Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A Trench Story- Obsessing on Burberry

Thank you for the notes on the last blog post about guns. I just am getting so worked up lately about the state of the world, I find it hard to blog about the usual things. Thanks for being here for my rants and also my lighter weight subjects, like today's trench post.

With the fires now raging in Wine Country, we have more to worry about. My dear friend Adrienne of The Rich Life in Wine Country and her husband Bill who is a fire captain are in the center of it in Sonoma. My heart goes out to their family and others who have lost their family members, their homes, their businesses, and their whole world. There are many still missing and unaccounted for as this fire happened so fast and it is still burning today. The cell towers were devastated which is making recovery of those missing even harder. Right now you can help by donating to the United Way of Wine Country and other links to the local Red Cross and a Go Fund me for local victims here on this Mercury News article.  I just cannot even fathom all that will be needed up there to recover from this horrible tragedy. My heart goes out to everyone up there and especially people like Bill who are working around the clock with no break trying to help so many. Thank you for your help and thoughts for this gem of Northern California.

Now to my post that is anything, but important yet I will still share as it has been on the back burner and I have more coming...

 I have been meaning to write about this obsession I have with Burberry, specifically the trenches. It began about 8 years ago when I bought this house, which came with some extra furniture, which I sold on Craig's List. I made about $600 and decided I was going to spring for something I never would not normally, like a luxury item.

At the time Nordstrom was having its big Anniversary sale and they had a single breasted Burberry Trench on sale for around that price. I brought it home and fell in love with the quality of it. Over the years I used it with its lining, but mostly without as it was perfect for any California winter day. Some years I wore it a lot, and others less. About two years ago I began wearing it more again and got so many compliments as it was one of those pieces that really got cooler as it aged. I was thrilled I had invested in it all those years ago and it still looked like new and chic.

Some ways I wore it..

  Um perhaps this scarf was too large for me??? My coat looked pretty good though in San Francisco on a cool day.

 Springtime in NYC. This trench had a zip as well and smokey metallic buttons and buckles. It was awesome for travel for anyplace, any time of year.

Well guess what? I lost it. I know. I hate me too. I honestly have no idea how or where I lost it. The last time I had it I remember it was hanging over my entry hooks and I thought I should hang it in the closet with its hanger to keep it nice and that was spring of 2016. I went to pack it for a trip and it was nowhere. I checked the lost and found at a million spots and it was not to be found. Last winter when it rained like nobodies business I really was missing it so much.  I still get seriously bummed out when I think about it.

Last spring I gave up looking and shopped and tried many trenches, but when you have had something of that quality it's nearly impossible to be happy with a cheap version of it. I even made a few trips to Burberry yet I could not find a version I liked as much as my beloved single breasted camel trench. The prices were also in the thousands now for anything similar, which was also an obstacle.

One from Burberry that I love right now and is kinda different and single breasted is this Camden Car Coat version. It is green with the yellow heritage check and very cool, but is a very full priced $1,695 US dollars too. I'd have to calculate that cost over the years.

There is also another unique green resin buttoned single breasted version.

By happenstance I found the site TheRealReal which has authenticated pre-owned luxury goods. The Burberry coats and trenches they carry are impressive! The prices are good if you understand the quality of these items. They are absolutely worth it and will last decades. One thing you should do is go try on a Burberry at a store near you so you can see what size you wear. They tend to be small in the shoulders and while I am a 6 in most coats, I would wear an 8 in a Burberry. 

So what makes a Burberry so special? Besides its quality, the buttons and buckles are all beautiful and do not break or fall off. The Burberry London trenches usually have leather covered buckles at the wrists and on the belt. The Burberry Brit like I had, is a more affordable and yet as well made version with usually buckles of metal or buttons on the wrist. The linings and fabrics wear look great and wear well. Whenever you put one of these coats on, you feel amazing. It is worth buying less inexpensive things and buying something of quality like a Burberry that will last and bring you joy and compliments for years.

Below is just a snippet of what The Real Real has carries currently. I believe these are all returnable (read the description of each item) within a certain time, which is nice. Some are also additional 30% off these prices. You can also find the basic trench, but they have many of the special editions that Burberry has created over the years, like the iridescent, bejeweled and lace versions and many varying sizes. At these prices one could collect a few! I like how this site says what the wear is on each piece and also the dimensions so you can see if something would fit you or not. 
 I am still deciding, but these are some of the cool pieces from what they have currently... 

This iridescent version of the classic camel trench is fun and is $395 size M or US 6.

metallic version size M- $300.

This silk blend trench is gorgeous in grey and one of the more expensive ones that run around $1,600 dollars new. This size large one can now be had for $372 and is in very good condition.

I love this embellished version. Would be a great evening coat, but I'd also wear it daytime with jeans and a t-shirt. Wish I was an extra small.

This light patterned trench is also a special edition and lovely.

I love the blue version of the classic Burberry trench.

Look at this Lace Guipure version in amazing condition for a fraction of its original

long black version is very on trend this year in length and style. It is just $311 and great condition size large.

A linen and silk blend coat that is darling with its fringe details. It's $215 now and a size 8/M.

Another lace version size XL and lovely. I was thinking it would be fun to have one of these once I find a replacement for my basic trench!

 One thing you have to imagine is these coats styled the way you would wear them. On a plastic mannequin all buttoned they are hard to imagine, but unbuttoned as a topper to your favorite jeans or a dress they are unbeatable. I haven't ordered from TheRealReal yet so I cannot say how service, etc is, but when I do I will report my experience with all of you. This is not a sponsored post, but just a fun link to check out if you have a love of trenches and quality items. Maybe someone else has used this site and can share their experience in the comments?



  1. Ouch Kim - I feel your pain! My favourite of all the coats pictured is the one from the Burberry site, the car coat. I hope that you can find it someday on the RealReal!

  2. My favorite quote: "Life is short, buy the shoes..." Paraphrased for you: Life is short, buy the Burberry car coat...Hope you find the one you love...Bummer about losing it...Such a dreamer am I but I would hope that it was found by someone who richly deserved a quality coat...
    On a more serious note, my heart is with the people of Santa Rosa...I cannot imagine such devastation in such a paradise... Life is so unpredictable and at times hard...(Buy the coat..)