Friday, February 17, 2017

Friday Sharing

Hello everyone. Well we made it to Friday and yay for it being a three-day weekend for those of us here in the states. Some of us even have a full week off for schools. Californian schools get a 'winter recess' about now and it's nice. It would be even better if a series of storms weren't blowing in, but we'll try to make the best of it. We were going to head down to Santa Monica for a few days, but the weather forecast looks even worse for them, so we will stay closer to home and do a day trip to SF and possibly a small overnight to Carmel if we get some sun.

We did have a sunny Valentine's Day here and I took the opportunity to wear new suede flats I had bought a month ago. The pink color was something I did not have in my closet and I thought they would be great for spring. I paired it with a heart dress I found at a vintage shop a few years ago and  still love. For $7 this dress has been the best! The shoes, I will pair with my new fringy jeans and blouses for a ladylike vibe. Something about pink shoes just made me feel happy all day. I hope you all had a good Valentines.

In the meantime, I'm looking forward to warmer days ahead. The few sunny days we had this week made me really get that spring feeling and the impetus to try a few new things and plan our summer  travel.

This week I have also been furiously researching ideas for my home remodel and fell in love with this home from the March Martha Stewart Living. To me, this is the perfect Northern California home, though it's owned by a record exec and his family and is in Southern Cal.

I'm crazy about the white and black and the wonderful windows. The photos were not on the Martha site yet, but get the magazine to see this whole home. I love every single bit...The brick porch, wood shelves, vintage music posters, simple kitchen and more...

What a cute family!

Planning my remodel, I have looked at a ton of homes, and overall I want less fuss, less things and more light, more windows, more indoor-outdoor living. I want to use as much of the home I have and just tweak it to refresh and update it. I don't want to build a huge house..I want my home to honor the neighborhood it was built in and the ranch style that it was meant to be. I want it to feel roomy, but  be just big enough to still be cozy. This home above fits that bill exactly.

For more black and white chic, you might follow my friend Annie of Lovely Things blog who has the most darling home in Connecticut and adheres to a black and white aesthetic that is also cozy and beautiful. This week she shared a fun project you might tackle if your stuck in this week. It was turning her chalkboard wall into a big calendar with different grey hues. I love seeing a whole month calendar each day, even when I use my phone one. This is such a cute idea for a family space like the kitchen.


On the remodeling subject, who does not love Fixer Upper? I have to say even my husband thinks Chip is cool. Who hasn't dreamed of moving there and having Joanna help with a remodel? Dale, a fellow Nor Cal gal, now living in Texas, visits their Magnolia Silos to have lunch and shop with her cute family and tells you how to plan a visit, whether you are in Texas or out of state on her Savvy Spice blog.

Dale and her little daughter, Wilhelmina.

Another thing I really hope to accomplish this week is donate a bunch of things I've cleared out of the home this winter. Janet of The Gardener's Cottage shared the idea of eliminating 5 things a day, from the home which is just what we all need. I first saw this on Annie's blog and had to share as we could all do this. A home with clutter is stressful, yet by doing this daily it's not a huge effort, yet also keeps the mindset that everything we bring into the home should be something we really want and need. Check out Janet's blog as she really has mastered the art of living mindfully and beautifully at the same time.

Janet's pretty California home.

As I mentioned before, I'm using this bad weather to plan some sunny getaways and I was thrilled this week to see my pal Dani, of Mop Philosophy share her wardrobe plan for an Italian Riviera getaway. Dani has an amazing ability to coordinate the prettiest mix of hues and always creates a sort of color story each season and for holidays. Some of her packing pieces...

Also cool is that Dani shopped her closet for her trip. She is a advocate of buying quality clothing and keeping it. She collects unique and special pieces, and sometimes finds things from past seasons online too. She inspires me to buy better and find things that are already out there, not necessarily new, and to shop my closet. Wonderful for the planet as well.

In that trip planning mode, April of MsBintheBayArea, wrote about her trip to Charleston this week and her photos make me want to go now! 

The homes alone are worth the trip yet April always finds great hotels and restaurants. I love her tips and her photographs, here and below. I have yet to get to this part of the states and I know I will love the southern hospitality as well.

Thanks to all the bloggers for letting me share their photos! I hope to be back to share some pink I added to the home and also my new favorite hotel in San Francisco.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Photos per bloggers names and home photos Martha Stewart Living Magazine.


  1. Hi Kim, What a great post!...I love seeing the different decorating blogs and getting ideas...My favorite is the first from MS magazine...I am in a black and white or cream wardrobe color pallet just now so the black and white appeals to my eye... Hope all of this comes together for you as you dream it...Be safe in the storms...And you must learn to drop your "ya'll's" if you are headed for Charleston...Best! Dianne

    CLOST CLEANING.......a GOOD IDEA in this RAIN!
    Off to make a chocolate cake.......GF.AND to make some FLOWERED BANDS for SPRING!!!!!!

  3. Kim thank you for including me and for the lovely words. I am honoured! Funny too because I'll be in Charleston next month and I am planning a post on my packing up for that trip. One of my best friends lives just down the street from me in the summer but packs up and moves to her house in Charleston for the winter. How smart is she! I have yet to visit South Carolina but we're spending March Break there this year. Oh gosh cannot wait. Off to read April's post!
    I am so excited about your remodel. You have amazing taste and I can't wait to see what you do.
    Have a terrific weekend xx

  4. I love your ideas for your remodel. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  5. P.S love Charleston and would love to go again sometime!! Go before April though it gets way too hot!