Monday, March 6, 2017

Join Me and Ms B at Trina Turk this Saturday!

If you read this blog you know I'm a huge fan of California designer Trina Turk and her beautiful clothing. I've feel so lucky to have collaborated with my friends at the Trina Turk Burlingame store on some fun events and I'm happy to share we have another coming up this Saturday, March 11. Trina makes beautiful clothes and accessories and our event is a perfect time to get a special item for upcoming getaways, holidays or to just add something unique to your wardrobe to cherish. After doing these shopping days a few years now, I have to say my Trina pieces are my go-tos that I love wearing. The idea of collecting special items over time makes so much sense and I like being able to shop my own closet when an social occasion happens, and also be able to throw the cutest vacation items in my bag and go!

This shopping day is going to be even more fun as I am doing this in conjunction with my dear friend April, of Ms Bin the Bay Area. April, who lives up the peninsula from me, also blogs about travel, fashion, lifestyle and things Northern California related. I think we are very similar!  Both of us will be there to help you shop and pull together pretty looks for anyone who stops in.

April above, and I have scoped out all the greatest pieces and accessories from this new collection when we previewed it last week in Burlingame. We had an absolute blast trying things on and got a feel for who would look great in each item. I have to tell you it was really hard for us to decide what we each wanted to wear for the event.

During our Saturday event all the new collection and regular priced merchandise will be 25% off! There will be refreshments as well, so pop in by and see what is happening.

Trina took inspiration for this collection from a recent trip to Cuba. 

Below some snaps of our most wanted from the Burlingame boutique and even more items are arriving before Saturday's event which will be 10-1. You can make a day of it if you bring and friend and have lunch afterwards on one of my favorite shopping streets in all of California, Burlingame Avenue, where the Trina boutique is located.

We can't wait to see you all this Saturday!

Kim & April!

P.S. LOVE this little clip of Havana made by Trina Turk. It shows the darling ice cream parlour, Coppelia, which is vintage 1960's that inspired the colors and looks of this collection.


  1. Looking forward to this! I love that her inspiration for the spring collection came from her trip to Cuba. A place I would love to visit! I can't wait to see what they are getting in this week and just in time for our shopping event...yay! I'm loving that denim top with the white eyelet skirt and the white off the shoulder top with the denim pants. You look adorable! April xo

    1. April, I am so looking forward to doing this with you! Now that I am looking back at the photos I am loving those shorts on you and the wrap sweater..actually a lot of things! Funny the skirt and denim top really look great in the photos. I wasn't sure if it was too short, but I think maybe not! So exciting to see what else comes in before the event.. I need a swimsuit too. xo

  2. The new collection looks fabulous! I love Trina's clothes - so well made, and they always make me feel great!

    I wish I could join you, but I have an event that's been on the calendar for a year...

    Have a fabulous time on Saturday!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    1. Andrea, I wish you could go because last time was so fun with you! I still think about that jumpsuit that looked so good on you. No worries I know it's a busy time of year. xo Kim

  3. I SHALL TRY TO DRIVE DOWN.................XX

  4. You know I LOVE Trina Turk and what a fabulous spring collection! So sorry to miss it, Dear! Hugs to you both!

    Dawn Lucy

  5. What a fun collection! You look adorable!

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  7. Such a fun day! Great to finally meet you in person Kim. I had a blast trying on half the store ;) I am now fully indoctrinated into the world of Trina. Thanks to you and to my great bud Ms. B for hosting. I'll be back before swimsuit season! Hugs, Bita

  8. Love TT . . . looks like so much fun!