Friday, September 30, 2016

What I'm Loving - Friday Favorites

Since it's Friday I wanted to share a few goodies I found in the past week..

First, how yummy does this slow cooker white bean soup from Martha Stewart look? I vow this fall to use my slow cooker more and this little post gives some great tips about using it better and some new recipes I want to give a shot at.

 I finally visited a Blue Mercury beauty store and I love it! I don't know why it took me so long to find get to this gem. Our town of Los Gatos has one and I love this small curated shop with just the right amount of brands for me to browse without getting overwhelmed as can often happen in a big department store.  Best of all, there's one sales person who is very knowledgeable about all the brands, but not hovering if you know what I mean. They give generous samples too.

One thing I discovered is that they carry Photo hair products from France. I used this line years ago when I worked at Nordstrom and the shampoos and conditioning cremes are miracle products. They are plant-based which I also like.

 I bought a tube of Phyto 7, a leave in conditioner which is still wonderful and made my hair look so healthy I postponed my highlight appointment a few weeks. My hair is fine, but if you have thicker more coarser texture the Photo 9 does the same job. You can use it as a hairdressing on the ends and before blowdrying, or as a regular conditioner. The small tube makes it easy to travel with. 

Travel has been on the brain for me lately and one of the things I need is an always packed beauty bag with some good size samples or products that do the job. Blue Mercury has an anniversary bonus (above pic) going on and it's free with a $150 purchase, but it's amazingly generous and has many good sized travel essentials. If you buy any of the brands they carry, you might get this bonus while they still have it! Obviously it's nice to visit the Blue Mercury in your town if you have one if not, they are online.

 I received a sample and now I'm addicted to their M-61 Power Glow Peel Pads and they really do work wonders. You use them just three times a week at night. It works for rosacea skin like mine as well and I woke to brighter, smoother and  prettier skin everyday last week. The price is good for $28 for the smallest box and you can cut a pad in half to use another night as they are fairly large. A few other things they sell that I love is Bliss's Triple Oxygen Serum, Clarin's Super Restorative Eye Concentrate and Nars Sheer Glow Foundation.

I'm also love with the home of Suzanne Kasler, one of my favorite designers. One King's Lane has her gorgeous Atlanta home including a curated sale with some of the similar things she decorates with. Her style is classic, but always with pretty and feminine details!  I need more pink accents and florals in my home...

I also caught a few of the clips from Milan Fashion Week online this week and British Vogue has a good slideshow of many of the street styles. Something about the natural chic of Italians always intrigues me.

 I'm super excited for cooler weather which we are supposed to get next week finally in Northern California after a week of some 100+ temps! I'm so ready to wear my boots and jackets.

I spotted this sweater at J Crew yesterday and think it's the perfect transitional piece. Adore the ruffle sleeves, it's loose fitting and lightweight...perfect for now.

This blouse from Anthropologie I have already bought and planning to wear this weekend in San Francisco on a belated 20th anniversary getaway with my husband. I know it's going to be cooler in the city and this just feels fall like.

Are you all ready for fall too? I haven't gotten any pumpkins out yet, but I'm excited to get the white ones out on the porch next week. Pumpkin bread is on the horizon too... Yay!

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Hey this post, just so much to relish. The soup and that house !!! I love soups in the Fall & Winter and definitely will try your's. Something kinda peaceful & comforting about cooking them I think. Wish I was in Northern California at any time of the year, however, I'm a true-blue Texan (even with the temps!), but we're down in the 80's it feels like FALL !! xx's

    1. Hi Marsha! Yes I'm so ready for soups and all that comfort kind of food. I hope Texas has been cooler than here! Have a great weekend. xo Kim

  2. ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND THEN give me a call............ANTHRO is calling YOU to get over hERE and see the NEW STORE!

  3. I love this new series, Kim!! So many goodies in it. Great blouse! You'll look fab wearing it. Have a great celebration.
    Want to meet at Neimans in Palo Alto for Champagne and shooing at the end of next week?? I miss you.

    1. Obviously shopping. Darn small buttons on this phone. XX

  4. Hi Kim, very cute blouse...I like that the off the shoulder trend is being carried into Fall this year!

    I have Suzanne Kasler's book Timeless Style and I just love her home and the gorgeous colors she has chosen throughout. So much eye candy!

    Linda in S.D.

  5. I love the phyto whitening shampoo. I am going to have to give that conditioner a try as well. Lot's of good ideas here Kim I need to use my crock pot more as well. Happy Fall