Monday, February 27, 2017

Oscar Chat 2017

What a crazy night. La La Land won the most Oscars tonight and Moonlight won the Best Picture, but only after Warren Beatty who had the wrong card read, 'La La Land.' The question on everyone's mind was why didn't he and Faye Dunaway, his co-presenter, say they had the wrong card as it was for Best Actress?  Secondly, why didn't someone behind the scenes who knew the real winner quickly speak up? There was a good amount of time between when the winner was read and all those involved with the La La Land rushing up on stage. Then to make matters worse they let them go on for what seems now like forever with their thank you speeches. So embarrassing for them and even worse it seems to have stolen the golden moment from the Moonlight people!

Prior to this disaster, the show was a bit bland except for the moment when Moana singer Auli'i Cravalho got whacked in the head by a dancer's flag. Jimmy Kimmel was fine, but definitely not hilarious. As far as legends that we look forward to seeing on Oscar shows, they had Shirley MacLaine, and no other noticeable Hollywood royalty, except for Warren and Faye. Sadly, I believe they won't be having seniors read the important categories anymore.

On the bright side it's something else to talk about besides Trump for a bit.

 I wish I had seen Moonlight, but I haven't been able to. I think both Annette Benning in 20th Century Women, and Taraji P Hensen in Hidden Figures should have been nominated for Best Actress as they both deserved recognition, but were not.

As far as the Red Carpet it was also a bit lacking also this year. Some pretty looks, but not a whole lot of wow factor.  I agree women can wear whatever makes them feel good, but most of these ladies pay a whole lot of money for stylists to choose what will look good on them and what to wear. Let's see who got the most bang for their buck.

My top picks...

Viola Davis in Armani was winner of Best Supporting Actress and gave a lovely speech. She is a chameleon and has had so many different looks. Tonight she really was perfection with her hair, makeup and pretty earrings and clutch.

Naomi Harris played the mother in Moonlight and wore Calvin Klein. This is clean, classic and lovely and fresh.

Ruth Negga's Victorian inspired Valentino was different and pretty. She also wore a blue ribbon in support of the ACLU as did many others.  Loving is on my list of films to see.
 Taraji P Hensen has great style and in Alberta Ferretti was gorgeous on her.

Emma Stone had her Cinderella moment last night winning Best Actress and she was also the first winner to wear Givenchy since Audrey Hepburn. I loved everything about her look including the makeup and hair shown better in the Instagram by Rachel Goodwin her makeup person.

 Jessica Biel's Kaufman Franco gold sheath which was even prettier in person and her minimal hair and fabulous Tiffany necklace were the perfect complement.

 With her husband Justin Timberlake who opened the show with a fun song and dance number. I'm not crazy about his hair right now.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Sharing

Hello everyone. Well we made it to Friday and yay for it being a three-day weekend for those of us here in the states. Some of us even have a full week off for schools. Californian schools get a 'winter recess' about now and it's nice. It would be even better if a series of storms weren't blowing in, but we'll try to make the best of it. We were going to head down to Santa Monica for a few days, but the weather forecast looks even worse for them, so we will stay closer to home and do a day trip to SF and possibly a small overnight to Carmel if we get some sun.

We did have a sunny Valentine's Day here and I took the opportunity to wear new suede flats I had bought a month ago. The pink color was something I did not have in my closet and I thought they would be great for spring. I paired it with a heart dress I found at a vintage shop a few years ago and  still love. For $7 this dress has been the best! The shoes, I will pair with my new fringy jeans and blouses for a ladylike vibe. Something about pink shoes just made me feel happy all day. I hope you all had a good Valentines.

In the meantime, I'm looking forward to warmer days ahead. The few sunny days we had this week made me really get that spring feeling and the impetus to try a few new things and plan our summer  travel.

This week I have also been furiously researching ideas for my home remodel and fell in love with this home from the March Martha Stewart Living. To me, this is the perfect Northern California home, though it's owned by a record exec and his family and is in Southern Cal.

I'm crazy about the white and black and the wonderful windows. The photos were not on the Martha site yet, but get the magazine to see this whole home. I love every single bit...The brick porch, wood shelves, vintage music posters, simple kitchen and more...

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Shaking the Winter Doldrums With New Denim & Shoes

To me, this has been a dark beginning to the new year. With the election, the extreme weather -for us non-stop rain, and many days of darkness, I'm beyond ready for spring and some sunshine. I dragged myself out to shop a bit last week and bought some new Vince platform sneakers that are making everything look a little cooler and fresher. As much as I love my boots, I'm pretty sick of them by now. I don't believe I've worn anything except boots since October!

I have Vans, but they tend to get beat pretty quick. I wanted something casual, but a little more mod and could be dressed up. I wandered into the Vince at Stanford with my friend Jeanne and she showed me these new Wallace slide-ons she bought. I love the little platform on them yet they feel like sneakers.

As the Vince platforms sneakers were so comfy, I found a similar pair by Steve Madden in black, also cute and comfy and costs quite a bit less. Now I have both. I also splurged on this amazing sweater from All Saints. It's like butter. Super soft wool and thick and feels wonderful on. I also bought a long t-shirt dress there to wear with these sneakers as the weather warms. I am loving their quality and beautiful collectable pieces.

I try to add at least one good sweater a year to my rotation and remove one. This one is very me- oversized and I know I will wear it a million times.

Sorry for the lame kitchen photo, but with the weather this was about the only decent place to snap a picture. So here you have it..Me in me habitat, this is my California girl uniform pretty much daily in the winter! This sweater by AllSaints is my favorite thing I bought this year and will hopefully last me many seasons. It's super soft and thick.