Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Tory Burch Makes Tennis Classics Chic

I have always loved classic tennis style, especially the looks of the 1970s and 80s that I grew up with. I did a few homages to that look in this blog and another post. Tennis whites always look good to me and who doesn't covet a good tennis sweater? Even if you don't play, it's cool to sport that look.

Tory Burch has nailed this tennis sportif so well in her new Tory Sport line. I am thrilled at how great she made all my favorites - terry cloth, kelly green, pleats, track suit jackets, and stripes on white look. I pretty much want everything, especially a classic pleated white skirt, the ruffled shoes and a terry cloth jogging jacket in green. Right now I'm scheming up ways to get the whole collection, (if only) and justifying it by planning on wearing these darling pieces as part of my everyday look. They are just what I want to wear everyday this summer!

One nice thing is these clothes are made with stretch, moisture wicking and cooling fabrics, so while they look old school, they clearly are not made of the same stiff fabrics their predecessors were. I like the not too tight look of so many of these pieces.

The Tory Sport Instagram account is fun to follow as she posts images that inspired many of these looks like this classic Farrah Fawcett snap.  I loved everything about her sporty style.

The Tory Sport Pro Shop page also has great little tips, recipes and playlists.

Have a look at a few of what I think are the best from the tennis collection-

These ruffled sneakers are TDF!

Also super cute and fun is this mesh skirt for after yoga or whatever - when you have to run about in tights.

The entire Tory Burch Sport line is very cute and includes swim, golf (think skirts that are the perfect length and comfort for summer- plus pockets) as well as yoga and running clothes, shoes and sport bras.

Right now there are only six stores, Honolulu, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, Dallas and two in New York. You can find Tory Sport online here.


Photos via Tory Burch.


  1. Love this post Kim and I've been to the store in Dallas and I want every tennis outfit and sweater in there haha, especially the tennis bag. I'm surprised they don't have a store in Silicon Valley yet. :) Great post and thanks for sharing so many of the cute looks.

    1. Dale, I wish I could get to one of the stores! They look as pretty as the clothes. The bags are very cute and I can't decide which one I like best. I really need one! xo

  2. Love these images, Kim! I say yes- get the whole collection. You look fab in tennis whites! I can only imagine one is coming to SF sooner rather than later. :)
    xx, Heather

    1. Heather so cute isn't it?? Love her taste. I hope we get one soon too! xo