Monday, November 28, 2016

Holiday Cards- Minted is My Go To and Local

I know some of you are already doing your holiday shopping! I'm not there yet, but I have made a start and ordered my cards from the San Francisco company, Minted, which I've done for several years now. Minted is dedicated to featuring independent artists and helping them gain exposure and has some of the most creative and freshest looking cards designs, so I always find something different.

This year they are addressing envelopes for free if your place an order. That was an offer I couldn't pass up, so last night spent an hour with the husband making an actual spreadsheet of all our address book/contact list together. It only took us 20 years of marriage to do it, but now we have it!!  I sent that off and am looking forward to getting my cards out a bit earlier this year. I won't have to sit long hours addressing them and can take time to write notes in those for far off relatives and friends.

We were in San Francisco for Cirque du Soleil last week and had some time to kill near China Basin and the ballpark. My sons skateboarded around a bit and I cajoled them into posing for a quick photo. They aren't matching, or even wearing their nicest clothes, but they look like authentic teenage guys. I love these impromptu photos more than any staged photo sessions and this card design was modern which I think goes well with the casual feel of our cards.

   Minted always uses unexpected colors in their designs as well. I like that you can often choose the color of the writing on the card fonts as some photos clearly stand out more with cool or warm tones. I'm crazy like that, but it makes a photo sometimes.

My card was by local artist, Denise Malacrea and I received a thank you from her for ordering her design. Nice.

Another nice feature is the ability to add another photo on the back of the whole family with a little note we wrote ourselves. Max and I always dig the Peace, Love and Happiness message as so many of our friends celebrate other holidays this season and we send cards to everyone. My husband's sis Amara took this pic of us at Natural Bridges. We went on a family trek to see the Monarch Butterfly on their migration on Black Friday instead of shopping and did the #optoutside thing. Love the movement behind that.

Today, Cyber Monday, there is 20% off everything at Minted (use code CM2016 ), including their cute calendars which I have made for my husband many times as Christmas gifts.  I use our best snaps from the past year and we really do enjoy seeing them the next year, month by month. I even cut them up after and use the pictures in frames.

For holiday gifts I like their hand drawn maps and prints featuring independent artists. Some of the San Francisco ones here..

 They also make custom prints tailored to your location, city or state. Any of these would make a  memorable gift and are also on the sale today.

Minted opened a San Francisco store this year and I had a chance to pop in on my last trip up to Union Square. It's full of lovely pillows, cute home textiles, stationery, and art. They also have people to help create a dream gallery wall, as well as customized cards and invites and more.

So do you do cards still? A few years ago I wrote this post What a Christmas Card Means about the history of them and my own memories of receiving them.  I really enjoy the tradition. Though it takes some time and effort, it's so worth it as it's a little gift saying thank you for being in our lives. Love that!



  1. Hi Kim,

    What a nice post. I absolutely love giving and receiving Christmas Cards and it seems that less and less people are participating in this tradition which makes me kind of sad. Writing out the cards really gets me into the spirit. My husband is heading up to Tahoe this weekend with a friend which gives me the opportunity to do my cards and have the house to myself...score!! The Hallmark channel will be my background noise haha. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday Season! Kelley

    1. Hi Kelley! I know I feel like each year some people just stop. It takes some effort and I bet they get overwhelmed. I love that you still write out your cards. I truly appreciate the ones where someone has taken the trouble to write even a small note. Sounds like you can really get into the whole spirit with the Hallmark channel and all that. Then it seems like more a pleasure instead of another task! I might do the same. Thanks so much for the good wishes. I hope you have a beautiful holiday and get to enjoy all these little things, which are what it's all about! xo Kim

  2. Love your card, Kim! The boys look so handsome and very comfortable at the same time.....and the lighting was great! I love getting cards and sending them! My favorite time of the year to check the mail, which I do daily during the month of December! April xo

    1. Thank you April! It was a lucky shot that worked out and even the background looked neat, but it was by happenstance. I agree love the whole card tradition..Just another of those little things that make the season so fun. I do rush to the mailbox each day and cannot wait to see what we have gotten! xo

  3. Your cute sons are just in the perfect setting...I love the GGB in the background and their authentic
    thisisourlife pose...Perfect.....Good for you!
    Cards are lovely...I so appreciate supporting new artists...
    THX for sharing...

  4. I love the non posed picture of your boys! So natural and fun. I haven't heard of this company but am thrilled to learn about them. What a clever idea! xx

  5. HOW was the show.........?
    SOUNDS FABULOUS on the radio!
    My TREE is UP...........a few gifts purchased.
    Cards ordered yesterday!
    ON MY WAY..............XX

  6. Love your cards! How perfect, that will be a nice gift for the people who receive them with those lovely family pictures. Really like the real-life photo of the boys too, it's an actual glimpse to their life instead of something staged.
    I have to pick up my cards tomorrow and get them in the mail. Maybe one of these years I'll get my act together and send a family picture card rather than just some bought at the store. I'll check out Minted, sounds so interesting, I'll check to see if they ship to Canada. xx

  7. Hi Kim,
    I'm a short-time reader and a local like you, just a little more north. I see your boys are skateboarders. I have a product a friend and I have devised to hold skateboards so they aren't all over the entry way or leaning against the wall and leaving dirty marks. They're called Parking Block. You can see them here: Would your boys be willing to try one out? Let me know and I'll send you a couple: Thanks.