Sunday, January 22, 2017

Taking Part in The Women's March

Yesterday I took part in The Women's March in San Jose and it was one of those days I'll remember my whole life. I had never marched in a demonstration and I wondered how it would be with the masses and wet weather.  Honestly, I get a bit claustrophobic in crowds. Still, with everything going on in our country, I was not going to let that prevent me from being part of this historic movement, even if I passed out!

With my pal Bari and our signs before the march began.

Eight thirty in the morning, granola bars (are we moms or what?) pink scarves, jackets and bright lipstick at the ready, we boarded the light rail to San Jose City Hall. When we arrived the streets were already overwhelmed- think Disneyland at it's most packed, but with everyone wearing a knit pink hat. It was visual festival of pinks and brights.

My dear friend Aimee and her daughter a high school senior, Caroline did the march together.

Why was I there? I was there to support a more inclusive country that includes Muslims and Mexicans, and all immigrants. I believe our country has become the greatest because of the melting pot we are. I came to stand up against hate, which has had a resurgence since the election and has let people bring their prejudice front and center with no shame. I was there for women's rights- for the right to choose what happens with her own body- not be told by law, and against the misogyny that our president represents with his comments about women. I was there for the earth- I believe climate change is not a hoax and that science matters. I want a country that is greener and why on earth would we go back to coal and fossil fuels when we know it's bad for the earth and for those living near it? Those are just a few of my reasons.

My friends had similar concerns. So on we marched.

San Jose smartly decided to close down more streets to hold everyone so we could walk and find a spot without being jammed in. All told, 25,000 showed up! Crowds aside, by time we walked to City Hall we could not help, but feel an undeniable kinship with so many others. It was contagious.

Our friend Lindsay in pink.  She's a women's doctor at Valley Med and someone made all the doctors these cool pink caps. There were so many great knit caps too!

How funny is this? An accidental picture, but says a lot.

 Most everyone had a sign. The signs were inspiring, smart and sometimes pretty funny.

We waited on the street for about 45 minutes- chatting with those around us and taking pictures of posters and people. The tone was was encouraging and positive.  I really admired the older women. By that I mean ladies closer to seventies, eighties and beyond...

Awesome that they represented. Many had signs saying they had done this before like this lady. One grandmother was in her nineties and marching with four generations of women in her family!

Families were a huge part of this march and it was inspiring to see how parents are already teaching their young ones to care about the earth and the welfare of others!  The small ones with signs...

Cutie pies!

This little gal was my favorite. Her idea...

There were many, many mothers and daughters and also daughters marching in honor of their moms, like me.

 I love that a lot of boys were part of this too- supporting their mothers like this little guy..

How nice is this seeing a dad and daughter doing this together? What great shirts.

Young women represented hugely and it was awesome to see them in action!

Then there were groups of men with some super signs...

The march once moving, took about an hour and was peaceful. People occasionally chanted and our group got some singing going a few times with, 'This Land is Your Land' and 'All You Need is Love.'

After, there were motivating speakers at the plaza. It was getting cold and rainy so we headed back for food and some warmth.  We literally squeezed ourselves back into the light rail train, but we were running on adrenaline and everyone was in a jovial mood- though we all could barely move an arm! Getting together with so many people who feel the same as we did about the direction of the country was reassuring. It nurtured the soul. Seeing the crowds around the world later on television, made me even more elated.

  Just looking back at these snaps of the day gives me real hope. There are so many good people in this world who were out there not for themselves, but for all of us-together.

Another friend Mani with her friends had a banner as well.

One of my very favorites. I believe the words are Hillary Rodham Clintons. 


 We loved this sign.. 'Hello 1955..Please hold for the Republicans.' 

 With our awesome group of women from including our pal Los Gatos Mayor Marico Sayoc, third from left.

Thank you to everyone who marched, and thank you to everyone who was there in spirit. I'm so proud of all of us!

Let's keep the momentum going..

Go here to see 10 Actions For The First 100 Days.  Our work has only begun, but look how many are with us!


Photos property NorthernCalStyle.. Please link back and use with permission. Thanks to those who posed for these during the march and allowed me to use.


  1. Such an amazing day! Give me hope and joy in a time recently filled with frustration and concern. Together we will remember that love trumps hate every time! So glad to be there to march with you and so many others!!

    1. Thank you. I agree the march and these awesome people have been lifting me up during this time. They give me hope!

  2. It was an incredible day. Kim I was watching the news on Saturday and I wondered if you would be out marching. Thanks for sharing your experience with all of these great photos. Wow the signs are really amazing too. I can't wait to see where this momentum goes because it's very powerful. xx

    1. Dani, I agree I hope this march is start of something bigger. I really do and I think it is! xo

  3. I will be at the next march...Your pictures are so inspirational...The faces of the women, the wonderful children so filled with hope in a hopeless situation...I appreciate you joining the march and sharing...(I am claustrophobic, too but I will not let this stop me again...LOVE DOES TRUMP HATE...
    This is not a disagreement with parties...Something far greater is at work here and as mothers and women we have to do something to stop it...Best and thanks, Dianne

    1. Dianne, It's the people who inspired me too! I agree not a party thing, but rather a movement by women and mothers to change the way we see the world going. That we can do this and together we are unstoppable! Thanks for you kind words and support! x Kim

  4. Replies
    1. Contessa I thought of you and your posts. Hugs

  5. Heady days... But I hope there were also voting registration tables there. So many just didn't vote. That can't be stressed enough because a march while powerful and meaningful nothing beats a vote! well done Kim bc I know you did both! xx

    1. Naomi, I hope they did. I missed the kiosks, but there were many and I think that was one of them. The non-voters are hugely part of the reason we are in this mess now. I so think the people demonstrating were NOT those people. These folks know what democracy means I think. A lot of complacency in this country still. Hoping this movement gets some off the couch. You can't change the world through Facebook. x Kim

  6. Hi Kim -

    I marched in Walnut Creek and it was inspiring. It will be a long 4 years at least and we need to keep up the momentum. I found it interesting that every single women's march took place without any property damage or physical violence depsite the passions. This is why we still need a woman in the White House in more women elected to public office.

    1. Susan, So great that these marches were peaceful and positive! I agree a woman's place is in the White House and still dreaming of it. We just have to keep up the message and stay vigilant. Yay for you for marching in Walnut Creek!

  7. Hello Kim
    I'm from Sydney, Australia and a long time reader, first time commenter on your blog.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and inspiring images from the March. Many of us here are watching in horror at what is happening in your beautiful country and to your beautiful people.

    Stay strong, stay true and continue to go high.

    SSG xxx

    1. Dear S, Thank you so much for the note! It really made my day.:)

      I cannot tell you how touched all of us in our group were when we saw the images of women around the globe joining us. It's great to know we aren't alone and other countries don't want this to happen to us either! Australia's march was one of the best!

      I will stay strong and thanks again for being here...and reading for a longtime! Kim