's the photo from Erin Gates' book and her Elements of Style blog that started me thinking about hands and other items to drape your jewelry around. I love this stone or antique hand she's using here.  and everything else! Not only does it make a cute dresser display, but it is so practical. You won't wear what you cannot see and I wear my bracelets so much more when I see them out. 

Below, another cool object used as a necklace holder, again by Erin Gates in her closet.

 Isn't that tray cute too? I think that quote is by Jenna Lyons. No idea where she got that. Ben's Garden has many similar ones.

Love the trinket bowls. I have a few from Anthropologie that I drop my rings and watching as well. Anthro always seems to have the prettiest choices.

Right now, the only brass jewelry hand I could find was a Jonathan Adler.

I also saw this Dachshund one..I'd get it, but first I need a Dachshund...

Just think this is darling!

You can find more hand shaped jewelry stands on Etsy of course and keep your eyes open for estate and tag sales. You never know what you'll find or what might make a perfect stand.

Jewelry is so pretty and to have it in a box all the time is kind of sad. Seeing mine out just makes me happy and reminds me to be creative when I get dressed. Have fun and play around with your things. Perhaps you already have a lovely bowl or funky statue to wrap your baubles around. Sometimes the best finds are already in your home. China bowls and silver candy dishes also work great as catchalls and if you have a small statuette or sculpture that can be really cute too.

Happy styling!



  1. I must send YOU a PHOTO of my ENGLISH glass cabinet!!!!!!!!!XX

  2. How cool and creative!

    Dawn Lucy

  3. Sso true out of sight out of mind...

  4. Loving the buddha draped in jewels!


  5. How lucky you were to find that brass hand at an estate sale! I will have to keep my eyes open for something similar since I frequent estate sales...was just at one today in fact. Their prices were insane but I did score a very cool ceramic witch for cheap that I'm going to sell on eBay. (a part-time hobby)

    I agree that when everything is tucked away in a drawer you forget what you have...I'm thinking of buying some of those velvet lined jewelry drawer organizers for my earrings and bracelets. At least I could see everything at a glance!